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    Amy H

    Good info Chris. That’s a good point about Trump. Most of what he says turns out to be true. Most don’t fact check and believe what the media says about what he says. I do think he exaggerates and that is certainly not truthful.

    Trying to catch politicians and pundits in a lie is akin to shooting frogs in a barrels. They’ll continue doing it no matter how much we complain.

    I’m trying to move beyond the he/she lied looking more to what the end results have been. That’s sort-of what you said.


    Shannon S

    Steven B

    Thorough Analysis:

    Glenn Beck
    Published on Oct 4, 2019

    Glenn explains EVERYTHING you need to know about the Ukraine scandal. And it goes MUCH further than Hunter and Joe Biden, and their involvement there. This timeline gives you all the facts and proof you need to show that there was DNC collusion, not collusion with President Trump, during the 2016 election. Democrats worked with Ukrainian officials to investigate “dirt” on Trump, and Glenn shows you EVERYTHING — including how even George Soros is involved — in a way that’s easy to understand.

    Watch the FULL Ukraine special here:



    It goes waaay beyond that too…

    How about the $5 BILLION spent (Nuland’s own word) to violently bring down an existing, democratically elected government in a ‘colour revolution’?

    How about the thousands of poles, Hungarians, etc literally bussed in and paid a wage to fight at Maidan square in 2014/15?

    … ALL financed and set up by Hellary’s State Department.

    How about the fake revolution in Libya, with similarily thousands of Chechens, Turks, Saudis, etc flown in to give the appearance of a Libyan people’s revolt against an extremely popular president? (Midway in the crisis Gaddafi held a rally at which 2 MILLION Libyans turned up to show their support (out of a country of only 6 million!)
    … likewise run by Hellary’s State Dept.



    The overthrow of Khadafi was part of the Arab Spring that Obama helped foment because he has sympathies for conservative Islam, having been raised early as a Muslim.

    Khadafi had been helping the U.S. fight these extreme radical Muslims who for years had been trying to overthrow the secular government in Libya. It was a fake revolution. It was that same group whom Khadafi had battled for a long time.

    The region of Libya that rose up in that rebellion supplied 19% of all suicide bombers during the Gulf war in Iraq. They were an Al Queda affiliate that Obama and Hillary supplied with weapons and bombed the Libyan forces, and these radical Muslims paid us back by killing the U.S. ambassador and others at Benghazi, another Obama/Hillary triumph.



    Seems Obama and Hillary had more going on in Libya than we thought.
    This couple Jim and Joann Moriarty (Americans) claim the US had ordered them killed in Libya, because they had information…




    Bonnie I

    I Hope They Impeach Trump, end of story.



    As do I… that way ALL the Deep State crimes regarding Ukraine will come out.


    Amy H

    I could care less if they attempt to impeach Trump. Both Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson were impeached. To remove him from office requires more than a house vote hence Clinton and Johnson remained for the duration of their presidencies. It’s petty and a waste of time and resources.

    The box of rocks that the dem’s are play right into the hands of Trump. They’re stupidity will ensure he gets another 4 years. It’s amazing to me to see how people just don’t get it. Dem’s are literally developing illnesses because of their anger, despair, stress and self-inflicted trauma. I bet drug makers of high blood pressure medications are dumbfounded at the loads of new orders…

    There are literally people staving all over the world; dying of curable diseases; without water to drink, etc., and here we are killing ourselves over what is read on Twitter!

    Probably well over half the country doesn’t even know what impeachment is! How about all the energy we use whining be spent on trying to ensure school children in this country get feed each day!?!

    Perspective people…perspective.



    I wore a MAGA hat through California airports – watch what happens!
    1,327,495 views•Sep 20, 2019

    Atlas Survival Shelters
    132K subscribers

    If you ever want an empty seat next to you on a southwest flight
    while you’re in California just wear a MAGA hat.


    Amy H

    Haha! I need one of those hats if I fly on SW!


    Sangha K

    Trump is sold out to the globalist elite.
    He is doing what they say or they assasinate him.
    The trick is that he is saying he’s against the “elite”.
    It is like green peace…
    “There is somebody that will do something.”
    Yeah sure.



    What’s your proof Sangha K? Why do you think he’s sold out?


    Bonnie I

    Just read and watch a consensus of all the news on tv, online and in reputable newspapers (not just right wing propaganda sources) and pay attention. Life is real not a game or an allusion. Hope Trump is impeached soon.

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