Aug 9

International Bigfoot Conference & Film Festival

The International Bigfoot Conference is coming up at the end of the month. I am excited to meet and interview Travis Walton. I hope to see you guys and gals there.

Check it out here:

The International Bigfoot Conference (IBC) is an annual symposium which brings together the top scholars, researchers, and professional investigators studying the potential existence of Sasquatch and similar cryptids in North America and around the world. Introducing our newest member and co-host; legendary Bob Gimlin will be joining the ranks of the IBC. We have added a second feature this year for our guests who were interested in the latest films in the Bigfoot and mysterious creatures genre. The International Bigfoot Conference and Film Festival will be held August 31-September 2 at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick, WA.

In Washington State, last year’s conference guests had the opportunity to meet authors, researchers, and television personalities. This year we are hitting the stage with Top speakers and a couple of known Film Makers who are willing to allow our audience view their masterpiece prior to releasing it to the public. With three movies confirmed we will be announcing those over the next several months with a bio for each one. The International Bigfoot Conference and Film Festival will be held here in Washington giving an opportunity for the guests to meet some of the worlds greatest presenters.

7 Responses to “International Bigfoot Conference & Film Festival”

  1. Linda C

    We bought our tickets in January so getting excited about attending our first bigfoot conference. We’ll be keeping our eyes open as we drive down from British Columbia. Love your shows, Wes, and looking forward to meeting you!

  2. Carolyn R

    Wes, please ask Travis if he really believes that the second group he ran into were humans. You know my theory, that humans and et’s have been working togather for a long ,long time…
    Carolyn R
    So. Ohio

  3. Stephanie G

    I drove up last year from the Bay Area and the highlights, among so many, were meeting and chatting with Bob Gimlin, Dr. Bindernagel, Wes and Woody from Sasquatch Chronicles ( actually they were the Best), and Dr. Meldrum. Coming up again this year and am bringing a friend this time. SOOOOO excited to enjoy another IBC.

  4. Renee S

    Super excited to meet you in person, Wes, as well as Mr. Bob Gimlin! My best friend and I will be flying in to celebrate both my birthday and Labor Day!!!

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