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    Denise F

    Wolf, very interesting. Kind of adds a new dynamic to the story. Ty


    Denise F

    I think you are talking about the same ‘child’…..now that you mention it, I see she does sound different but could be as Wolf mentioned?


    Augustine L

    Autism has more flavors than Baskin-Robbins, but robot speech is not one I have heard of, myself. Wait. Is Vic autistic?

    Has she said anything about Willow going to school? Did she ever put up game cams?

    She said she was not overly religious. The whole thing sounds sort of New Age.

    Robin saw one when she was ten. It’s like they are being habituated by the dogmen.

    She says they have to play along to stay in the home. She doesn’t say she wants to, but that she has no choice. Life is an adventure. Sure.

    This mother is between a rock and a hard place. She can’t sell up and she can’t fight the cryptids because it might put her daughter and herself in danger. I don’t know her situation, but if it were me I would find a way to move.

    Maybe she should host a big family reunion at that house so the rest of the family can get a load of the dog friends, at which point, selling might seem acceptable to all of them.

    Can she rent it out? I am sure somebody would like to rent it, some igmo movie star or a rich cryptid fan or hunters. Air BnB? She and her daughter could live in a mother-in-law set up and stay there, but there would be more people around, which in this case might be good. She could at least save money so she can eventually move?


    Denise F

    Robin spoke about the land being in a trust within the family and very valuable. She also said she has found memories and couldn’t ever leave…..whole thing is odd.



    I personally know far less than those who have a family history or personal encounters so I won’t comment on what people do or how they think. I try to gather all the knowledge I can and make choices for my family that I think is in our best interest. I have no place to condemn nor concur.



    @Augustine ~ All great ideas and suggestions I’m sure. I too did not get that she sounded robotic. Vic does (no offense please Vic) to a degree, but that’s just how he talks. Robin didn’t sound like she had any financial problems to me. She could always find another place but to rent. Yes, it sounded very new age to me too, and I’m not trying to hurt her feelings or sound judgmental. I fear for that child out there high fiving (so to speak) with creatures no one knows for sure what they are. Very scary to me.



    True account or not, people need to learn how to control their fears.

    So many times I hear of the terror associated with encounters, yet in practically EVERY SINGLE ONE, the animal could have taken the human out if it so choose.

    Fear condemns humans to a mental enslavement of their own choosing. When one understands there is nothing to fear about life except fear itself, EVERY ‘scary’ event becomes instead an opportunity.

    Every dictator and society-controlling entity has understood the power of fear over their citizens VERY well. Only by choosing acceptance (love) over fear will humans ever progress to true freedom.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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