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    Steven B

    Unexplained Mysteries
    Published on Aug 30, 2019

    The mysterious ancient legend of the Raystown monster of Pennsylvania. We take a look at the mysterious legend of the Raystown monster.

    For decades there have been a number of mysterious sightings linked to Pennsylvania’s, Raystown Lake. People have managed to capture what appears to be a large serpent like creature beneath it’s waves. Some have compared it to the loch ness monster, in that many eyewitnesses who have come forward describe a creature strikingly similar.


    Bonnie I

    A very large moving shadow under lake water is never a good thing unless it is a sturgen.😊



    hmmm, was that sturgeon or surgeon?



    I wonder if lake monsters and sasquatch avoid each other? They’re both large in size and probably territorial.


    Bonnie I

    Flogstaffer, yes sturgeon. Thanks for catching the typo.


    Steven B

    I can see him jumpin’ now
    He’s jumpin’ so hi-i-i-igh
    I just gotta get ‘im close to my boat
    ‘Cause he’s so fi – ine
    He’s big,
    and he’s fast
    And I got him on
    my very first cast
    My very first cast…
    And it’s just such a blast
    And he’ll make a good stew…


    Like a sturgeon
    Caught for the very first time
    Like a stur- ur – ur -geon
    Put your fish lips, close to mine
    Whoa-o-o-oh-oh! Whoa-o-o-oh! …

    (No apologies to McDonna)


    Bonnie I

    Birdmama, I have asked myself the same question. Maybe, because they have co-existed for such a long time, they just leave each other alone. Kind of a respect thing.



    @steven, I love it! Just please don’t make him into stew…they’re endangered.


    Steven B

    No worries, Celia. 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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