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    Michael c

    I’ve been a longtime subscriber and lately, the dialogue has been very canned and same old interviews. I’ve always loved the show, but seems like member content is getting fewer and fewer and I really loved when you had partner to add to the show. for me I’ve purchased hoodies t-shirts I subscribe ,I just feel like show is becoming dull and content is all c encounters. wess love the show this is why I’m being honest. thank you

    Denise F

    I’m upset that they never have an emoji to express exactly how I’m feeling at the time.


    Well Denise, if your avatar is any indication I would say you have a split personality.


    What’s the purpose of this thread, Michael? Is it to give Wes a good kick in the balls because you don’t like him? I mean if you were just dissatisfied with the show, you’d email a complaint or cease to be a member. Instead, your just trying to give him a black eye in front of the other members. That sounds personal to me.

    Amy H

    I don’t feel that way at all. I love the entertainment. Certainly some shows are “more exciting” but that’s just how life is isn’t it!

    R p

    It’s the original. It’s the best. And it always will be. It’s the Coast to Coast with Art Bell of Bigfoot. Even better, Wes is consistently patient with difficult interview subjects, he lets them talk… Which is what you have to do. He’s exceptionally smart with the way he finds a resonant anecdote to give his guests the confidence to keep moving forward, honestly and confidently. He’s done an amazingly consistent job over the years. There’s been ebbs and flows, but that’s just life.

    John M

    Yesterday, I got a Nitro Cold Brew with an espresso shot added. It cost something like $5.25. I drank it in 15 minutes probably. This month, like every month, I paid my $7 to SC. I’ve listened to a show I think every day. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard them all at least once. Sometimes I listen at night as I’m falling asleep, so I tend to re-listen a couple of times. I’ve probably heard the Bob Garrett shows 5 times each.

    I play podcasts across different genres every day while I work, and SC is hands down the best. FWIW, I think you’re being too hard on Wes. Expecting someone to hit a home run twice a week for $7 a month seems a bit demanding. Especially on a topic like this where we can’t go to the zoo or take a course at the local university or get info via most of the typical, established ways. I dunno. Maybe spend your $7 on something that meets your standards, and always remember that Gary Gnu said, “No gnews is good gnews” when you feel like sharing your complaints with people who probably disagree.

    Denise F

    Knobby, it’s now called disassociate identity disorder (spell check makes me so mad sometimes)
    I don’t know why they changed it… Multiple Personality explains it better but anyway…..

    Save your breathe everyone, this ‘Michael’ was just rustling feathers. Right when he mentioned the co-host thing, that was eons ago…I knew that it needed a ‘possible spam’ label.

    I don’t do Valentine’s day really but I hope you all have a great day and weekend ?

    Denise F

    It hit me, technically it’s save your fingers? Save your possible carpal tunnel? Save your breathe just sounds better. Lol


    I agree with the last post. Wes has been consistent. He provides a good public service whether you agree or disagree. He provides a platform where there is no platform FOR THE PEOPLE TO COME ON and show what they know, or don’t. If the guest prove themselves to be little more than barking carnival show clowns all the better. That is what keeping it ‘real’ is and that is what makes him uniquely popular and standing tall heads above all others consistently.

    Michael c

    to answer one response , I’m pretty sure wess is mature enuff to to listen to my personal thought, as for why I’ve made a post about this ,I’m wondering if I’m the only person that is thinking this way, furthermore ive stated I love the show and I understand highs and lows of podcasts. this is just my opinion . if you agree or disagree….just be mature in responding.



    Show is Falling off? I disagree… Try the show is falling on. Despite his veiled attempt to appear righteous and legitimate he chooses to come on and a opens a thread bewailing and beating his chest, over what he sees as ”the dialogue has been very canned and same old interviews,” even lamenting in classic style that is easily revealed and unmasked for what the underlying message really is. Messages like this when analyzed are little more than repeated patterns and signatory flags easily unmasked.

    You can count on messages of this type to contain identical features in repeating fashion.

    1. Seniority card
    “I’ve been a longtime subscriber”

    2. Show the Love and offer some candy
    ” I’ve always loved the show”

    3. Bear your Teeth
    The sword is unsheathed and drawn quickly with a single word, “but”.
    “But seems like member content is getting fewer and fewer and I really loved when you had partner to add to the show”

    4. The Reveal
    The reveal shows motivation and purpose. Is post meant as a spokesperson or as a crusader?

    5. Was it a spontaneous heart felt honest utterance speaking on behalf of everybody? The answer is found here: “But for me” I’ve purchased hoodies t-shirts I subscribe ….

    Look, I don’t know how many of you are married, are involved in long-term relationships or not.. Friendships are sacred treasures.Forever friendships are to be protected If you love and respect someone you will always have disagreements. You resort to social media and telecast those disagreements. You find a way to communicate privately.

    The very first post I made here on this forum was this. The day I leave here is when I leave the same way walked in here as a gentlemen. I’ll thank everyone say by good-byes and off into the next phase of my life without distress.. . That shows class and style. That is how I want to be remembered.

    Denise F

    I really didn’t take you seriously, Michael, because many times people pop in, under random accounts to say something to cause trouble.
    If that wasn’t your intention, I apologise for being hasty.

    BUT I still say that bringing up the co-host, which was only the beginning episodes, made me think that it was a bs post.

    greg d

    Nothing is as good as Art Bell in the late 90s.

    I do enjoy SC. Some guests are better than others. Some guest hosts were better than others.

    It’s too bad Wes can’t move to the high desert and host live open lines. It would be fun.


    IMO Wes is the high desert. Wes has already hosted live open phone lines. I believe Wes’ show has evolved into what it is. And I also believe Wes’ main motive is to give individuals an outlet. If it’s not entertaining enough for you maybe you should reevaluate why your here.

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