Jun 25

Fouke Arkansas Vocalization



In this clip there are 2 different return calls. One is imitating Tim Sermon’s vocalization and the second return is a commonly heard AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH. The Sasquatch that is imitating Tim is much closer to us and the microphone and easy to see on the graphic but more distant return is just under the louder vocalization on the graphic. This recording was made near Fouke Arkansas during an expedition.



Fouke Arkansas

Source: http://sasquatchsounds.com/



7 Responses to “Fouke Arkansas Vocalization”

  1. Gabriel H

    Thank-you for sharing that. When I play some of these for others, a common comment I get is just how much listeners find these to sound like human voices. I have to smile though 🙂 knowing it’s the start of their decent into madness over this topic 😉

  2. Gabriel H

    And on the topic of the FORUMS: It’s worth noting that nowadays it’s generally accepted that what we would normally label as “trolls” are actually misidentified Sasquatch. So when it really comes down to it, the presence of trolls is actually just further affirmation of the existence of these creatures.

  3. Tyler D

    Texarkana has to be one of the hottest spots for Sasquatch activity in the entire country. It’s actually on my “Sasquatch Research Bucket List” along with Ape Canyon, Vancouver Island, British Columbia and last but definitely not least is The Valley of The Headless Men in northern Canada. That place might be one of the scariest if not THE SCARIEST place to do sasquatch research. And most of that land is basically untapped and untouched by man. It’s one hell of a gamble taking your chances to do research up there

  4. Gabriel H

    …and I’m in BC already so I can bring the body bag take care of notifying your family members of what happened. No, I know… No really. I WANT to do this. It’s the least I could do 😉

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