Jun 21

Listen: Bigfoot Sounds Compilation

I will be posting Randys Audio shortly but since we are talking about Sasquatch vocalization I wanted to post some of my favorites.

Bigfoot Sounds Compilation – 10 Clips
1- Mississippi Sounds.
2- Sierra Growls.
3- Puyallup, Washington Sounds 1973.
4- Snohomish County, Washington Sounds 1978.
5- Moaning Howl From Columbiana County, Ohio 1994.
6- Whoops & Knocks, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Eastern California
7- Florida Howls 2006.
8- Klamath, Oregon Sounds.
9- Estacada, Oregon Sounds 1972.
10- Snohomish County, Washington Whistles 1978.

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  1. Christopher c

    # 8 is what I heard and it was actually recorded in Klamath California not Oregon,Iv’e heard this in Big Bend ca. in Shasta County 1989 as well as in Klamath ca. in Del Norte county 1995,wildlife biologists can’t put a nail on it but they speculate is is an unknown primate.

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