Aug 9

Tonight’s Show: It Knocked Me To The Ground

A listener writes “In Sept of 2015 my friend bill and I we’re going to go up to my in-laws cabin. To do you a little drinking over the weekend and a little Scouting Around for the following hunting season.

They own approximately 80 acres of prestige Wilderness and open acreage. This property is located not far from a small town called Gleason Wisconsin pretty much in Central Wisconsin. I brought my dog Nova. Bill came alone, I got there Friday around noon, Bill showed up approximately 3:00p.m. we didn’t do much the first day. Just sat around and drank some beers, ran into town had dinner came back. We then just sat on the front porch of the cabin and enjoyed nature, nothing happened was simply a beautiful evening. we retired into the cabin about 10. The Following day Sat. after breakfast, that following morning I grabbed my rifle which had a 3-point sling on it and went into the woods he was going to grab his and follow along eventually. That day we both spent most of the day tromping through the woods looking for deer signs deer tracks so we knew where to set up our stands for the following hunting season. During the early evening we seen a fox, across the field other than that we just saw a couple rabbits, couple squirrels here and there nothing in particular Nova loved running through the woods and as always. collecting wood ticks. But things were are about to change, which we do not know, we decided to cook on the grill on the outside by the fire we had dinner about 6 and nova started barking to the east where the wood line started approximately 50 to 75 feet away. we did not see anything hear anything I felt kind of uneasy.

Bill didn’t say anything about it.For some reason I felt I needed to keep Nova chained up, so I put the chain on her. so she wouldnt run off. she usually didn’t, but I just didn’t feel right something was wrong and I could not place my finger on it that evening after cooking some hamburgers and some hot dogs on the grill we called it a day and it been a long day already. As we laid in our separate beds Bill told me he had been feeling uneasy around supper time. But I did not tell him that I felt the same way, bill is kind of nervous person so I didn’t want him to freak out on me. That night we were both awakened by a large loud scream that seem to be coming right outside the front door of the cabin. I’m quite familiar with the animals here in Wisconsin. I knew it wasn’t a cougar, I know it was not a fox or a coyote. it only happened twice and then it stopped just like that. we didn’t here, anyone walk up or anything walk up or walk away for that matter. it was loud enough to wake up us both out of. A deep sleep. The following morning Sunday after breakfast it was now approximately 12 in the afternoon I just had to leave early as I usually do I grabbed my AR-15 with my sling on and Out to the Woods I went. there’s a trail to the right which would be to the west of the cabin I took that into the woods approximately 35 yards and took another deer trail that went to the South approximately 50 yards and followed the trail as it went around to the left.

I got what would be about 20 ft into the tree line and approximately straight across from the cabin, but at least 60 yards away from the cabin I was stopped in my tracks. By loud gunfire coming from the East. Shotgun and rifle firing constantly and then I heard it a loud screaming I cannot even explain what I heard. But as the shooting was going on the screaming intensified . the screaming was so loud it seemed like it was right next to me, I started walking to the East and got about 25 ft when I heard something behind me running snapping twigs and rustling up leaves, before I could even turn around something hit me on my right side and knocking me to the ground, as I got up I look to my left and saw nothing and look to the right and I saw what I can only describe as a huge black figure approximately 7 – 7 1/2 feet tall and in it’s right hand it was pulling another little (creature) all I can say is baby creature which was about three foot tall and it was trying to keep up whith the taller one. it was running in the direction of the screaming and gunshots. which were coming from the east of me.

I looked and saw that bill was out of the cabin, with his rifle and a pair of binoculars, which I found later was focused on the creature. We followed What Tracks we could to the property line. still I still have to go in for MRI. they believe I tore my rotator cup that has never healed from that day. All Bill could tell me was see I told you, I told you, I told you. there was something wrong last night that was a @&*%/!”g Bigfoot.”

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  1. Denise F

    I had the picture in my head that this mama was scared and screaming and running with her baby….that makes me feel conflicted.
    Sure would make a great episode.

    • Sharity M

      If the gunfire was coming from the east, and he was heading east and got knocked down from behind, then those poor creatures were running TOWARDS the gunfire. I wonder if the momma was running that way to save her mate, once she heard it’s screams? I hope nothing happened to her and the little one, if that was indeed her intentions. That part of the story bothers me. They have families that they live with and love, just like we do. They’re only trying to survive and get by like us. I think the ppl that go missing in the woods is not because of them; I believe it’s the rake, and the creatures that are often mistaken for Bigfoot, like the Gugwe and Wendigo.

  2. Ulrike H

    I feel the same. I’m disturbed by the amount of fire power used against these creatures when no one really knows what they are.
    I hope he comes on the show!

  3. Connie O

    I’m a little confused. He said the large and small creatures were running towards the gun fire. Who was his friend at the cabin shooting at then , a third one?

  4. Cory M

    It wasn’t his friend that was shooting. Someone else, probably on the next property over and it was probably the female’s mate that was screaming.

  5. Miss Kendall S

    I hope that the mom and baby are ok..
    I get that these Sasquatches can be frightening sometimes but there are obviously different types of them so I believe some are more timid should I say than others and there’s a reason for that we just don’t know why yet but I’m sure with them being shot at over the years by humans probably has something to do with it ..
    Just my opinion…

  6. Miss Kendall S

    I hope that the mom and baby are ok and also the gentleman that was hurt..
    I get that these Sasquatches can be frightening sometimes but there are obviously different types of them so I believe some are more timid should I say than others and there’s a reason for that we just don’t know why yet but I’m sure with them being shot at over the years by humans probably has something to do with it ..
    Just my opinion…

  7. Melissa P

    I hope your shoulder is ok. I can understand the concern for the mama and baby, I am too, especially being a mom. However, you don’t know the timid from the aggressive until it’s too late. I don’t blame him for shooting at it. That’s only my opinion. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I was in that situation.

  8. Dutch W

    What about the hamburgers? Who had what on their burger? This is why I can’t believe half the crap I read , oh and did the dog get any leftovers? Again a half told story , did they bring their own condiments, were they using spicy mustard or yellow mustard ? Hunts ,Heinz Friggin Lady Lee , what in the heck am I sopposed to make of the lack of detail. Did they stand while eating? Did only one or both sit? Wes if your going to post stories man you need to get your crap together , how are we expected to move on from an alleged meal description that isn’t even friggin descriptive , what proof do e have that they even ate? Seriously with all the phone cameras this alleged meal had no pics. I got one am skeptical that there was even a grill!!!!!

  9. Charles R

    This encounter reminded me of one that happened back in the 70s about 50 miles north of where I live, and not that far from where Neil Armstrong grew up. Anyway instead of guns, it was dogs that got this one stirred up and it ran over a coon hunter in a corn field while running away. It was also carrying a deer on its shoulders. I hope that shoulder gets treatment to heal up fast, but man you have one heck of a tale to tell.

  10. Annette H

    Shooting at these things never goes well. He was really lucky the mother Sasquatch just pushed him out of the way. I think if she thought he had been shooting she would have ripped his head off.

  11. Trent M

    I certainly can’t judge what someone does in a situation when confronted by these creatures that I wasn’t a part of but I do understand folks hoping the bigfoot with the little the little one were both alright. As usual I agree with Denise and her use of the word conflicted. Can’t wait to hear this one!

  12. Bonnie I

    Should be a very interesting show and happy this man is okay. Could have gone quite differently. Good thing it wasn’t the mama or her child that had been shot at or he might not have lived to tell the tale.

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