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    Denise F

    Did anyone listen to the last 2 Dogman Encounters? I am dying to know your thoughts- I was super ticked -off at this mother’s attitude. I also couldn’t believe she brought on her 10 yr old daughter to talk about their “friends”.
    Not sure if I just got bad vibes and they weren’t that bad (lol) just thought I’d get y’all’s opinion.

    Denise F

    *I read the YouTube comments waiting to see the listeners warn this woman or at least give more sound advice but….oh no, I think the Dogman Encounter’s commenters are VERY different from the people on here.

    I gave a concerned comment and I feel like people were like “who is this $#*_@”, lol.

    So maybe it’s just me?
    *Shrugs shoulders*

    Steven B

    Yes, I listened to both episodes. Me, personally, I don’t care how “friendly” they seem to be – one is dealing with an absolute unknown. We don’t know for certain how they deal with being “ticked off”. We don’t know if we have certain “highly offensive” behaviors. If they, as some believe, are highly intelligent then they may certainly be capable of deception.

    There are cases of even domestic animals reacting unpredictably – the “friendly” bull that turns on and kills the rancher…

    Nope…I would not be so trusting even if they exhibit no aggression.

    Denise F

    Last night I realized they have been on Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio also with an update recently (since they have Sasquatch and Dogman on their property).

    I was alarmed more that she described some physical traits of hair and other things that lent credibility to their story. Scary to think they have such a nonchalant attitude towards the situation especially with a child involved.

    They did talk about burning incense outside for them and having tobacco ceremonies that the Sasquatch friends really like….in fact the mom said when the Sasquatch know that about to happen that they become excited like the energy before a football game 😕


    Thanks Denise. I was looking for something to watch. Cryptids that is.


    @ Denise
    What in simple terms is a “tobacco ceremony”?
    I listened to both parts on DE but apparently I missed the Tobacco Ceremony…….

    Denise F

    The tobacco ceremony was mentioned on the Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio update that I mentioned.

    I will try to find the episode and post it but they didn’t mention any details about it, she only mentioned the excitement that the Sasquatch have when they bring out someone to preform that ceremony.

    Denise F


    I believe this is it.
    Apparently they have been on a previous episode but I haven’t heard that one.

    Denise F

    I did find this:
    In Woodland Indian rituals, ceremonies, and religious observances, tobacco is the unifying thread of communication between humans and the spiritual powers.



    The ceremony is about making bonds between people or earth. Smoke represents the spirit. It has many applications, from peace to war.

    Denise F

    Ok….I feel like I’m losing it.

    Did I type OT at first when I posted this?
    Maybe I forgot…..maybe Dogman isn’t ‘off topic’ and someone fixed it????

    Oh well.
    *Shrugs shoulders*

    Steve E

    Denise, you’re not going crazy, I reviewed the posts in the thread and saw that it was “On Topic”, so I removed the “OT”…



    Great! Thanks Denise. I haven’t listened to Dogman Encounters Radio in a long time. Giving it a listen.

    Still listening. Not locking the doors is a false sense of security. “Metal popping”. That IS scary in itself! How does someone stay after That?!

    …A baby describing dogman doing a belly crawl!? E-Gad! Walking on the roof & stomping on the deck, climbing on the house, IS aggressive behavior (s).

    This technical-thinking attitude is disturbing. She’s way too analytical. ‘How do you clean yourself?’ How about, how do you eat me? And how fast can I get inside to arm myself? Yikes…

    ‘I know there would be no way to get away?’ How ’bout when it decides to eat your child? Could you live with that? Oy-Vey!

    Christopher A

    It was blocked when I tried to open it. There is a young girl on so many Bigfoot and dogmen shows that’s sounds absolutely fake as in AI, both in manner of speech and voice. I was going to listen to if that was her again. She always leaves you thinking thinking these creatures both friendly and safe and just need privacy. Opinions are fine, but you can in her stories it’s a planned story to push that goal, with the key words and cause and effect statements that are to resinate in your sub conscious for later. Creepy. But no one seems to ever notice how she sounds like bit trying it’s human sounding speech. Just saying


    The child is slightly autistic apparently… perhaps that explains the ‘AI-sounding’ speech?

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