Aug 10

Listen: Sasquatch howls whoops knocks

The YouTuber put some of the best sounds out there into one file. I have played a lot of these sounds on past shows. I think most of these are Jim Shermans sounds.

5 Responses to “Listen: Sasquatch howls whoops knocks”

  1. Eddie M

    The ending to the howl just sounded human to me…the abruptness to the end …sounded like a human out of breath. I’ve heard all kinds sounds in some really remote areas but, every siren “lingered”…as if the wind source had reserve.

  2. Christine E

    Some of these howls sound exactly like what I heard in Cheboygan, MI, right off the coast of Lake Huron. . .I was with my family on a vacation from the last week of July 2015 – to the first fews days of August 2015. Terrifying for all of us . . .

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