Sep 11

Man recalls hitting and killing a strange creature

A great report from 1986 in Dodge County, Georgia. Here is the report: “My father-in-law hit and killed a creature 30 years ago in his car. He called DR they took it away.

He has never heard anything back from it. 6-7 ft tall covered in hair walking on 2 legs like a man.

This is the interesting thing… snout like a bear or hog long fangs!! 30 people gathered around to see it.

I don’t think it was a bigfoot but it was something weird like a werewolf. I have seen big foots on our property, wood knocks so loud it scared me to death. Terrible smells like I can’t explain and foot prints in fields. Small monkey like creatures in trees. I am not on drugs… I know I have seen these things. I wish yall could investigate our area. We have 80 acres.”


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  1. Trent M

    Everyone please read the full report as their are a few more details in the investigator’s notes and a witness sketch that shows that this was not a BF. Creepy!!

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