Apr 17

Mike Wooley Discusses Bigfoot: Aggressive And Dangerous

I became friends with Mike Wooley when I interviewed him concerning a terrifying Bigfoot experience he had while deer hunting a few years ago. Mike survived a face to face encounter with two large angry Bigfoot creatures. Mike was lucky to live through that day. I interviewed a federal law enforcement officer in Texas who had a similar encounter to Mike Wooleys. The federal law enforcement officer describes being in a tree stand and having several creatures surround him. This type of encounter is more then just simple curiosity by these creatures, I truly feel these creatures were out for a hunt and these men simply got in the way and became the hunted. Most people will say “If the creatures wanted them they would be dead” which is true except these animals like most primates are not stupid and are going to pick and choose their battles. I feel like if these creatures could have gotten these men without harm they would have.

There seems to be an ongoing problem taking place in Sam Houston National Forest in Texas concerning Bigfoot sightings and missing people. People who enter the forest end up never to be seen again. It seems that about 15 to 20 people go missing each year in this area and many have suspected Bigfoot activity as why they may go missing and are never seen again.

Listen below as Mike describes in his own words what happened on the day that changed his life.



Here is an artist rendering based on what Mike said he saw that day

mike1     mike2

31 Responses to “Mike Wooley Discusses Bigfoot: Aggressive And Dangerous”

    • Mark B

      One of my favorites also. I ve listened to this one more than I can count. I understand why he hopped down and ran but I can’t help but think that if he did nothing but just sit there,they probably would have finally walked off as if they were bored. We hea this type of behavior a lot.

  1. Rick F

    If these pictures represent a good depiction of what Mike saw ,I can see why some say that it had a human looking face. These pictures do not look apish in the face. Personally I don’t like to use human & sasquatch in the same sentence since I reject unequivocally evolution and believe that these beasts are pure animal .

  2. david s

    Anyone with half a working mind can see that this face is part human!! These beings are hybrids, part man and part ?? They are not evolution based beings in my opinion, but created beings…and not by God.

  3. Kerrin C

    that drawing reminds me of those creepy teddy bears from the 1940’s that one still sees in antique malls with the fur body and the plastic/rubber face.. so creepy.

  4. Jim D

    Here’s Mike Wooley’s story. What’s striking to me is the effect that this encounter had on his whole persona. He went from a guy who loved hunting and the woods to a guy that can’t do it anymore because he KNOWS what is out there watching probably every one of us who decide to venture into their territory https://youtu.be/eOSHOX9WoBo

  5. r v

    I’d say a lot of us know what is out there. He knows what it’s like to be run down by a couple of ’em. I will continue to go out with sincere conviction in the reality of these things, but I can’t say that, if I’d had Mike’s experience, I’d still do the same. Ignorance is bliss. Half-ignorance is just enough to keep some of us active in the back 40 until we go through what Mike did. If you feel you were lucky to make it out of something alive, my take is that you’re not going to want to press that luck a second time. I’m glad I haven’t had his experience. Yet.

    I have a flute.

  6. r v

    Hey BDTD. I hope they get the forum up again soon because, yeah, it’s a lot of rehash/repost. Guess I’m just loyal. I want to see Wes succeed. Every new venture, like an egg, needs its incubation period. My hope is that, if we hold out for a little longer, Wes will get the forums up again. Givin’ him that chance. This site has potential, so I’m sticking around to hopefully help it out. And I’m not particularly adherent to Wes’ take on the phenomenon. I’m like a hybrid flute player. I entertain all angles to this subject with an open mind. I admire his conviction, so I’m willing to back him up. This site will be great again. Hang on and I’ll meet you in the new forums.

  7. r v

    There be some gov’ment trolls roving this site, if you asks me… Had my suspicions for a while now. They have a few personalities they come ’round under. If someone is totally off the mark, I doubt that the powers-that-be would go to any length to expend energy on trolling. Math is FUN.

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