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    Heya folks, hope everyone is having a great day.

    My name is Randy, and I’ve been involved with this whole squatch-thing for a pretty good while now, based out of middle Tennessee.

    I’ve spoken to Wes a couple of times on the phone now about this, as well as a few researchers I’ve known over the years that I trust, about the ongoing activity we’ve been experiencing in one of our teams research area, here in middle TN, because, seriously, it’s been intense.

    Though I’ve known about the sightings and activity associated with the area in question for a number of years (having first been alerted to such history via a state wildlife officer interested in the subject), and having my only visible sighting of a sasquatch myself in this area back in August of 2011 (I discussed our sighting on episode 94 – if I’m remembering the episode number correctly), I never in a million years would’ve believed I’d end up finding a spot where not only do we get tons of activity (around 65% of the time, in fact – hell, me and my son got grunted at repeatedly yesterday afternoon), much less be involved in a so-called “habituation” scenario, but sure enough, as of this last December, it would indeed seem that such might just be the case.

    I’d love to get people’s thoughts on some of the wood-knock videos we’ve been getting (most of these are a few months old now). I have my own theories as to why this family (we’ve actually heard three wood-knocks from different locations answering back and forth at one another, hence our belief there’s a family unit involved) might be staying in this specific location as they are, but I’ll leave that for later if people are interested.

    Atop the wood-knocks, we’ve discovered several footprints (the largest being around 17-18 inches, the smallest being about 9), a deer kill (in about the creepiest damned place I’ve ever had the fortune of being), had grunts-growls and whoops levied at us, and on two occassions now, had things thrown at us (the first one being……..something really odd).

    Our team (we call ourselves “Tennessquatch”) has four research areas we’ve been working in since the mid-1990s, and though we’ve gotten repeated activity in each of them at some point over the years, none of them even come close to this place.



    Hello Randy, are you the fellow involved with the east Tenn. Sasquatch group?


    Nope, not me.

    I’ve long since given up on groups.

    Don’t like the politics involved and what they turn folk into.

    We do our thing and share it with a few researchers we know and trust.

    Dave T

    Awesome, glad you’re here to share your findings and research. If I may ask what area or town are you close to in TN?


    I live in a tiny town called McMinnville, which basically sits in the middle of nowhere, in a triangle made up of Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville.

    Lots of sighting history in this part of the state, usually associated or occurring near the many gulfs (hollows/hollers as many refer to them) that we have around this region.


    Hey Randy I believe we spoke before. Im over in E. Tenn found some hair there. If you guys/gals ever would like to have someone tag along or come this way looking for places to check out let me know and I’ll help out anyway I can.


    Looking forward to hearing more from you Tennessee, sqautchers..

    Colleen J

    Hey Randy – this is an old thread but wondering if you are still in McMinnville? Have you heard any accounts near Alpine/Wilder? (E of Cookeville)

    Shannon S

    Hey Randy, I hunt a property every year about 30 miles south of Nashville. A town called Eagleville. Do you know of any sightings around there?

    Paul A

    @Shannon S

    Colleen doesn’t even know if Randy is still here. Post she replied to was from 2016. She is checking to see whether he is even around to answer.

    Thomas W

    Observation is not the traditional habituation which usually involves a food reward which is problematic as the Sasquatches see it as a tribute and then gets upset if/when the gravy train stops. Doesn’t sound like you are doing that and it might be that the troop is getting more comfortable with your presence. Just be cautious and I would always have a clear exit strategy!

    Awesome. Are you doing any overnights?

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