Oct 13

From The Shadows: Did A Bigfoot Smell This Hunter Inside His Blind?

From The Shadows writes “Scott joins us to share two events that in retrospect, could have been Bigfoot activity in southern Ohio. He also tells about ghost hunting in Mansfield, Ohio and how he may have experienced ghostly activity first hand.”

3 Responses to “From The Shadows: Did A Bigfoot Smell This Hunter Inside His Blind?”

  1. Kevin L

    I had a lot of activity in Southern Ohio. particularly the Adams/Brown/Scioto county region. everything from structure’s to something pushing my car 6 inches on a concrete driveway one terrifying night.

  2. Ron S

    I just thought of a new name and slogan for the show instead of Sasquatch Chronicles. How about “Germer King… Have it your way.”? 🍔… Is it too late to?

    There are many places within this universe and on this planet we aren’t ready for, also many realms of the supernatural or unexplained that everyone isn’t prepared for spiritually and shouldn’t explore or delve into… Otherwise you’re just holding out your man-card in front of you so loosely that basically anything can and will pull it from you… even a critter or your own shadow.

    Sometimes we victimize not only ourselves with fear that isn’t necessary, but by witnessing someone else that we would normally consider “tough” showing weakness and lack of confidence, it frightens the whole heard.

    I’m not trashing any individuals, I’m just saying be smart. Don’t go into situations blind with a “Hold my beer, watch this” mentality simply because you saw someone else do it… It usually doesn’t end well.

    Being overzealous to dangerously live and learn might have you learning the hard way. IMO

    These are strange times where weird things are lurking in the deep end of the pool, just waiting for random people to trip before leaving the board of the high dive.

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