Apr 20

God awful screaming grunting sound

A listener writes “Firstly, let me start out by saying I am a huge fan of your show. I am writing over numerous strange encounters and sounds that happened to me in remote areas across the state. I have spent more time in the woods than anywhere else. I have had a total of 8 encounters I can attribute to Sasquatch. I can’t say for sure it was Sasquatch. I can rule out any known animal and people though. I don’t talk about them with anyone, because I get looked at like a crazy person.

My mother and sister know. My mom believes me. My sister, well I can talk about that later if you want. I told my girlfriend, when she brought up believing in them.

I grew up down in Delaware county, in the Catskill mountains. My mother is from there, my father always worked away. So we stayed with them most of the year. I spent my time wandering the woods, about as remote as you can get in New York State. At first with my grandfather, then on my own at about 8. Our family has been in that area since the early 1700’s.

Before I get to my first encounter, a bit of background on my grandfather. He was a farmer, grew up during the depression. He was the definition of a woodsman. He told me about being followed at dusk while bringing in the cows by something that sounded something like a baby crying but not at the same time.

It was too loud, too drawn out and would follow almost to the barn. When I was allowed on my own I was told not to go into certain areas. Although I was allowed to go to the 4 surround valleys from ours. He passed away when I was 12.

I will tell you about the first one, the rest, and the non Sasquatch ones I will tell you about later if you would like. It happened in the summer of 1998 I was 12 at the time.

It happened in the pasture on my grandparents road. My friend Ricky and I were going to cut through the woods near the pasture and go overland to the village of Roxbury. A farmer kept Holstien cows there during the summer months. We crossed the barb wire fence to start going to the woods. We were hit with this god awful screaming grunting sound. (Think pissed chimp but bassier) Ricky hopped on the other side of the fence telling me it time to go home and cancel our trip to town.

I was just on the pasture side of the fence. For some reason I said No and kept going. That is when the tree shaking started. About an 8 foot section. At that point I ran back to and jumped the fence. We sprinted the quarter or half my back to my house. I immediately told my mother a monster is in the pasture. after a bit of convincing her and our neighbor above us walked down with me. They heard it too. No one was sure what it was. No one wanted to stick around either.

I have had this and my other odd occurrences bottled up for quite awhile now. I am 31 and moved up near Lake Ontario since. I have some questions for you as well, out of everyone in the Sasquatch field you seem the most rational and non judgemental guy out there.”

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  1. Michael L

    Yes, Wes is about the most understanding individual to talk to. After interviewing so many witnesses, he might as well have one in his garage studying it…

  2. Bert F

    Would love to hear these. I am in ny (Syracuse) and have a pretty good idea about where he is talking about and what he is talking about

    • Kial F

      Bert, we are more or less neighbors. I have been lurking here for awhile and am glad that there are other believers in C.N.Y. (I’m the guy telling the story)

  3. pam purple rose

    Sasquatch has a “WES” tatoo on his arm; “His blood smells like cologne.” Hurting him only makes him more desirable., His former landlord uses him as a reference.” We’re guessing he doesn’t have to pay the security deposit either. Or first and last month’s rent, He can speak French…in Russian.” This doesn’t even make sense but, if he says so.
    He’s never had to rely on mistletoe.
    This site is hilarious, prepare to giggle.

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