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    Bob B

    Demented to you and to me…but pragmatic and rational to the Chi Coms.

    One should never judge an adversary through one’s eyes or one’s world view, as to do so only serves to empower that adversary. Always view reality as they see it, through their eyes, so as to see clearly their motivations, intentions, and ambitions.

    Always think, ‘Thesis’ vs ‘Anthesis”, shocking thought it may seem, sometimes very evil people control governments and militaries. They conduct themselves premised upon the law of the jungle: “I see it; I want it; I take it.”


    “Wolf, your opinion, is the coronavirus the great coming pandemic like Cliff notes, that could kill 1 billion in the next 3 years, or is it a much less hazardous disease.

    I’m hoping this might not be as deadly as some predict, and I’m curious what you think about this?”

    I hope I’m wrong Knobby, but my sense of it all is as follows (based on three decades of digging and research into the Power Structure):

    Those That Believe They Rule plan not just months or years into the future to maintain the status quo and enhance their rule… but decades, even centuries.

    The Plan adapts and evolved to suit technological/societal evolution but The Plan nonetheless goes ahead. (The regular Bilderberg meetings are perhaps the most prominent place where progress of The Plan is discussed and adaptations are debated and implemented). In saying that perhaps Trump’s election postponed The Plan by a few years but I am almost certain that they decided to go ahead even without their Hillary Puppet in power. Imagine if the virus forces a cancellation of the elections? It was planned that Hillary would then under a State of Emergency cancel the election and remain ‘Acting Dictator’ for as long as ‘they’ wished her to.

    I suspect this contagion has been planned for decades to full-fill a multitude of reasons (bearing in mind that stages of The Plan only are given the go-ahead if said stage satisfies multiple agendas)…

    1, The Status Quo of Redshield-dominated economic (and thereby social) control was (until this outbreak) reaching a tipping point with the near-completion of The Silk Road Project. Once completed fully this project would have crippled the ocean-controlled current system of Trade controls (control imposed by the power structure’s strong-arm, the US military… who is largely ignorant of their real purpose sadly).

    2, The Fiat-Bankster system is literally crumbling around our ears, despite massive market manipulation and incredible levels of money printing …which is given to the big corporations with no interest (free money) and used by said corporations to purchase their own stock to keep the markets artificially inflated and the illusion going.
    They cannot keep it propped up for much longer (personally I am amazed they have managed to keep it going this long). But if they ‘allow’ it to collapse ‘they’ know the people will rise up, hunt them all down and hang them from the nearest lamp-posts.
    This way all blame for economic collapse and global reset can be blamed on the ‘virus’ and instead of being hung or sent to prison for fraud and consequential murder of millions ‘they’ can simply change their chairs and implement the ‘new financial order’ (which IMO will be blockchain based).

    3, For many decades ‘they’ have been working towards mandatory vaccinations for all, using fear as the primary weapon to force the terrified people to turn upon their own who decry said forced vaccination programs.
    The MandVacc program is their coup de gra on the world population. It enables them to literally control who lives and dies… who participates in society and who cannot. If it means killing off a few millions to create a suitable fear level, oh well, they want to kill of hundreds of millions so it suits their agenda.

    4, It ‘sends a message’ to any country, big or small, that to stand up against The Plan is folly. Biological warfare is vastly superior to any form of conventional weaponry. In fact I suggest that some, maybe all, of those few country’s still opposed to the domination will feel the effects of the ‘contagion’ before it is stopped.

    Finally, all of the above works in combination to co-erce the people (with fear) into finally moving completely into The Technocracy. None will be able to buy or sell, nor operate their own trade or crafts without being part of the World-wide technocratic grid system (cashless, digital currency, mandatory vaccines, etc) … sound familiar to those familiar with scripture?

    As to your original question… If it is not THIS virus, it will be a newer version or the actual vaccines/starvation from the new economic power structure, but yes… the world population is about to suffer the biggest dieback in history IMO. It will take years, perhaps even decades but the Extinction Event is upon us.
    When it is finally over humanity will no longer be what it once was.
    A ‘new’ human will reign over planet Earth. The percentage of biological to technological element for said humans is yet to be decided. Those who do not willingly submit to being part of the ‘machine’ will not be able to survive and will die off.

    As an end note I find it VERY inneresting that before EVERY mass extinction event in Earth’s history the fossil record has been dominated by ONE species by a factor somewhere around 70%. Before the last Dinosaur extinction event it was Triceratops, who roamed the planet in vast numbers… numbers that most other species relied upon to survive. The very same scientist who inspired the main character in the original Jurassic Park proposed that it was NOT an asteroid that triggered the event but a virus!

    How many humans are on this planet right now?
    I would suggest it is somewhere around 70% of the biological large animal life…


    I hope the previous post didn’t come across as doom and gloom.
    On the contrary I feel this year and those immediately following will be a major turning point of human individual/societal evolution.

    Those that would rule are by their nature extremely arrogant and can not possibly take into account the resilience, creativity and ingenuity of humans.

    Humans will IMO survive and thrive (even if after losing billions). If we do not, oh well, as (perhaps Australia’s most famous ‘criminal’) Ned Kelly, said as his last words before being hung… “Such is life.”


    I was asking if this is the one. I can’t find any information on what dangers lie in having some HIV strands in the virus. I’ve read multiple articles on how using anti-AIDS drugs both in and out of China have seen positive results. Does getting this virus mean you have a form of HIV that will linger?

    Not only can I not find any articles addressing hazards of HIV mixed into the coronavirus, I can’t find articles addressing it period, that is admitting there is some HIV code in the coronavirus’ DNA. Some will talk about the success of anti-retroviral drugs used to treat HIV, but I can’t find any that even acknowledge there is some HIV code in this virus. Its like outside of the Indian scientists finding it, it doesn’t exist.

    The coronavirus responds to anti-AIDS drugs, but it seems the word is out that here is no HIV in the coronavirus, like this article.

    Quick retraction of a faulty coronavirus paper was a good moment for science


    Here’s another article shooting down the prospect of any HIV inserted into the virus. Included in the article it states,

    “The HIV study, he said, was a “misunderstanding of how to perform these types of analyses” that also cherry-picked its findings. The short proteins the Indian scientists found to be similar to HIV are not from HIV at all, Andersen said, but are the result of the natural evolution of coronaviruses. “Had the authors compared nCoV to related bat viruses (and not just SARS as they did),” he wrote, “they would have realized that the peptides are also present in the bat viruses — and most certainly don’t come from HIV.”

    Indeed, other experts have noted the same shortcomings, including Trevor Bedford, a computational biologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, who performed the proper sequence alignments and shared the results in a Twitter thread. He found that all of the so-called “insertions” appear in a bat virus identified from a cave in Yunnan, China — or were artifacts of improper alignment.

    Only one “insertion” is not fully shared with the bat virus, Bedford explained, and “in no way suggests engineering” since it is consistent with the types of insertions and deletions that happen in coronaviruses. “There is absolutely no evidence for either (1) sequence insertions or (2) their relationship to HIV,” he concluded.

    The blogger’s contention that the new coronavirus may have been engineered using a SARS viral vector, Andersen said, is “just as absurd” as the HIV theory. The vector, he said, was used to understand coronaviruses and develop vaccines — but is different from 2019nCoV.”

    Baseless Conspiracy Theories Claim New Coronavirus Was Bioengineered


    Of the 218 cases of the coronavirus outside of China only 3 people have died. Unless that changes I’m not as concerned.

    Bob B

    Are other countries doing the same Bob, including those in Asia closer to China? None of these countries outside of China are showing larger numbers infected, although Singapore has had its share.


    You are correct Wolf speaking of the plan. The plan will not stop unless a mass global awakening understands the plan. The chances of that happening are 0%.

    Bob B

    @Bob B ~ Thanks for the report. It’s something everyone should retain and read.


    Did coronavirus originate in Chinese government laboratory? Scientists believe killer disease may have begun in research facility 300 yards from Wuhan wet fish market

    Beijing-sponsored South China University of Technology concludes that ‘the killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan’

    It points to research on bats and respiratory diseases carried by the animals at the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and the Wuhan Institute of Virology
    WCDC is just 300 yards from the seafood market and is adjacent to the hospital

    PUBLISHED: 08:22 EST, 16 February 2020 | UPDATED: 11:00 EST, 16 February 2020

    Chinese scientists believe the deadly coronavirus may have started life in a research facility just 300 yards from the Wuhan fish market.

    A new bombshell paper from the Beijing-sponsored South China University of Technology says that the Wuhan Center for Disease Control (WHCDC) could have spawned the contagion in Hubei province.

    ‘The possible origins of 2019-nCoV coronavirus,’ penned by scholars Botao Xiao and Lei Xiao claims the WHCDC kept disease-ridden animals in laboratories, including 605 bats.

    It also mentions that bats – which are linked to coronavirus – once attacked a researcher and ‘blood of bat was on his skin.’

    Go to the full article with much more here


    Bob B

    Bat blood on someone’s skin didn’t provoke the Chi Com gov’t to quarantine China; nor did it provoke Russia and all neighboring countries to shutter their doors to China.

    This flu has shut down 100% of Chinese manufacturing; FACT! What is next?

    Just remember this, the same ‘scientists’ that say Bigfoot does not exist expect us to believe that Bats caused the Wuhan Flu.


    “This flu has shut down 100% of Chinese manufacturing; FACT! What is next?”

    This is the true concern. Situations like this are EXACTLY why our governments should have encouraged with tariffs our factories and manufacturing industries to stay open in competition for Chinese, slave-wages products.

    But no, under pressure from big corp who wants to maximise profits at any REAL cost, our factories were forced to close, the workers made unemployed and our countries dependent on another. (Not to mention the environmental cost of shipping products around the world that could have been made close to the market)

    Now the entire system is threatened, exposed to an outbreak on the other side of the world.

    500 000 000 ‘workers’ cannot work to produce the drugs, widgets and things we need! Many more will die without ever coming close to the virus. Already in many hospitals life-saving heart surgeries cannot be performed due to lack of a vital drug usually supplied by China.


    However it escaped from the lab, this article noting a lab was studying this virus at a facility 300 feet from the fish market that China claimed was the epicenter of the outbreak tells you the fish market was likely a cover story. How it actually escaped the lab is speculative.

    I know I’ve read in the past that the DNA in the novel coronavirus is linked to bats.

    What I’m curious about is the Chinese government must have sanctioned the release of this information by a Chinese university. Is there a motive behind that?

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