Jan 29

Jim Sherman Sasquatch Vocals

It starts about 2 min in…

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  1. Charles R

    This is a most decent capture of the Ohio moan. I have a theory about what this call is. It is a call from the leader of the group for all to come back home because food has been found or the troops just need to be rounded up. It is a deep call that can carry for miles through the forest. I have personally heard it and I judged the caller to be from 1 to 2 miles away, it was far off in any case.

    It was the very end of June or very beginning of July in 2011. Iosco County, Michigan at my sister and brother in laws weekend house on Round/Indian Lake which resides in the Huron National Forest, 10 miles west of Tawas, Michigan. We have a family reunion here for a week most years. I am usually one of the first to bed, but this night I stayed up late on the porch enjoying a beautiful night and watching the lake. Around 2 am a loud call came out about 300 yards away from around one of the other houses at the 2 00 position. I was taken back due to how well it carried and I thought it might be a call blast, but now I am sure it was not. People party on the weekends around their weekend cabins and you can hear them, but even when they get loud and drunk their voices are still muffled due to most likely vast amount of trees. This call just rang out across the lake. Within 5 seconds another call came from a hundred or more yards between the first call and myself. As best I could judge I thought it was an owl. Then within another 5 seconds a third call came which was even closer to me. This time it was definitely a loon type call and a good rendition but not completely accurate. I was baffled as in many trips to this lake I had only heard loons at daybreak or just before. Then with in another 5 seconds came this exact same call as Jim captured. I could tell it was far off to the north in the forest but was amazed at the lung power it had to get it to carry at what I judge to be 1 to 2 miles. Now I knew this call was a bigfoot for sure. It was not until I had heard Coonbo, Freeman Young, J P Smith and others talk about how they mimic other forest animals, especially birds that I put all together what happened that night.

    At least three members of the family or clan had come into the village of lakes that night ( it is extremely dark and much cover ) probably to round up some food as there would be much around. These creatures were with in a few hundred yards of me. Maybe they saw me, maybe not. But the three communicated to each other, one with in 100 yards of me and then the Alpha Leader called out from a long ways away to come on home. I stayed up another hour to see if I could hear more, but not another sound was heard before I retired for the night.

    • Charles R

      Jeepers I forgot. We were at the same cabin last weekend of Sept. 2012 the annual end of summer clean up and shrink wrap boat and jet skiis. My wife, Brenda stayed up late that night, I snoozed. She told me the next day she heard a loud howl coming from the same area I did the year before and thought it may have been a bigfoot. ( It is great to have a spouse that does not think you are nuts ). When we got home I played the Ohio Moan and she confirmed it is exactly what she had heard.

  2. Renee B

    It always amazes me how mechanical parts of sime of these howls are. Then it will turn animalistic. I’ve heard this on various recordings. There is almost a cheesy sci fi kind of quality to these howls. I cannot see any human being able to produce these by yelling. Its one of the criteria I use when listening to an audio recording of a supposed BF. i think this sounds legit. I cannot imagine how terrifying these sounds would be if you heard them up close. Otherworldly sounding stuff.

  3. Patrick W

    Cool, but WTF, this guy thinks he’s going to be a star or something. That throws up red flags. I dont need a bf leson to hear a 4 second howl, wich sounded way too human. Stay tuned for my next hoax…

  4. William L

    This guy is pretty well known for the sounds that he has captured and the study he has made if Sasquatch vocals over the years. He also has been lauded a fair amount, so I am sure he is quite proud of himself. I got the feeling that he was the M.K. Davis of Bigfoot sounds if only in his mind……..LOL

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