Nov 18

Marble Mountain video stabilized by M.K. Davis

Watch The Video Below

20 Responses to “Marble Mountain video stabilized by M.K. Davis”

  1. Renee B

    I just don’t buy this. The people are just too calm. Obviously if an angry man much less a suspected sasquatch were descending a slope and coming towards me I would be running for the hills. The fact that these folks aren’t speaks volumes. I call b s.

  2. Mindy V

    This creature was a great distance from the people that recorded it. That’s why they weren’t “running for the hills”. With no evidence but for what you would do opposed to what they did do is never a reason to call anything b.s. Shame on you. This type of disparaging of videos probably restricts what we may be able to see in the future.

  3. K T

    It’s the arms and its gait. Arms and hands very long. Knees never straighten. Going down hill, though, a person’s knees may not entirely straighten…. Obviously, a great distance out. Motions look fluid. It walks like Patty. Same type of arm movement.

    I put this in the ‘Possibles’ list.

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