Feb 28

Juvenile Bigfoot In The Kiamichi’s Caught Opening Cabin Door

Randy Harrington writes “Sean, had bigfoot sightings in the big thicket of Texas, and later bought 5 acres in the mountains of the Kiamichis in Oklahoma, Bigfoot activity around his cabin, even to the point of a young female juvenile opening the cabin door one night.”

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  1. Charles R

    Wow, 14 minute view of a 7 foot 6 incher on thermal in the Big Thicket. Well worth listening to, esspecially at the Eastern, Oklahoma cabin where a many sightings and interactions took place. Also interesting in that a 5 and half foot female would approach the cabin and view Sean or other vistitors at night, and at least once tried to get in the door. I guess it is not only males that play these games.

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