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    David R

    Fast forward 100 years, and the weather hasn’t gotten any worse,or any better.

    Laura G

    What does make sense is to study the regular cycle of grand solar minimum. All the “changes” as explained in that cycle feels right. It will also help for us to prepare for the future.

    Amy H

    Man-made global warming is a fraud! It’s a level of arrogance that is astoundingly naive.

    It’s an issue that’s been hijacked by politicians. The earth is a dynamic equilibrium. Change is its constant. Are we adding to the change, yup. Are we the cause of it NO! Quit trying to over-simplify and make humans the center of the world.

    Why we assume the earth and us are so tightly tied together is boarding on insanity. The earth thinks nothing of us. It will carry on long after our extinction. Just ask the dinosaurs…

    Read a little and discover ice ages happen regularly and mass extinctions have happened before, and guess what, they’ll happen again.

    The problem with liberals is they read just enough to be dangerous and then they run around like chicken little screaming the sky is falling. It’s no wonder conservatives don’t listen…


    Pew Research 2019 survey: ‘Climate Change’ Still Ranks As Low Priority – 17th place out of 18.

    Pew Research polling found: ‘Dealing with global warming’ ended up in second last place in 2007. Between 2008 and 2013, it ranked last (select a year and then ‘Overall’ here). Here’s what happened after that:

    2014: second last

    2015 second last

    2016 third last (the first year Pew began calling it ‘global climate change’)

    2017: second last (see bottom of the page)

    2018: second last

    2019 second last

    Moral of the story: There has never been any evidence that climate change is a top concern for most Americans. This is not a crowd-pleaser or a vote-getter.


    Right. Yawn…


    Coronavirus is good for climate change. The upside of a worldwide pandemic is the world might now have longer than 12 years. Satellite photos of China show much less air pollution than normal due to business closures and fewer travelers. Expect even more favorable climate change results as the pandemic spreads worldwide.




    @amy ~ The earth is a dynamic equilibrium. The operative word being “dynamic”. I love that word. Thanks Amy.

    @knobby ~ He said, “The upside of a worldwide pandemic is the world might now have longer than 12 years…” Priceless!

    acrylic sand artist

    Man made global warming sad and true (in my opinion).
    I was listening to spirit talk with Huff Paranormal
    on Youtube. War is already in motion.
    All things considered, the planet will over come these
    awful obstacles.

Viewing 9 posts - 241 through 249 (of 249 total)
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