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It appeared to be sitting or crouching

A great report from Pennsylvania in 2010: “My encounter happened in early June of 2010. I took a friend to the Marienville/Timberline ATV trails northeast of Marienville, Pennsylvania in the Allegheny National Forest, to ride ATV’s for the day. Allegheny National Forest covers approximately 515,000 acres or 800 square miles of protected wilderness in North Eastern Pa. The forest is pretty dense in most spots and has many types of terrain. From my understanding the Allegheny National Forest is one of the least densely populated areas east of the Mississippi River. Surrounding the Forest are more woodlands and farm country.

The 2 trail systems we were riding that weekend join together and make an approximate 60-80 mile loop from the northern end down to the bottom, and then back up the other side of the loop. My encounter happened on our return back up, heading North. I remember it rained very hard the night before and through the early morning because my friend, who was new to ATV’ing, didn’t bring rain gear. We had to go into town to buy him some cheap rain gear and then headed up to the trail.

It rained the first half hour or so of our ride and I remember the sun coming out and it was turning into a really nice day for a ride. For those that ride ATV’s, they know that the rain makes mud, which is much more fun to ride in than dust. A few hours into the ride, having stopped and observed some beaver dams, some very old oil wells, a couple logged out areas where you could see for what seemed like miles and other cool sites that the forest has to offer, I was getting in more of a hurry to get back – it was approaching the end of the day. My buddy was way behind me so I decided to stop on the trail and wait for him. I usually don’t separate from atv buddies when riding, but this part of the trail was an abandoned logging trail and pretty easy so I rode ahead awhile and then decided to stop and wait for him. He didn’t ride fast or dangerous; he “putted” so I knew he was safe, just slow. If he didn’t shown up I would turn around and meet up with him.

I wasn’t sitting long. I just took my helmet off. That’s when I noticed rocks kept hitting the front right side of my ATV. They weren’t large rocks, maybe about or just smaller than hand sized. It took a minute or so before it occurred to me that I was stopped and that rocks should not be flying through the air and hitting my atv. I was turning my head towards the right to follow the path of these “air rocks” as I called them, when my turn stopped. I noticed this “Stump” which turned out to be a dark figure, approximately 70-90 feet away, that appeared to be in a sitting or crouching, or just a low position, then stand up into an upright position. I’ll never forget how it seemed to pop right up like it was on a spring, with very little effort.

Initially I looked at its hands because I was interested to see what was in its hand, if anything. It was much taller than a normal human – best guess at this point would be 7.5 feet or so, and absolutely NOT a bear.

It was VERY broad at the shoulders. Almost freakishly broad – I remember that very well. It was on 2 legs and I could see its right arm hanging down, which was on the left side because it was facing me. I remember wanting to watch its right hand to see if “it” was armed or what it might be doing. That is funny to me now, because for some reason I assumed it was right handed. It moved its right arm to a slightly bent position, stopping with its hand in front of it, at about its waist. Its left arm stayed hanging to its side – very long arms. It was all very dark black – a shiny black – from head to toe, or as far as I could see to its feet as it was standing in 1-2 foot tall grass or taller. As my eyes made their way up on the creature I could see its head was all black as well. There was no white or lighter color that stood out, like most animals would have on their face. I could not see clear details of the face as it was all black as well but it did not appear to have hair on all of its face. It appeared to be black skin – the same color black as its hair but I could tell it wasn’t hair in some spots. I noticed that the eyes were black, or very dark and deep, with a pronounced brow ridge. I could obviously tell it had a face. I just couldn’t see defined detail of the lips or anything as it was all the same color. The lips were closed though and in a straight line across its face, not open mouthed or smile or frown – just straight lips.

The hair was short to medium length and not shaggy. I’d say the hair was an average of 3 to 5 inches long, shorter at the head. It was almost groomed in appearance but I think it’s from the hair being short and thick. At least that was my impression. Oddly, I did not notice any mud or dirt all over it, which seemed odd because it had rained hard the night before and didn’t stop until several hours before this. The trails were muddy. Almost as soon as my eyes were at its head and face and I was trying to “zoom in” and get a better look at the face, it began to leave. It didn’t turn and walk away, but rather it stepped straight backwards into the brush and the trees and not take its eyes away from me. It stayed square to me as it was moving backwards. This all happened in the span of no more than 30 seconds, from the time I noticed the rocks hitting my ATV, up until it moved backwards. When I play it over and over in my mind, it seems more like 30 minutes. At this point an overwhelming fear just filled my mind, and I remember feeling like I shouldn’t be in this spot right now. I don’t remember shaking in fear or anything like that, but I felt warm and almost like I was going to puke. So I hit the gas and took off. I wish now that I wouldn’t have just fled, but the feeling that came over me was not like I’d experienced before. I had my smart phone/camera in my fender bag and it NEVER occurred to me to get it out and start video. I honestly couldn’t move for a short period of time.

I have been surprised by people walking up on me in the woods and have hunted all my life, so animal encounters, even bear from a distance – do not scare or alarm me. I was in the military for 6 years, and actually had the honor to serve as SEAL TEAM 4 and SDV TEAM 2 (the old UDT TEAM 2) support, as part of a special warfare boat crew. During that time, I had many highly anxious experiences as one could imagine. To summarize, I am pretty observant, I don’t have a tendency to over-react and I don’t scare easy. I am very level headed and definitely not crazy. I didn’t instantly think “Bigfoot” as I wasn’t a REAL believer then. At least I doubted their existence in the Eastern US and if they existed it was only in the Northwest US, Canada or Alaska. This encounter took my emotions to places they had not been or at least had not been for a long time. It has been going through my head for over 4 years. I didn’t tell anybody except my fiancée within the first year after the encounter.

Now – quite a few people know. The person I was riding with that day just found out in 2014. I never told him about the story before, but because I couldn’t remember if it was springtime/early summer or late summer/Fall when this happened. I asked him what week if he remembered. When he told me it was springtime / early summer, he naturally asked why – what’s up? I told him what happened. It turns out that he believes in these creatures too. He then realized why I was acting so weird when we finally caught back up with each other, and then on the 2 and a half hour truck ride home. Now I wish I would have told him then. Maybe we could have joined together and gone back to look for signs or whatever we could find. Instead, the overwhelming feeling of “What the heck was that”, and “I can’t tell anybody-they won’t believe me anyways” took over, and I kept it to myself.

Nobody has to tell me what I saw or didn’t see. I knew what I saw. I saw a large dark figure with hair that could throw rocks (and very accurately), stand up within 100 feet from me, in a large dense forest where there aren’t any cabins or people just hanging out. I still do leave the option open for an extremely large man (larger than anyone I have ever met) in a heavily padded Gillie suit with hair on it standing about 100 foot from the trail just waiting for someone to stop in that exact spot so he could throw rocks at him and take a chance of getting shot (most folks on ATVs will pack a handgun when riding in deep woods. At least that’s my experience). Now that’s being sarcastic, but trying to make a truth out of what happened. Of course that option is slim, but it will always be there as I didn’t walk up to this thing and shake its hand or hug it, so being 100% sure it was a Sasquatch just isn’t possible. I am at 99.999% sure though. I do know that a fear like I’ve not felt in a long time, if ever, took over me for awhile. Something told me to go, to move on, that I shouldn’t be here right now. Again – I am a very rational person and this just didn’t make sense to me at all.

I eventually plan on returning to that general area, on ATV and parking the bike and doing some walking. I just need to look around and feel comfortable with that. Ever since my encounter, I cannot put this down. I’ve been researching since and came across various online groups that discuss encounters. I want to learn as much as I can before returning and looking around and I want to go armed with more knowledge than I have now.”



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    Click on the “See full report” button as there is follow up where he returned to the area. Also Sybilla Irwin did a great witness sketch for this encounter and it is on the page also.

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