Mar 6

Listen: Vocals Recorded In Valliant Oklahoma

The YouTuber writes “These Howls Are Creepy Just Listen” I wonder why they turned off or stopped the recording?


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  1. Neo

    Crazy sounding. sounds like two of them. I haven’t heard anything like that before. Sounds like it may have been a dominance encounter. One starting calling the other and just as things heated up, of course, recording stops. Get the rest of that recording, Wes. Truth is I would have left the area quickly unless there were 10 of us all packing some serious heat!

  2. Kyle S

    I’ve heard those vocals about a month ago. I don’t mean I heard them in the woods I mean I heard that actual recording before on someone else’s youtube channel. They definitely sound legit to me and I know that of I heard that in the woods near me I’d be pretty nervous lol

  3. Paris A

    It’s coon hounds setting up treed. If the hound was sure it had the coon, and they keeped recording, it would have turned into a rymthic shorter howl.
    I’ve followed tree hounds all my life. 100 % positive.

  4. Paris A

    The long howl after the first few shorter ones is what we hound hunters call the locate. It’s when the hound letting it’s owner know it’s up a tree.

  5. Paris A

    in 1990, while hunting with 2 other men and 5 hounds. I had a creature repeatedly charge my group from the hollow below us. we kept the beast at bay with our hunting lights. this account is recorded on the encounters forum.

  6. Pierre M

    Hounds dont have the vocals to change tone from low to high. Maybe high to low but they cant make there howls go up. It takes vocal chords to do that. Listen to a coyotes ir wolf howl. They stay at a steady pitch. Ya coyotes yelp but they cant jump in tone from liw to high. Its high to low.

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