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    I look forward to intelligent rebuttal, not republican buzz words and poorly concealed insults such as “democrat shills”. Facts that can be repeatedly substantiated would be best

    As if your posts aren’t thinly veiled insults as well Esther. However I’m okay with that. You can throw insults at me for my conservative values all you want. I don’t have a fetish for victimhood.

    It’s a free country; at least for the time being.

    I don’t bow to the thought police/ PC cops. I speak my mind.

    I notice that you label everything that doesn’t agree with your perspective or vocabulary as deceit or propaganda.

    That “buzzword jargon” is just a clever ploy to silence people. It’s just a tool for controlling the narrative, ie, a word association tactic.

    People who use this to demonize their opponents, prevent their enemies from speaking their mind and relating there woes to the public. In all actuality they dehumanize people who disagree with them.

    This tactic is far easier then making a case based on Merit. When a liberal tries to win an argument based on Merit alone, they always lose.

    Penny F

    Chris….Esther, Knobby
    Lol. Did you see the Senate hearing last week with Rand Paul and HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra? This was a PERFECT example of liberals try to argue based on merit alone. DR. Rand Paul put forth SCIENCE and many, many studies that illustrate how SCIENCE shows naturally-acquired immunity will provide as good of a protection as the vaccine would. Becerra admitted he had not heard of these studies and proceeded to give blanketed, surface level, nonsensical answers. I would have guessed, he would have used the phrase, “follow the science!” Lol. Unfortunately, the science is against the HSH Becerra Secretary and others in this matter, but like Chris mentions, that does not sway the liberal left. They march on with the narrative for the detriment of those whose own discernment of the FACTS are not considered. In fact, those that have natural immunities and have decided to not be vaccinated, b/c they have chosen to “follow the science” have been called stupid by our fearless leader. Brilliant. I use that phrase when I am overly emotional and want my husband to shut up when he is correct in an argument.



    I keep seeing conservative pundits say the Republicans are going to kill the Democrats in the midterms. People like Newt Gingrich, Dick Morris, and many others are predicting this. Here is a recent poll.

    Poll gives GOP widest midterm margin in the 4 decades it has been conducted amid rising inflation
    By Jessica Chasmar | Fox News

    More than half of registered voters say they’d support the GOP candidate over Democrat


    My Comment:
    I say bullshit. It doesn’t register with these talking heads that there are elements who will cheat to ensure the election of Democrats, and the media will drown people with excuses exonerating Democrats for the country’s ills, like assuring people the pandemic is the cause.

    They’ve learned how to cheat and get away with it and they’ll do it again in the midterms. People are enthusiastic after a Republican narrowly defeated the incumbent Gov. of Virginia, but there were elections all over the country on that Tuesday. In elections all around Georgia 41 seats flipped from GOP to DNC; so, what does that say?

    Even with audits in Georgia and elsewhere they were stymied from getting to the bottom of the election fraud due to road blocks from legislatures, courts, and non-cooperation by election boards, but on top of that the cheaters covering their tracks. Look at this article.

    Election Integrity Group: Most 2020 Ballot Images from 56 Georgia Counties Have Been Destroyed

    The images were automatically created by Dominion Voting Systems machines for tabulating votes, Just the News reported. The outlet said these images are “crucial for election records.”

    . . . According to Just the News, federal law requires these images to be kept for 22 months post-election. In Georgia, state law dictates that the images be kept for 24 months.

    Despite that, the election integrity group said the images are nowhere to be seen just 12 months after the 2020 presidential election.

    Oopsy daisy, sorry about that. Shit happens. There’s no one to be held accountable.

    Its naive to think they will not cheat again after getting away with it in 2020, and this time they will focus on key seats that builds on DNC majority.

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    John B. 🤪

    It looks as though they cheated during the NJ governors race as well. The republican had a comfortable lead until another 3am vote drop happened.


    Similarly John, I’ve heard claims they tried to cheat in the Trump vs Hillary election too but the vote was so lopsided they couldn’t pull it off. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but its something to consider.

    John B. 🤪

    I think that we are pretty much screwed at this point. Since the GOP leadership doesn’t care because they are in favor of the great reset and the new world order, I only see one way to fix this, and it’s really nasty.


    John, to add to your point, the establishment Republican scum are high fiving after Virginia and other races, but they dont understand people hate them also.
    McCarthey is so week and ineffective that he cant even keep his caucus from bailing out the Democrats. They have said nothing on the Jan 6th people being held, nothing about the border, no push back on vax mandates, nothing about the military being destroyed by woke… We will be coming for them with some primaries..

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    The GOP seems like they are scared to say much of anything about the Jan. 6 political prisoners.

    It’s this weak centrist Republican leadership that for years have pushed for moderate establishment House and Senate leaders and presidential candidates. Trump was more conservative than any candidate the GOP nominated since Ronald Reagan.

    In 2016 Jeb Bush was their anointed pick. They even kept Romney from running to clear the way for Jeb, but the popular support for Trump overwhelmed the field and Jeb could only muster about 2%. People were tired of the Bushes.

    Trump was hampered by establish RINO Paul Ryan for two years who wouldn’t even allow a vote on border wall construction/funding. The GOP had both Houses of Congress and the presidency for two years but were their establishment selves.

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    cyndie r

    Political prisoners? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha.That’s the most ridiculous description of the fools yet. It is so far from realty it is an insult and slap in the face to true political prisoners of past and present.


    Since I was using that term you’re calling me far from reality. You’re what’s far from reality cyndie. They are pawns the DNC wants to make a false crisis out of. There was no insurrection. Insurrection is attempting to overthrow the government. This whole thing is just like the false narrative promoted that America’s greatest threat is from white supremacists and militia groups committing domestic terrorism. Its not happening. This so called insurrection is the only thing they got going in that regard and they are milking it as part of their class warfare.

    What do you even known much about this cyndie? It’s been 11 months for these detained prisoners, many who have never appeared before a judge and none of them so far have a set set trial date yet. They are denied bail due to a landmark decision on bond just for Capitol Riot suspects handed down by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. I’ve read it could even be years before any go to trial, rotting away in solitary confinement, treated inhumanely, and the only way they have a chance to get out is agree to plead guilty and then their cases will move forward.

    A DC judge has requested the U.S. Attorney General investigate civil rights violations due to abuse and mistreatment of these Jan. 6 defendants. There have been all kinds of stories on how badly they are treating them, including making them stay in solitary confinement, denying medical treatment, filthy environment, and beatings.

    Are you happy about voting for this man?

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    John B. 🤪

    How would you like to be held for a year without a trial, in solitary confinement, abused almost daily? All they did was walk onto the Capitol grounds UNARMED. The same thing the green haired lefties did during the Kavanaugh hearings.

    Why are the rioting antifa and blm rioting and looting savages that burned cities not in prison? Why are the antifa freaks that took over part of a city for months not in prison?

    By any definition they are POLITICAL PRISONERS.
    Libs will pay for it too. Mark my words.

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