May 30

Huge Dark Hairy Figure Walk Across The Highway

A listener writes “I was born in Winnipeg and now live in Toronto, Ontario with my husband and daughter . My family and I have had some very strange encounters. My father, who was a hunter all his life, his family was hunting and shot a bear not aware that it had a cub so my dad took the cub and raised it as long as he could and when the cub grew too big he gave it to the zoo in Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada.

So my dad really knew what a bear looked like. Years later he drove from Winnipeg to Vancouver with his boss and his wife. While driving through the mountains he saw a huge dark hairy figure walk across the highway. He knew it wasn’t a bear but he had never seen anything like it. Then years later when some tv shows came out talking about Sasquatch he knew that’s what it was. In about 2015, my husband, daughter and my friend and her daughter decided to go camping at Awenda provincial park. We got a great spot with lots of privacy and it had a really big hill on the back side of our spot. We had a 4 person tent and my friend had a small camper. We went to bed and my husband woke me up in the middle of the night because he had to go pee. When he came back in, he said he had the feeling of being watched. Then all of the sudden we heard something huge and heavy walking towards us and it was screaming like a t-Rex.

We grab’s each other’s hands, whispering holy shit. I thought this T-Rex was going to trample our tent. It was so loud. Our daughter and friend slept through the whole thing, which I was like who can sleep through that. The only animal I could think of that could be that big would maybe be a moose. So when I got home I listened to moose and various other sounds and couldn’t find anything close. I had a video show up in my for you TikTok page and it was 2 cops and they had the same kind of sound in the background. Not sure if they actually recorded it or were just fooling around but they thought it was a Bigfoot. I got chills.

Then I listened to some of your episodes and heard people saying the same thing. Then I did a search of Awenda Sasquatch and guess what, there was a report of someone running into a Sasquatch on one of the trails in the park. I really don’t know what else this could have been outside our tent. I kinda of want to go back now.”

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  1. Steven B

    From 1997 – 1999, I used to live on the edge of Fairlane Lake that is across the road from Awenda. Intersting encounter. Unknown to many, sasquatch, and dogman, have been seen in southern Ontario.

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