Mar 6

Into the Abyss With William Jevning #2 [Archived For Members]

After a week of being sick Will returns tomorrow night for Into the Abyss. Get your questions, comments or encounter stories ready as this call in show starts tomorrow night at 6pm PST. The call in number is 646-716-8791

Here is a link to the upcoming show. When the show starts if you scroll all of the way to the bottom of the page you can access the chatroom.

74 Responses to “Into the Abyss With William Jevning #2 [Archived For Members]”

  1. Tyler D

    Hey Will, do you think these animals are as territorial of their food source as they are of the area they inhabit? I’ve thought that sometimes when they chase people out of an area it might be because they believe that they’re there to hunt and possibly shorten their food source

  2. Brian M

    Will, hope you’re feeling better. I just wanted to ask about sasquatch burials. Do you think all 4 types bury their dead? Are they just digging out the ground by hand? Are they just shallow graves? Wouldn’t cannibalism make more sense?

  3. diana m

    Hey Will! Question: Have you considered dropping the 4 types due to forensic DNA study indicates Squatch/Human hybrid & just stick to 2 types, I. e., Human Component Type vs. Unclassified. OR does Mr. Black have further information?

    After all, it’s the 21st century.

    Hopefully, you’ll see this question & thank you for your consideration to this question.

    • Jason M

      I can’t either. This is the second time.
      Wes &Will: It would be far better if you just gave us the hyperlink for the podcast so we could play it with the player of our choice, rather than make it accessable only via an embedded player. What file format are you guys recording these podcasts in? You should make sure you’re all recording in the same format. Remember that many of us follow the show on mobile devices, and so what works fine on a Mac or PC doesn’t work on a tablet or something like a Kindle.

  4. william g

    I think the last caller had a lot to contribute but they rushed him off.Wes and Will didn’t seem to be into the subject tonight.That’s cool,but these short shows,I don’t care for.Gonna listen to episode 75 again to whet my appetite.

  5. Robert P

    I really don’t know what to think of these guys that have repeated encounters but don’t get pictures. One of these times you may go for a chat and end up eaten. Happy birthday Will. I’m right behind you.

  6. Paul M

    Seems the boys were little distant tonight.It’s OK we jest know another A + class show is just around the conner. Are we not winning enough. Seems like half the peeps responses have trail of tears. Remember it’s less then a pack of smokes or six pack of swill Beer To be a member. That’s good deal I’m thinkin… So smoke um if ya got them. And have a cool One.

  7. donna d

    What are pictures going to do ? Watch Harry and the Henderson’s if you want pics we need hard evidence . If you listen to most encounters primal fear,and or crapping your pants is the first reaction not pulling out the old Polaroid and snapping off a few pics. Even with multiple encounters I’m sure its next to imposible to get pics of these things as they are so elusive.If your are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to get a good clear picture of a Sasquatch its a nice keep sake that’s it it won’t be considered evidence case in point utube (native boy is ten feet from Sasquatch) that little boy was extremly brave got three great pictures and had a very scary encounter but those pics will just end up in his photo album.

  8. Mark b

    This new show Into The Abyss should be renamed “A Bag Of Piss it’s awful.” You could tell they were never listening to callers encounters, their minds we’re clearly elsewhere tonight. Something has definitely changed with SC since the Rabbit Hole episodes aired. The guests stories are now clearly full of BS and boring, the hosts don’t seemed arsed anymore they never answer any emails you send them they just get ignored. There’s also way to much of this conspiracy crap, never thought SC would go down this road but it’s effing the show up. I just wish it would re-invent itself, and get back to what made this show special, because if it carries on this way it’s going to end up going tits up! One last thing how many more times have we got to listen to the hosts encounters Jesus Tonight c’mon guys please. Wes’s story i find very hard to believe, just them being in that area alone i still can’t get my head around them ending up there. If that happened you would be sat in the car absolutely shitting yourself. And not be in a position to be able to give such a detailed & methodical description as in Wes’s case. I reckon this would be a 100% fail in a lie detector test!

  9. Eddie M

    Hey guys Happy Birthday Will…gotcha a year so you’re not old. To the critics of callers: Wes and Will are just being polite…they know! So, don’t criticize the obvious…gotta go thru some bs to get to the really “Wow’s”. Well done guys!

  10. Kim

    I was really embarrassed for you two tonight. You both were disconected the whole show! These people call in because YOU asked them to, and then to practically ignore them! It would have been better for you to have cancelled the show. Shame on you! We know there is a big exhiting trip ahead, please be honest with us, thats all we ask.

    Beyond this, the format is great. Call in shows are a crap shoot, you never know what to expect. I think thats what makes it fun!

    Sorry guys for the ass chewing, but you are better than this! And your fans are loyal and appreciative because you
    are the best!

    • Alvin Y

      exiting trip?? never thought about that .. now im worried … possible with how attitude with tonights show was .. wow .. exiting .. maybe too much to be into bigfoot 24/7 .. actually they probably need a break.. come back recharged ..

    • Garry M

      Hey Donald,

      Go back to being an expert on what the Sasquatch “love” (dog meat) dumb ass!
      Corky has only had a number of encounters and experiences, but you know way more than him.
      “Finding Bigfoot” is more your speed and IQ level, maybe get in slow motion so you can follow along……..
      Reading your comments confirms one thing for sure ! There is a village seriously missing its IDIOT, now
      without scaring the shit out of yourself, go look in a mirror!

      The last thing Will and Wes need is a dick like you on their side !!

  11. Jacqueline N

    This show was really uncomfortable to listen too! Callers got nothing from you and then the last caller, who I was enjoying, you just cut off. It was strange. Maybe just don’t like this format of a show. Think your shows work better when you prescreen before and are BOTH engaged in the conversation. Just my opinion:). Really loving Shannon’s Monday shows, my new favorite!

    • thomas m

      I love this show… and i love the guys… but wes and will… definetely not into it tonight; not paying attention to callers… showing no intrest…. like two eighth graders waiting for friday dismissal bell. With all due respect.

  12. DonRay

    First Guy……I think the mumbling was BF saying… Come a lil closer, go ahead, move my way!!!……. I Liked the Q&A about Rene’ and John…. A slight tangent, but still on topic.. ………No comment on dead dear in a circle?? Ciao

    • Marc H

      Hello, I was the last caller on Sat night ,circle best describes their array over a 50 yard area. . They had been field dressed., no apparent bullet wounds I could find. Finding dead deer in that area not that surprising. But none were a antlered buck or showed evidence of having antlers removed. To drop five Deerf, field dress ( body cavity neatly opened ) them. Seems a lot of work not to put them in the freezer.

  13. Asheim

    What is with all this slamming of Wes & Will? Get some class and appreciation some of you! Look at all the shows they’ve done that are just A-1 class shows. Will has been in this business forever and is so knowledgable. I think we are so lucky to have him doing these radio programs. Wes and Woody started this all from scratch and have advanced to be I would say the best Sasquatch radio program out there and are no doubt juggling tons of other irons in the fire. Seems like they are all living and breathing this 24/7 as it is and to keep us from being cry babies AND should be allowed to miss a beat here and there, get sick once in a while, have a bad caller, or not the perfect show, etc. And the guys have always answered my emails and Wes so graciously answering all my questions and excitement to have encounters from other parts of the world. But I realze they are also getting flooded with emails as you can imagine and that would be a full time job just taking care of that and weeding out the weird ones. I just think if you’re not happy go find something better you might like more. How about a little encouragement and support of the guys and Shannon? I get afraid that they might get too busy and pull the shows or think busting their asses all the time is not worth it. How about if you don’t like something making some nice polite suggestions? But they will never keep everyone happy all the time. Should they hire (working for free) someone to manage public affairs? I’m looking forward to having some of the shows taped in these hot spots. I think there is going to be lots of more good quality stuff in the future to look forward to. Thanks for all your’re doing Wes, Will and Shannon! Really looking forward to your “hotspot trip” experience! You guys first and foremost rock. I’ve been with you from the beginning and seen things get better and better. Love the unpredictability of this show guys. Bonnie from Norway.

  14. Michelle L

    Well said, Bonnie! The criticism seems to come fast and furious lately. I am very appreciative of all the effort going into the shows and think their trip will yield some great stories and audios – we’re a lucky group of listeners.

  15. Alvin Y

    big fan of Sasquatch chronicles … this new show by will .. into the abyss needs some editing .. sounds unstructured .. first show sounded amateurish .. this show sounded distant with a rush to get it over with… where was shannon on this show .. could have helped … i can tell the work that wes puts into his show to polish a great podcast … thats experience .. i would rather hear a polish edited show with desire … than a show that really has nothing to add … the last person that was interviewed was the most interesting. too bad they had to rush him off .. that person sounded more creditable than the others. the second person was kinda not genuine in my opinion .. shrugged off stuff and half laughed at incidences .. who does that with real sightings? you need to put these ppl on outtakes like you did before and edit to keep the best of the best on the episodes… i like wes and will on Sasquatch chronicles .. they are a great team .. into the abyss is not working so far .. hope it gets better ..

  16. SmellyHusband

    Lol , want to hear a joke ? … How do you know your talking to a pilot …… HE/SHE will tell you .
    this joke is best used after some one “casually” mentions they are a pilot

  17. Renee B

    Bottom line to the criticizers Wes and Will aren’t working at Fox or CNN. This is a podcast and website which was started from scratch by some guys who had a life changing encounter with these creatures. They have just started the membership portion in the last few months. They have other jobs. I for one think that my $70 is well spent. They are doing a great job. Is it perfect, no. Are their glitches, yes. So what? Will is coming off having been sick. Give them some slack.

  18. Scott M

    As a retired army pilot, all army helicopters are green! A Blackhawk is not a Black Hawk! All army helicopters are named after Indian Tribes ie.. Iriquois, Kiowa, Blackhawk, Kiowa, Apache, Comanche… Get it?

  19. Asheim

    Very well said Renee! These guys have to have a lot of passion for this to be doing what they do and devote so much time to it after working full time jobs and having all the other normal things to attend to we all do. Wes has to screen the individuals writing to be on the shows and share their encounters. That alone would be a time consuming task at the very least. I’ve heard him infer that a lot goes into the making and production of these shows we of course don’t see. They get a lot of people giving advice about what they like and don’t like, what they should and shouldn’t do but in the end it is their show. I think they really want to give us all the best every time and are busting butt to live up to that. I was fasinated listening to Will describe the simple modest life of John Green, devoting his life to the subject. I imagine that Will in his early life has been raked over the coals here and there before the subject was even well heard of he was involved but to devote a life time to research and writing books on the subject, he has earned a reputation and is well respected over all. When Shannon came on board there were the nay sayers and she is quickly coming into her own, and putting out some good quality interviews. I just say and agree with Renee and others, this website was started from scratch but it has the right stuff in my opinion, the right premise to make this evolve into something quite special. Indeed it already is. I like the fact that they are all unassuming and not on big ego trips. I enjoy the humor and would not want to remove that aspect. I say just hold tight everyone and have some patience with the “glitches” and bugs. If you have some constructive suggestions, let them know but you don’t have to bust balls to get your point across.

  20. Mike B

    Why is it that into the abyss does not play on my tablet and the rest do.the only other show that has this problem is just one of monday night shows.oh,and I cant download that me or is that the new format?

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