Jan 2

From The Shadows: Flashback: Bigfoot and Marijuana

From The Shadows writes “From the Archive: For this Friday, we’re sharing one of our most popular and exciting episodes – “Bigfoot and Marijuana,” in which Collin joins us from Mexico with chilling tales of his encounters with what he believes to be Bigfoot. These are fascinating experiences – some while he was alone and some in the company”


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  1. Ron S

    IMO Collin is where many of us are or have been when our paradigm has been shifted via high strangeness, a place known as the “rabbit hole”. Most people never asked for it, “it” chose us because it was allowed to imo. The allowance of darkness or strange events seems to come from a weak, deteriorated, nonexistent or broken link to a higher spiritual connection and/or respect for The Creator which results in a greater loss of guidance and spiritual protection.

    The lack of this strong connection leaves us with a negative and vulnerable “*chink*” in the spiritual armor (*definition #1*) through which misguided or false senses of purpose or selfish and superficial ideals of what pleasure is will manifest… If we look at definition #2 “chink” could be described as an opening (such as a break in the curtain) through which light can positively come in and subsequently reveal and shun the darkness that has kept people confused and blind from the truth, also effectively preventing them from moving forward in a positive direction with confidence while helping others.

    The world has equal and opposite effects to everything, as from above, the light, God, wisdom, guidance, the natural world, the truth, peace, solace, love, selflessness, compassion, harmony and feeling complete… So from below you shall find the unnatural, the confusion, conflict, hate, lies, sorrow, addiction, darkness, misguidance, separation, ridicule, ignorance, self indulgence and an overall selfishness which always desires more through a feeling of being incomplete.

    My advice to Collin would be not to doubt The Creators power or disrespect it by the notion of “healing” coming solely from people or you might get stuck in the hole longer than you need to, and I pray that doesn’t happen to anyone. People are made in Gods own imagination with his image he blessed us with the capability for a spiritual awareness and a connection, but the power, source or ability for miracles is solely through him (if he so choses) or also taken away.

    I believe we as listeners of encounters, each other, media or even our own ideas or desires should continually maintain awareness and dig deep into our own intuition with patience and continually look at the possibilities or developments of the bigger picture from our own actions each day. It sounds like a lot to ask but you’d be surprised how good you can be at something over time with practice.

    From my point of view, we must consider that when a person takes the podium to discuss their personal experiences while their spirit is lost in a rabbit hole with no direction that originally it’s basically a cry for help or comfort in the darkness wether they realize it, or admit to it.

    In no way should someone in this “dark” situation be viewed as or conduct themselves as a leader/speaker because then they’re just spreading more confusion, fear and spiritual doubt onto others… In other words more “rabbit holes” or negative chinks in the spiritual armor of others, which is precisely why I believe certain people are chosen as an experiencer of strange phenomena by something with a dark agenda in the first place… as a prime candidate,
    -to perpetuate it-.

    That being said, I do believe SC is very beneficial to those with no other place to share or confess their strange experiences as here most people are accepting and for the most part mature enough in their own right to not publicly shame or judge others. I realize we’re definitely not perfect or always in the best frame of mind when we comment but we can always try harder to be better and more helpful as we go.

    “Rabbit holes” are definitely a curiosity but also dangerous. Technology, desires, media, frames of mind… you’ll find many of them there. If it isn’t something with respect and appreciation given to a positive higher power it could be the diggings of a new hole.
    I pray that at some point in all your lives you’ll see someday that gratitude and attitude go hand in hand. 🙏🏼🌞

  2. Benji P

    Hii m99, the best wishes for you and your love1s. I dont have a spotify account unfortunately but ive found a solution tho.. Went to the source on youtube and downloaded it from there. Thank you for tryna think with me. Greetings and blessings.

    • m99

      @Matthew W ~ Really? Who made you critic of SC members? I’m glad Wes allows people to say what they like. That’s one of the differences here. If a member wants to post a long passage, they’re welcome to do so. See? And I didn’t count my words.

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