Jul 9

Is Bigfoot Killing Deer?

LegendsBeware writes “I return, once again to the area in the north Georgia mountains where I found possible evidence of Bigfoot preying on deer – back in 2015.”

4 Responses to “Is Bigfoot Killing Deer?”

  1. Dan M

    Where in north GA was this video made? I backpack north GA quite frequently including the AT, Blue Ridge and the Benton McKaye Trail where I’ve had a couple of “occurrences” of my own. Would luv to know where is this vid was taken. Is this guy based in GA? If so I wish to contact him.

  2. Gumshoguy

    Studies of lots of BF reports particularly those made by Hunters where many opine that deer populations are being depleted in areas where Sasquatches pass through placing more hunters on a collision course with hunters vying for the same deer.

    Deer already have to survive disease, drought and harsh winters. With the burgeoning rise of wolf, bear, cougar and coyote numbers it seems they coupled with Sasquatches are placing tremendous strains on deer, elk and moose populations and it is devastating news for the sports hunter.

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