May 16

Paul Sinclair – Screams in the Night

A visit to the edge of Danes Dyke for a security worker ends in the most frightening way possible. Paul Sinclair shares his accounts of unusual and strange happenings in an around East and North Yorkshire.

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  1. Ron S

    Rolling into the wordplay of Paul screaming in the night…

    There used to be a show on tv called Outdoors with Wally Pease… they must’ve known they could’ve had ratings gold if they had simply changed the name to Wally Pease Outdoors. It is a funny thought but it also says something.

    The writers for that show must’ve known or been tempted to use the funny version of the name. They would’ve probably capitalized on the latter show title in todays day and age I bet (especially as in clickbait)… If so, what does that really say about our general current status of values and morals? I think I can safely say that the bar is slowly being lowered and not raised.

    There’s a fair amount of darkness slowly making its way into things that used to be fairly wholesome, and it’s going unchecked because it allows those who lean into darkness to lean even a little harder and bring the good people with them… because they really don’t care about anyone but themselves and their own selfish desires.

    I get the feeling that society/media is enabling this, for more people lately to morally “sell out” for the personal quick thrill or buck and it’s putting more of a deaf ear to old fashioned values. It really seems to be desensitizing some of them and they are losing their connection to other people, and in turn the true mysteries of life as possibly anything spiritually positive.

    With more pitfalls and temptations in the world there should also be more accountability that we should hold each other to.

    If we can get to the common awakening that humanity (at it’s essence) is really just one bigger version of a small tribe that needs to work together, I think in the future we’d be ok.
    Now is good time to make better choices☀️

  2. Ron S

    Paul seems like a good guy, love the accent. I wonder if they have Walmarts where he’s from, and he sees people walking around the store in their flip flops and pajamas, or perfectly capable people waiting in their vehicles outside the store for the store employees to bring the groceries to be gathered and loaded?

    It’s scary to think how many people would bum rush the store to buy something like their own personal levitating egg taxi to exist in, one that simply kept them safe, fed them, and let them be entertained within a 3d wraparound screen and they don’t have to make any positive contribution to society… oh wait, my bad, some people already live in that kind of gadget… they call it Earth. I’m not hating, I just want people to wake up and get out of their PJ’s.

    It’s important to have good standards and a “line” between right and wrong. When you blur that line it makes it harder to know where anyone (including ourselves) is standing. You can’t “hold the line” when you eventually can’t see it.
    Peace and blessings to all🌞

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