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    But, Augustine I did do hallucinogens and DMT when I was young. It was definitely trippy. Acid, shrooms, and DMT can’t kill you but it made life interesting. Besides Cannabis, those were the only things we tried. And, we did it to promote our group sweats.

    Everyone who has done DMT more than once, has spoken to the smoke people. Some people call them the elves or the glow people. They could also be angels or demons as well, but there’s something definitely to it. At first you can’t see them or understand what their saying because they’re talking too fast. But, eventually everything becomes clear.

    I had some interesting conversations with them about love and how the universe works. Some say it’s just the trip, but privately I know it was more than that. In a way, it’s kind of creepy too so I stopped doing it. It left me changed though.
    It was just a strange time in my life.





    Augustine L

    Thanks for sharing that interesting personal history. Military school turned out okay for you?

    I started college in 1973. So, you know. We tried some of this n that. Got sold a lot of faux products seemed like. We smoked too many cigarettes and pot and drank too much beer. One time we ran out of pot and bonged some mystery weed my friend had that turned out to be PCP. I am not a fan. Kept my guardian angel busy, I did.

    I was raised by parents who fought all the time. Nobody in the house can have been happy. It’s a miracle I am still alive and was able to transform into a normal-ish person.



    I cannot imagine how fighting parents could effect a person’s childhood growth. We are lucky to get through childhood as it is without our environment replacing self-confidence with insecurity at some point, let alone both protectors constantly fighting πŸ€”
    Perhaps it could explain why some get defensive whenever their sense of security is threatened?
    Particularly by those they perceive (fear) threaten their ‘faith’?
    … in effect, creating a threat when one is in reality not present?

    Fear comes from our conscious mind… our conditioned neural pathways, it is a PERCEPTION of reality, NOT reality.
    You have nothing to fear if there is nothing to fear…
    It is a powerful emotion which twists and distorts reality, making our reactionary choices very hard to navigate in a moment by moment basis.

    But once/if we learn it is illusion and experience each and every moment without Fear’s filter, the Path of Life becomes clear and very easy to navigate. ALL our moments and interactions with others suddenly become peaceful, sharing of self with all those other splinters of ‘God’ (whatever you perceive Him/Her to be)… for in letting go of the fear we TRULY have faith and forever after experience our allotted time here on this spinning ball of rock with joy.

    Ironically,it is fear which, in its filtering process, turns those we interact with into mirrors, exposing our own inner criticisms. This causes us to react with fear into that mirror, who (unless comprehensive of said fear dynamics) then often reacts with their own… this is what triggers violence, even wars. πŸ˜‘πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ˜Ž

    I dunno… Chris, you’re trained in psycho-logy πŸ˜‰ You tell me brother… πŸ‘



    And also triggers human interactions with Bigfoot into what most experience.
    Ironically, without fear, you see and experience opportunity πŸ‘


    Ben H

    Ok, I’ve got a little time again. Y’all ready to take it to the Twilight Zone?

    I haven’t much minded if the very few people that I finally told about my experience with the gas believed me or not. Just like most Sasquatch encounters, I still have a hard time believing it and I was there.

    Unfortunately for what came after, there were witnesses. I think that might be why it’s even harder to talk about.

    I think it was a week or two after I “died” I was in class one morning and the girl sitting in front of me I’d known since the first grade. She was being unusually quiet. I knew she suffered from epilepsy and when I asked what was wrong she said she had a horrible headache.

    I can’t explain why. It was almost like I was out of my body again just watching, but I reached out and put my hands on her head. I was amazed that, and I know, it’s insane, but I could “see” inside her skull! It wasn’t like X-ray vision exactly. More like seeing it with my ‘minds eye’ I guess. Hard to explain.

    I could “see” a cluster of blood vessels that “looked” hot? I guess. It was an inch and a half from the back right side of her skull.

    Still not sure what was happening, I will describe it just as I remember doing it. I reached up into the atmosphere and grabbed all the energy from as many molecules and atoms as I could. Then sucked it all down, pushed it into her head, sucked it all back out and threw it all back into the sky. It happened in just seconds. Then I let go of her head.

    She immediately spun around and I’ll never forget the look on her face. She gasped, “What did you just do!?” I didn’t know what to say other than I dunno. She then told me her headache had just vanished. That she physically felt me suck it out of her head!

    I know. Crazy. There were other things like this I’ll try to write up and post that are even crazier. But I have to finish this one.

    She went on to marry another friend and start a family not long after high school. He suddenly passed of a heart attack and I saw her at the funeral for the first time in almost 20 years. She caught me alone before I left and brought up that morning of our senior year and told me she hadn’t had a seizure since.

    It blew my mind that day in class and I started exploring it and practicing at it. Whatever it was. I gotta go now but I’ll try to talk about more soon.



    It’s called channeling Ben. Yes, it’s the same power as inviting foreign entities into your body. So be careful. The difference is in the projection; I’ll tell you how a Leo explained it to me. Channeling is like making a phone call. Summoning an entity is like making a long distance call; However, using it for healing, is just local.

    People come across this phenomenon in two ways. Some people just have the natural ability. For others it occurs under great duress and desperation.

    That person tunes out his surroundings and projects his spirit like a web and everything that it touches is drawn in and focused at the stressor. Either type is rare. Good medicine men and shamans practice it all the time. It’s a type of holistic medicine.

    I’d be careful though; I’ve been taught growing up that it attracts polar opposites. If a good person does it, then it attracts evil and vice versa.

    It’s like opening a door to you soul.


    Ben H

    Chris that makes a lot of sense to me. Probably why I chose to ignore it after it went as far as it did. I still wonder all the time about the good I could be doing for people if I could have reigned it in and developed it to where I could really control it. But the more intense it got, the more it just wiped me out and physically exhausted me.

    Cryptic I know. But I’ll explain more later.


    Denise F

    I totally believe it can happen, Ben.

    I have always been able to ‘feel’ if someone was ill somewhere in their body. It isn’t specific like what you explained but if I concentrate and breathe a certain way, my hands will get bright red and splotchy (warm to the touch). Energy, I suppose.

    Your NDE must have awoken something. How wonderful for that young girl.


    Denise F

    You could charge a fortune for that service, lol.


    Augustine L

    Ben, many NDE experiencers find that after their NDE they have spiritual gifts they didn’t have before. Becoming intuitive is one. Psychic, in other words. There is also sometimes an expanded awareness that gives them access to lots of information. A gift for healing is also one aftereffect. It’s not predictable. It’s different for everyone.



    I forgot to add; Never do it alone.


    Ben H

    Thanks y’all, feeling a little less crazy.

    Around 6 months go by and my grandfather gets sick. After a week in the local small town hospital the doctor gave notice that the family needed to start the goodbyes. They couldn’t find the cause of his illness and had thrown in the towel.

    My mom knew what I had been doing as far as helping people like I was and asked me to come “put my hands on him.”

    I did my thing and could “see” that his heart was off color and seemed hot. The doctor came in as I was explaining to mom and grandmother what I saw and he heard me saying that his heart was sick. Doc said they had ran all the tests and it wasn’t heart attack or clogged arteries. I said no, not mechanically sick. It was more like infection sick. Like his heart had the flu.

    I think the doctor was taken aback by how adamant and animated I was. He cocked his head and looked at me funny then his eyes widened and he kinda nodded. Then he drew some blood and said he would be back.

    Mom called me that evening and said they found an infection in the lining of his heart. Gave him the right meds and he was back home working in his garden three days later.

    There were many more minor things, but the next one I’ll tell really disturbed me and I haven’t tried to do it much ever since. I’ll try to get to it soon. Been pretty busy lately.



    β€œThere is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area we call the Twilight Zone.”



    “It is an area we call the Twilight Zone.”

    Nope, it’s called America.

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