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    The focus on Ukraine is far deeper than dems trying to impeach Trump.
    The Empire’s failed attempt to steal Crimea and the oil-rich Black Sea has failed miserably yet they are still trying.

    Another excellent article from the Saker:


    You’re sick Chris 🙂 This is for you.

    Gumshoguy, I read some about that yesterday, that Adam Schiff is involved in the Ukraine gas company “Burisma” corruption, that he’s connected to one of the companies used to laundry money. But it never explained how he was connected/involved. I don’t know if he just has stock, or is on the board, or if some of that laundered money paid to politicians fell in his pocket.

    But what I read had Burisma paying off lots of politicians in various countries, and it also mentioned that after Joe Biden got the prosecutor investigating Burisma fired Hunter Biden got around 16 million dollars under the table from this back channel money laundering.

    On another note, the enabling liberal news media lays down cover for everything. I followed an article to NBC News today and started looking at other articles there, all one sided biased articles in favor of Democrats.

    I even found one titled, “Trump’s Republican Party is an embarrassment. Here’s why Democrats can’t give up on it.”

    The article is about hoping Republicans can change. Included in this article that somehow glosses over the partisan bias of the Democrat party, especially the one sided impeachment inquiry, we read:

    “Republicans have taken partisanship to a level that would make Newt Gingrich blush. They have embarrassed themselves, and they have embarrassed me for even suggesting that they could provide a better path forward. . . .”



    Its not just dishonest, I think that mindset is self-deluded.


    Hi Knobby- All good points. Please take a few minutes and watch this video.Much of what you question and more are explained in this video. It brings you up-to-date on all that has happened and shows you where it it heading.



    “The data on the veiled transfer of funds for lobbying activities personally to J. Biden were obtained during the investigation. Money in the amount of over USD 900 thousand was transferred to the aforesaid Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, the resident company, with an indication of ‘Remuneration for consulting services’ as payment details. The person was identified and interviewed as a witness in the course of the investigation, who has been personally engaged in holding transactions for laundering and legitimization of funds in favor of M. Zlochevsky and the Bidens. Investigators possess original copies of the payment instruments and engineering means, whereby the said bargains were performed. Through making use of the political and economic leverages over new government authorities of Ukraine and intimidating them with the issue of granting financial assistance to Ukraine, Joe Biden has actively promoted the closing of the criminal cases against M. Zlochevsky and Burisma Group corporate executives.”



    The CEO of one of Australia’s “Big Four” banks gets paid out million$ for money laundering. What the article fails to mention is the bank was laundering money for child trafficking networks! 😡😡😡

    Any more evidence required for the fact the Banksters rule the world?

    Imagine if ANY other business was discovered laundering money or otherwise involved in child trafficking? People would be in handcuffs quick smart, not getting “pressured to accept massive redundancy payouts”!!!


    The long awaited Inspector General report is coming out Dec. 9. This will not have any indictments, however. The IG doesn’t indict. That will be later under the prosecutor hired to look into all this.

    The following is from an article at State Department Watch that touches on some other issues. The IG mentioned in this article is not the Justice Department Inspector General (Horowitz) but is the intelligence community IG (Michael Atkinson) who changed the rules on second hand information just so this whistleblower could submit his complaint.

    Interesting in the article is the whistleblower attempted to edit out a lie in the complaint after it was discovered he did speak to congress.


    “What a mess!

    Over the weekend we learned from another leak to the Washington Post, that an individual in Obama’s FBI altered documents that provided support for a FISA Warrant obtained to spy on candidate and President Trump.

    The individual (or individuals) was soon identified as Kevin Clinesmith who worked with his reported lover Sally Moyer for the current Intelligence Community (IC) Inspector General (IG), Michael Atkinson.

    The interesting connection is that Clinesmith and Moyer both also reportedly worked for Michael Atkinson while he was an attorney with the Department of Justice (DOJ).

    Atkinson next took a position as the ICIG. Recently, it was reported that Atkinson changed the IC whistleblower form in September shortly after a CIA Agent, who was spying in the Trump White House, drafted a complaint on President Trump.

    Atkinson saw to it that the whistleblower form was updated to allow for second hand information, which the ‘whistleblower’ (believed to be Eric Ciaramella) provided in his complaint. Although, the form should not have been accepted based on second-hand information and because it was about the President of the United States (who is not in the IC), Atkinson accepted the complaint.

    The whistleblower later attempted to edit the form he originally provided. The original form stated that the whistleblower did not talk to Congress before filing the form but after it was discovered that he had met with Adam Schiff’s team in Congress, the whistleblower attempted to edit his form.

    The fact that the whistleblower worked as a CIA operative also causes concerns since the CIA is only supposed to work overseas while working on external threats. He is not supposed to be spying in the White House on the President.”

    [JUST IN]: Adam Schiff BUSTED… SMOKING GUN Found…


    Keep your children away from this man. Watch.


    Something Cometh and all the signs are there and its not global climate. This message is repeated over and over Why?

    Q’s First Post today 12/2/19

    18 U.S. code 2385



    Amy H

    The following excerpt was taken from an article on Quillette by KONSTANTIN KISIN. This is an example of where the US is headed if we don’t fight for free speech.
    “One of the crucial debates in the modern online space in recent years has been about the limits of permitted speech. While the First Amendment protects the rights of Americans to speak their mind, those of us living in Europe and much of the rest of the world are increasingly subjected to restrictions on what we are and aren’t allowed to say. In 2016, the British police detained and questioned 3,300 people for saying the “wrong” thing on social media. A recent example of this style of policing is the ex-cop who was told by the police that he needed to “check his thinking” after he retweeted an offensive limerick. He has brought a case against the police and has launched a crowdfunder to pay his costs. Traditionally, “hate speech” has been understood to mean words aimed at stirring hatred and violence towards members of various protected groups. But today hate speech means whatever tech giants want it to mean.”


    The Onion is a satire publication. I thought this was funny, and maybe even true.

    Snowstorm In Chicago Delays Hundreds Of Morning Murders

    CHICAGO—The city of Chicago is steadily recovering from an overnight snowstorm that delayed hundreds of murders on Friday morning and will likely continue to push numerous homicides across the city drastically behind schedule, public authorities announced. “As we speak, maintenance crews are working diligently to restore public transportation, de-ice roads, and clear back alleyways so that Chicagoans can quickly resume murdering again,”

    Amy H

    Oh Jeeze! The onion! So hilarious…. I need to seek that out again!



    That’s some fancy shooting there!


    The mother-lode!



    423M guns in America, 1.2 per person, 8.1B rounds of ammunition a year

    Source: WashingtonExaminer https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/atf-423-million-guns-in-america-1-2-per-person-8-1-billion-rounds-of-ammo-a-year

    Some peoples are disarmed and are then forced to confront attacks from narwhal tusk with fire extinguishers then fret over a climate change con that they were told about.


    After the Canadian President made a joke about Trump today Trump called him two faced.

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