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Tonight’s Show: I saw this thing

A listener writes “I finally made the decision to share my experiences after listening to a podcast earlier today.

My experiences happened on an 18 acre property my son had rented in Aromas, CA.

My son leased this piece of property back in 2011, it has a small house but is mostly forested area. It always seemed a little weird out there. I lived on the property in a trailer from late 2013 to early 2017.

My first experience was in late 2011 when I was working for my son and I decided to stay one night instead of driving back to Santa Cruz, where I lived. I was sleeping in my camper with my dog, when at around 4 in the morning we were woken by the most awful, scream that seemed to last forever. It sounded like someone was being skinned alive, I’ve never heard anything like it. In the morning I asked others if they had heard it and everyone said it had woken them up too. Non of us could figure out what it was. My son had been having strange things go on all around the property, strange noises, things going missing, strange lights all around. No one ever mentioned sasquatch as a possibility.

The next experience was just about a year later when my son had some friends and myself again working for him, it was around 9 at night and there was a group of guys out on the porch talking. Suddenly a huge bush approx 25 ft from the house started shaking violently and something starting running, unbelievably fast up around the back of the house n a game trail there and you could hear the thunderous footsteps going all the way down the side of the property.

It must have covered 150 yds in about 1 min, crashing through brush making all sorts of noise. It so scared some of the guys, they refused to come back to work and haven’t set foot on the property since. The next day I was standing in the front yard talking to one of the guys that stayed and, I swear, a brick came sailing into the yard and dropped right between us, like it had fallen from the sky. We stood dumbstruck and could not figure out who had thrown it or from what direction it came. about this time it was becoming apparent that something strange was going on around this property. For the most part we tried to ignore everything hoping that it would stop or go away. it wasn’t long before I started hearing someone walking through the bush around the house, at night, though every time I looked no one was there, even the dogs (2- 90 lb. Pitbulls) were getting nervous and acting kind of nutty.

The following year, I moved out to the property in a trailer, my son lived in the house on top of a hill and I lived a good 200 yds. down the hill by the front gate. Unfortunately the only place to put the trailer was in the way of the game trail that I mentioned earlier. It ran along the entire side of the property.

I should also mention that there was a heavily wooded area adjacent to where I had my trailer and it ran along the driveway. It was on a neighbors property. This was the strangest looking wooded area I had seen. Quite a few of the trees were snapped of at around 8 or 9 ft above the ground and they were pointed in different directions. I’m sure winter storms and something to do with it but it was too uniform and the trees weren’t always angled in the direction of the storms. Plus there were more that a few that had huge branches turned sideways and looked to be placed in the other trees. it look contrived and spooky.

Not long after moving out there I thought I could see bare footprints down around the gate but they weren’t big, more like the size of my feet. This area was really rough and no one I know would be walking around without shoes. Soon after I found a foot impression out in our lower field which I photographed, at this point Bigfoot was becoming a possibility. After having more bizarre instances occurring I decided to reach out to a paranormal investigator. She came out, listened and we walked the game trail along the property. She mentioned how many trees were snapped all at the same height, then we caught sight of this structure that was about 3 ft tall and perfected round, dome like and made out of branches woven together.

This was not a natural event, it definitely had been made by someone and it was in a place where no one goes off this game trail. at this time she referred me to the local Bigfoot organization for further investigation. It took some time but eventually they came out.

This is in itself, a bit of a story, needless to say, the other events were as follows; I was coming up the driveway at 10 p.m. an noticed a tall man in our greenhouse, when he saw my headlight he bolted and ran up the hill, I don’t know where to (My son asked if I had seen him as well) and one night I was standing at the door of my trailer, at night and I look over to a thicket about 40 ft. from my trailer and I saw this thing with, I shit you not, red glowing eyes. I always thought that was an myth but these red glowing eyes were just watching my from behind these hugh bushes. I couldn’t see it’s body as it was too dark, but I guessed it to be about 6 ft plus tall and it didn’t seem mad but more curious and just watching. I thought I had lost my mind so I went in the trailer waited a couple minutes went back outside and it was still there, this happened 2 or 3 more times and the last time it was gone.

I had one last experience early 2016 when I was up at my son’s house. I noticed that all the usual noises round had gone quiet, that creepy quiet that happens when a predator is near, I walked outside and got a whiff of the worst smell ever, by this time I was pretty sure what it meant, there were 2 other people at the property around that time, that also mentioned a weird putrid smell that day.

These are just a portion of the occurrences that happened there. I since have moved but only about 8 miles away and again, I’m experiencing abnormal events although these seem to have a different source. I wasn’t sure how in depth to go on an initial email so I hope this gives you an idea of what’s going on out here. There have been numerous sightings that were reported to the local BF investigator’s office in this exact area, there’s a great food source from the local farms and ranches.

I believe we are on the migratory route because everything seemed cyclical in nature. I’d be interested in your take on these events. While the BF investigators were here, one gentleman had such a profound experience that he said it changed his life. He has some pretty interesting trail cam footage as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.”

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  1. Amy M C

    I would so like to have a listen to this encounter, as well! Hopefully he’ll allow himself to be interviewed by Wes for the show?!

  2. Matt W

    Can’t wait for the show! Thank you Wes for staying the course! I am in Ky and will be hitting LBL soon; hopefully I have something to report. But hopefully not too much of something lol!!

  3. Nathan E

    This story will make a good show. And apparently this person’s son has a good enough job to lease 18 acres, so someone has been doing well!

  4. Brett S

    Looking forward, as a kid I got to spend a lot of time in the Santa Cruz mountains as my great aunt had a cabin off highway 9. The nights were inky black beneath the redwoods. Even as a kid I’d read about bigfoot I’d try to scare my sister but I ended up freaking myself out.

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