Oct 11

Upcoming Show: I witnessed a female Bigfoot stalk and kill a hog

A listener writes “Hello Wes, I witnessed a female Bigfoot stalk and kill a hog on the bank of the Sabine River back years ago, I grew up in La, right on the Sabine Rivers backwaters and hunted, fished, and trapped it all my life from the Texas state line to the north, and south down to the Toledo Bend Lake and all the backwaters in between, since I was old enough to get in a boat.

My family made our living like this since they first come here from Mississippi back in 1900. I am 54 now, and in all my time in the woods etc, I’ve only seen this creature three times. Once when I was six y/o sitting in a deer blind with my uncle. At 34 when it ran across the road outside Diana TX on lil cypress bayou, and when I watched it stalk a pack of young hogs and kill one. I have not seen one since.

I’ve heard you say that folks from the south won’t hardly speak of it.. We don’t as a rule talk to outside folk of such things because of ridicule etc, But I’m where I don’t give a damn anymore”

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    • Denise F

      I hope this witness comes on.
      I suppose I thought Wes had said ” this female saw it stalk and kill a hog”…. doesn’t sound like something he would say looking g back! Lol

      Can’t wait sounds good Wes.

  1. Dave W.

    Count me in, I would live to hear their encounters. Sounds really adamant that they will deliver the truth. Kudos to them if they come on the show!!!!

  2. Rod C

    Sir, I read your account on the BFRO website years ago and was fascinated by it. The Sabine River Basin is definitely a squatchy place. A few years back I took a picture of the sasquatch figure that stands out in front of American Airboats just across the I-10 bridge on the Sabine River in Texas. It was constructed by some of the guys in the shop. I stopped in and asked the receptionist what was that standing out by the highway? She replied that that was a creature that some people are seeing around here. I’ll bet you can get on Google Earth/street view and see it standing out in front of the shop on the North side of the highway. It is about 9 or 10 foot tall.

    My only regret is that I didn’t take the time to ride on an air boat. The owner of American Airboats (a lady) has a custom air brush painted airboat that runs 80 mph. It is called the “Dragon Lady”. Wow!

    Thank you for sharing your story. I love hunter’s stories.

    • Charles R

      I too read this report for the first time in 08 or 09 and it always stuck with me. In fact last spring some hunters on a motorcycle forum I am a member of were talking of their hog hunts. Then I posted this as the most amazing hog hunt I had heard of, and indeed, it really is. I do hope you come to the show, I would love to hear more.


  3. Rod C

    Sorry that link did not work. You can go to google maps or google earth and type American Airboat Corp in the search, then grab and drag the little yellow man to the street in front to see the sasquatch figure.

  4. m99

    “…I’ve only seen this creature three times.” !!!

    Can’t Wait to Hear This one. Used to go to Toledo Bend as a child and young teen with my family sometimes. My dad loved to fish there. It’s beautiful. So’s Louisiana. Looking forward to this.

  5. Rod C

    OK I’m done trying to paste pics of the squatch off of google maps. Mod, please delete them if you want. If you type American Airboats Corp in Google Maps search box, 19 photos will come up as thumbnails on the left and you can see the squatch holding the Trump Drain the Swamp sign That Shannon S was talking about.

    I can’t wait to hear this hunter’s story. Good find Wes.

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