Aug 4

Interesting Image Captured

Had this sent to me today. I really do not know the back story on it yet but it was taken from a game cam in AZ.The report I received is that the person who put up the game cam kept having his deer feed eaten, what should have lasted a month or two only last a day or two.

The ear appears to be in a strange spot. The eyes in the picture really throw me off, it appears very “monkey like” and some of the researchers I sent the picture too say its a wild pig others think it is a cougar, most though are unsure.

Anyway I thought I would share. I will update you if I am able to get more information on this. I was able to get the “ok” to publish the picture publicly.



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  1. Frankie P

    Well, that is just cool. Very interesting indeed. Haven’t heard very much about the ears of bf’s so, depending on the type etc., why not? Also, I’d expect shorter/thinner hair if it is resident in Az. due to the heat and landscape, lighter color too. It’s as possible as most I’ve seen pictured – you?

  2. Susan B

    In a pig’s eye, that’s not a pig’s eye!!! Or is it a boar’s eye. It certainly isn’t a cougar eye unless the cougar’s face is deformed into a monkey shape. Ewwww, creepy picture.

  3. Kent A

    I think it’s two separate pigs. The right side is the back side of a pig facing left. While the half face shot is another one looking into the camera. Thoughts? I might be way off on that.

  4. Tammy C

    doesn’t look like a “feline” eye to me…i had a pet pig and this doesn’t look like that to me either (unless wild pigs differ? That i don’t know because i have never seen one up close)
    Not sure but very interested to hear any more info ur able to gather on it

    • BrokenMind27

      I don’t believe they have feline eyes, with all due respect. Loyd Pie had pictures in his book , Everything You Know is Wrong. I think some people have picked up on this and use it in their story. People that I believe have actually seen one say it looks similar to the picture in his book, but they don’t describe the eyes as cat like. Just an FYI, not trying to be rude.

  5. m99

    The eye looks human, the ear looks oddly placed as a BF’s have been described to be (by your witnesses), and the body seems primate from its stance. It looks youngish too. Could it be a Juvenile BF? I vote yes.

  6. Vinnie G

    Yes, it looks like a primate, but I’ve worked with multiple species of old & new world Non-human primates over the past 25 years. Face looks similar to a Cynomolgus macaque or an African Green, but the body & shoulders are WAY too large as compared to those species…?

  7. Steven J

    Based on comparing images of various animal eyes, I would have to lean towards hog. However, details such as camera position and height would be nice. Interesting pic, but just not quite enough to identify.

  8. Kathy S

    Totally baffled… a pig, wild or not would have a floppy ear around 2 o’clock above the face on the top of it’s head. Placement would be between 1 & 2 o’clock of the face on the top of a cougars head though the ears would not be floppy. If this was indeed a bf, he/she is certainly hunched down or on all fours. Interesting pic!!

  9. pam

    Not a pigs eye, not pigs ear either. Looks like a Gugwe ; and the thing I saw a bit-.
    The ear is small and kinda pointed like it but without the tufts, head shape is right. I dunno?

  10. Brad S

    I’m laughing that anybody said this is a wild hog. Whoever said that has never seen a wild hog apparently. This is not a cat either. It’s an interesting picture. More convincing than most pictures of supposed Bigfoot (big Feet?) where there’s a bush in the way and it’s blurry and could be a dog or anything else. This actually looks like what I imagine Bigfoot would look like. Not saying it’s real but I could be.

  11. Michele S

    Before anyone can make any kind of guess, we have to know how high the camera was. It is just a shot in the dark until we know that important piece of info. Secondly, how do we even know that “ear” is in fact an ear? It certainly looks like an ear, but it could be anything.

    I want to get pumped about it, but I will wait until we get a few facts, and, or, someone does a breakdown of the photo.

  12. Steven L

    I live in az and it’s not all Desert or high desert. We have forests, snow, etc. Common to have sightings up north oround the Mogollon Rim.(Mogy on) we call it the Mogollon Monster. That area is high elevation and line trees. Deep forest. Beautiful area. You can drive 2 hours in any direction and end up in a totally different climate.

  13. SantiamLady

    I’m with Pam! ?? The eye doesn’t look right for a Sas. Most reports talk about how their eyes look very dark, iris brown, not light color. ? What then? Wel t sure isn’t a hog! ??
    Too me that eye ball looks wolf-like. ? Dogman? Or a Gugwe?

  14. Scott D

    Could be a juvenile, Remember everyone game cams take shots in total darkness. That would explain the pupils being fully open, to allow more light in the eye to assist with their night vision. I haven’t read all of the comments that have been entered, so if this was answered before please excuse me. Any word on how high the camera was setup?

  15. Scott D

    Remember everyone game cams take shots in total darkness. That would explain the pupils being fully open, to allow more light in the eye to assist with their night vision. I haven’t read all of the comments that have been entered, so if this was answered before please excuse me. Any word on how high the camera was setup?

  16. Robinson R

    Look up Arizona havelina and look it’s eyes, not even close. They have heavily furred brows with long lashes surrounding their eyes. This pics looks like there is little to no fur/hair around the eye, weird.

  17. Greg T

    I’m in the not a hog category for this picture. If you isolated the eye, it’s similar to the link that Steven put up. But too many other things wrong for me. If it is a hog on the game cam, then the guy that took it knows and is trying to fool everyone. The reason I say that is because every time, except for maybe once, that I have game cam pics of hogs at my deer feeder, there are about 100 pictures where they mill around eating everything there. I don’t know the settings on this guy’s game cam, but it would be odd to me to take only one picture of a hog peeking at the camera without getting all the other shots of it eating corn. If it’s a real pic, it’d be tough for me to walk into that stand the next morning in the dark with. Monkeypossumhog thing creeping around.

  18. Black-YETI

    Look I have over 20 game cameras and have taken I bet between 50 thousand to 100 thousand pictures with them.
    One summer a few years ago I took over 15 thousand in Iowa alone. In the pic I see a tree to the right…its faint but I see trees.
    The pic has the animal about 3 feet from the camera looking right in it. Often game will sniff the camera and you get pics of a nose with wiskers. In the above pic I think its one of something. Browning make a decent camera with decent quality.
    That eye looks real to me an its not a hog or a deer. Man it looks monkeyish to me.

    A few years ago Fred Eichler took a trail cam pic of what looks like bigfoot. It was in AZ or Idaho I think?

    Anyway he is a pretty high profile with a serious backer EASTON so I don’t think he needs to make himself look like an ass
    posting fake bigfoot pics.
    I was in Iowa at the deer classic and Fred was there. I so wanted to talk to him and see his reaction when I brought up the subject but he was busy.

  19. Black-YETI

    BTW I got some solid recon of a very scary valley in the mtns of Colorado. I’m headed there and plan on camping there for 2 wks.
    I’m either gone to kill a bear with a bow or get my head popped off by BF. I’m looking for a new 44 mag with a 4inch BBL.
    I expect lots of action.

  20. Duke S

    Considering the location, a longshot guess might be one of those Devil Monkeys, it could be a squatchlet though. I Really hope that’s what it is, not a damn Devil Monkey!

  21. Duke S

    Seriously, the eye and area around it does look like a Javelina, black and white image of the photo is making this tougher than it would be if it were in color…

  22. Duke S

    Or is it in color? If it is a color image I would lean towards Javelina pretty heavily… facing away in the background, it’s hindquarters showing, another up front getting part of it’s face in the shot…..

  23. Tony s

    Did we figure out how far off the ground the camera was set? If not, conjecture is somewhat irrelevant. That being said it kinda has a lupine or canine feel to it. Or is that just me? Certainly not feline. They shape of the iris is all wrong. Not a horse, not a cow, not a deer.
    Any potentials in the weasel family maybe? They are curious little suckers and might just get right up on the lens. Doesn’t look like a wild boar eye and it seems unlikely that a javelina would be big enough to get eye to eye with a deer camera set up. But…. If we don’t know the height then we don’t really know anything.
    Can we be sure that that is an ear and not ruffled fur? If it was a wolf or coyote the ears would pointing up and would be out of frame.
    If I were a betting man, I wouldn’t bet on this one.

  24. Kyle S

    To me it looks like a baby being held by a big one. The fac ed would obviously be the baby’s and to the right side of the pic is the big ones shoulder/chest. Just my opinion, it’s the real deal or a great fake

  25. Kyle S

    To me it looks like a baby being held by a big one. The face would obviously be the baby’s and to the right side of the pic is the big ones shoulder/chest. Just my opinion, it’s the real deal or a great fake

  26. William L

    The video with an eye of a possible creature on YouTube, I believe is a video posted by M.K. Davis from a trail cam on a habituation sight in Texas. He posted quite a few videos from this habituation sight, as he put it, in the deep south. It was later revealed to be in Texas and in Eastern Texas to be precise, I believe.

  27. Martin Z

    Researchers have always said that the ears of a sasquatch are unusually small and flat along the side of the head. The hair is uniform with the grain in the same direction and pigs hair is much more coarse. I vote young sasquatch.

  28. MaryCurtin B

    I am sitting w/my dear friends, Sherri & Ron, who own the game cam that took thus picture back on June 25th, 2016. Despite their excitement & intregue at having captured this image, based on legal advice, & with a copyright pending, they have only allowed a BFRO researcher to transfer this image to his computer. NOBODY has had their permission to publish &/or distribute this image. Despite our friendship of many years, due to the pending copyright, they were unable to share it with us, or even their own family members electronically, in any format. Questions will be answered by Sherri & Ron, in due time. They tell me right now that I can tell you the image was captured in the mountains of Arizona.

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