May 14

Modern Explorer: The “OHIO HOWL” heard right here in Florence Colorado?

Modern Explorer writes “Join Glenn as he interviews David. David listened to (and was spooked by) a strange repeating howl that lasted for 20 minutes as he took a break early in the morning on Mother’s Day 2020. A surprising event to be sure.

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    • Ron S

      Gerald, that is one helluva smile you got there:) Your misspelling sounds like a hint to the truth. Not that it is in fact “A Wood Troll” or whatever. But there is a ring of prophetic truth that “failing” to see the obvious could very well result in “falling”.

      But like I said earlier, if you’d personally like to call it a “troll” then feel free, but I think that name has already been repurposed for the use of labeling people who are bullying, acting insincere or antagonizing, both in life or online as well.

      Life is about free will and choices so don’t be upset if everyone isn’t dancing the boogaloo down the Isles on the Troll Train… I’d prefer to get closer to the truth before putting a name on it as to what “it” actually is. When people lose their ability to be positive free thinkers with choice they are susceptible to all kinds of bad things.

      Might be a Wildman, Caveman, The Missing Link, Nephilim, Giant, Gigantopithecus, Troll, Witch, Ogre, Alien, Mass Hallucination, Forced Hallucination, Angel, Djinn or heck, maybe even a Demon or other form of dark energy. I guess Sasquatch is good enough for me… for now. Peace be with you Gerald 🌞🙏🏼

  1. Ron S

    I have personally heard this howl in series for several minutes before, the next disturbing sounds following this one was at sundown approximately 30min later, it was that of multiple large trees falling from 3 general directions and various ranges, anywhere from approximately 60-400 yards away around my friend and I in a remote part of the woods at a lake we had to walk into, with over a mile to the nearest dirt road. This was back in probably 2014ish (my memory isn’t great with names and dates, sorry). We were basically in our prime of life but yet terrified.

    I’ve had many strange experiences since and time to think about it, but I only just now thought of a theory to it. Just my current opinion for those reading this to think about, so take it for what it’s worth. I don’t have answers I can prove at this time.

    From my point of view everything that makes up the Earth and all forms of life that inhabit it would by majority decision likely be called “natural”. It’s my current belief that there is something against this, and it may be attempting to disrupt or even give awareness to the harm put on the natural environment and us within it.

    We are the stewards or care takers to this planet and have the ability to do major damage to it… This would likely make us prime targets to manipulate from this outside source. It’s still unclear to me if this source is opposed to our treatment of the environment or its current condition, or even just opposed to all of nature itself.

    The one thing that does seem clear to me now, is that if there is any one sound that could strike fear in humans and also just as much in the natural world it would be this “Ohio Howl”. I would have to put it in the category of psychological warfare and here’s why…

    If you could get into the human consciousness or psyche as much as natures psyche (I believe it has one), the scariest thing you could make which would cause PTSD to all of it would be a cross between the sound of an Air Raid Siren, a Chainsaw cutting a tree, a battle horn, an animal roar and maybe even (or not) throw in the sound of the alarm from the movie The Purge (for the newer generation).

    With humans and wildlife alike this sound really conveys imminent danger, destruction and loss of life across the board.
    So there you have it.

    It all makes sense to me (at least for now) why everything natural in “it’s” presence is suddenly in fear and neither wants to make a sound, attract attention to itself or stick around… it’s hide or flight.

    I’m taking a wild guess that some strange things happen to other people to make you think…and right now all I can do is think about how everything is tied together. I think all of nature, each other, the wildlife we watch for the curiosity and beauty as well as everything we harvest for food should always be treated with respect and thankfulness.

    Everything has a purpose. We need all of it… for our future, the health of ourselves as well as the health of this planet we call home.

    Maybe strange things happen to me because I’m supposed to send a message… IDK. Regardless of the happenings I think it’s a good message anyway.

    Next time you go outside into nature, do yourself a favor and be still for a moment and really listen… listen closely to the sounds of the different birds, critters, wind, running water, bugs, frogs, leaves and whatever is around you. Then imagine if some or all of it wasn’t there. Nature relies on us. Life doesn’t have to be so darn fast and all about ourselves.

    Live thankful and live with respect, I bet it won’t be for nothing☀️🌲

  2. Linda B

    Cool, Ron, I love nature and am sitting outside listening to the many happy birds since it’s spring, along with a commercial air conditioner at the school across the street and a family of babies in the nest as a black bird crawled into a hole in the soffet of my house and yeh, we have a nest inside, oh boy. Lots of mini chirping.
    The Ohio howl I heard was tenor, loud loud to be so far away and all the ladies in the woods squealed with screaming answers, kind of like at an Elvis concert. Haha.
    There wasn’t anything scary about it, it seemed to be just an FYI I’m out here ladies which I thought was hilarious. Oh well, that’s me, always looking for something to laugh about in a world gone crazy.

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