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    Augustine L

    I see you live in fear of the Irish Inquisition! Excellent!

    And everybody knows the Stonecutters, I mean the Masons, suck. Chris is a Mason, let him now pounce!

    Naw, my question to Rob is not a trap laid for heretics, but an honest normal question. A lot of Catholics have trouble with the modern Vatican 2 changes.



    My mistake Augustine. After you pounced on Wolf for asking you a question on the ” The Jesuits, etc., show 576″ thread, I just assumed the worst.

    Oh, I don’t do pouncing or name calling and worse has been said about the Masons. We expect to be attacked. So say what you will. You know on a side note, the creator of the Ouija board was a Mason. Isn’t that interesting.


    Augustine L

    Fascinating bit of trivia, Chris. Yes, not too surprising. Masons are always so creative and inventive.

    Now that I think of it, it is kind of natural that I would pounce when I hear the Church abused or accused of blasphemous teachings. My family moved a lot because oil companies used to transfer geologists about ever six months. So we lived in various oil patch cities. Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Roswell, Albuquerque, Lafayette, Houston, Amarillo, Midland…..

    As a child, I personally experienced prejudice and discrimination because I came from a big Yankee Catholic family and everybody else seemed to be Southern Baptists and Methodists and so on. Not only that, my parents were for integration. Not a popular opinion on the block.


    Ben H

    Ridiculously unbelievable. Shame!

    No, not this bickering. Those two feelings were what kept me from telling anyone about this for almost 20 years. I was so ashamed that as a senior in high school I was stupid enough to try huffing gas fumes to get high. Yet there I was, home alone, on the back porch doing it. Higher than I’d ever imagined, doing it one more time, and just one more time, and just one more time…

    All of a sudden I felt really confused. I knew what I had been doing, but now everything was perfectly clear. No hallucinations, that “woompa woompa woompa” sound in my ears since I started had stopped. I was looking at my back yard and I knew it was my house I was seeing, but I didn’t understand how and I didn’t understand why I didn’t feel the gas fumes anymore.

    Then I realized I was seeing everything from above. I focused in on my body, on it’s knees next to the raised porch slumped over the gas can. I then understood I was dead. I can’t overstate how indifferent I felt about it. Just kind of like “oh, ok, shrug shoulders.”

    Then I sort of turned around and moved at an amazing speed straight out towards space. That intense acceleration made the light around me shrink in and did look sort of like a tunnel for moment until I got out away from the atmosphere.

    I was spit out of this light speed warped tunnel and was surrounded by this amazing and warm and loving light that seemed to made up of countless light beings. I was shown an image of a large ewer or pitcher. Silver and inlaid with gold and jewels. I felt myself start to pour the contents of it onto one side of a just as beautifully bejeweled set of large balance scales.

    As I poured I saw everything I had ever done, said, thought, dreamed, smelled. Every thing I had been came out as a shimmering liquid. Like an oil slick on water. Again I was struck by how indifferent I felt about it. I knew I was judging myself but at the same time it didn’t really matter.

    After that was over I can’t recall the timeline of what happened after. But I’ll try and put it in order.

    I spent some time moving around in space. It wasn’t like I was there moving around. I WAS moving around off of the planet in space. The way I moved is hard to explain. It’s like I woul use a harpoon like filament to shoot out to a particular point. Grab that point, and pull myself there instantaneously. It looked literally like going into warp drive on the Star Trek Enterprise.

    My most vivid memory of this travel was zipping to a place halfway across the universe to a place where I was shown all the knowledge. I mean ALL the knowledge. I saw it all laid in front of me as the most beautiful and intricate and complicated math. And I instantly understood ALL of it. At that point I had no more questions. Everything was there before me and I had all the answers.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to bring very much of that back. There were a few other things I remember, but it would take too long to type out on my phone.

    The last thing I remember was being sucked back to a space just out of Earth’s orbit and confronted by 5 or 6 beings. Light beings I guess you could say. The main one that communicated with me was my mother’s mother. She died not long before I was born. I knew that one was my dad’s grandfather and his grandfathers mother. Then a few others that I’m not sure who they were.

    They told me I had to go back and wasn’t particularly receptive to the idea. This was a place absolute love and knowledge. It was like I said earlier, infinitely more real and tangible and important than anything I’d felt from “life”.

    They didn’t give the choice. The next thing I saw was the earth flying toward me at an intense speed. Then I could see my body in my back yard again. Laying on my side next to the back porch and I sped toward it until I slammed back into it.

    There was a sound like the boingk a really old tube television used to make when you turn it off.

    I took a deep breath and it burned. I opened my eyes and I could see my right hand and my fingers were a sick blue grey. I watched as they flushed pink then red and commenced to get violently sick.

    After puking for a bit I felt someone help me up and get to the bathroom to wash myself off. I spit out some blood and opened my mouth and saw scratches from where I apparently had slumped forward on to the gas can and the nozzle went down my throat. I stumbled to the couch and I laid down and went to sleep. My mom got home a while later and I got up and went to bed early.

    I kept it to myself for so long even though I have no doubts of what happened that day. it was all so familiar. Even though I wasn’t allowed to bring back all the answers I was given, I know I’ll see them again.

    What I was allowed to come back with is even more unbelievable, but after reading so many thousands of accounts I’m getting more comfortable with it, but it’s even harder to talk about.


    Rob K

    denominations were never discussed.

    large individual churches (regardless of the denomination- from what I understood) were not looked at with good.
    women ministers-i came away with God was not happy about that.
    people involved in the ministry at ever level. (megachurches) the congregation are just followers without true knowledge.

    smaller Churches were good. one on one Pastors who know you.
    individual knowledge of the Bible without relying on others for interpretation.
    basically-any church that is not following the Bible as it was written ( not adapted to needs)

    I took it as the Christian Church as a whole has gone so far away from the Bible that almost cannot be called the Christian Church anymore. I grew up around Catholicism, Methodist and Southern Baptist. my conversation caused me to be far more “Old School” much more drawn to my knowledge of Southern Baptist and older Catholicism.

    it was plain moved into me that all of these adaptations in the past 20 years by denominations to more liberal view and issues was not what I needed to be around.

    hey- my deal was very individualistic. I cannot say one thing is or was better than anything else. I was given my plan to go forth with.

    I came away with what I have always known.
    God loves you
    God wants you
    but it has to be his way… and his way is thru his Book.
    I was always told growing up around that Baptist- don’t ever go to a Church where you the congregation without their Bibles in the parking lot. there might be alot of truth to that.


    Denise F

    Fascinating experiences, thanks SO much for telling us about them 😊



    Yeah, the Church has seen better days. The theocracies have alienated their flocks over the years. Most millennials these days are humanists and only believe in what they can see and hear. No depth.


    Ben H

    Rob, I remember at one point I was near the moon and just observing the Earth and noticed beings, or people, or whatever. They were positioned at certain locations around the planet. I approached a cluster of them.

    I was told they chose to watch the planet as part of their learning, or journey, or ‘path?’

    I was enveloped by the sadness and disappointment they were showing me about the way people were behaving and treating the planet.

    Whether it has to do with any religion or not I completely get the message and it was pretty simple. As funny as it sounds it reminded me of the Bill and Ted movie quote: Be excellent to each other!



    Ben, you ever tried DMT?


    Ben H

    No, Chris. But I would love to. I have heard soany stories about it that sound so familiar in experience.

    Some research I’ve done on DMT suggest that it’s a fairly ancient molecule. It’s also suggested that most every living thing can produce it. Particularly under conditions of high stress, like dying. With of course plants being the highest producers.

    I’ve been thinking for a while that DMT just may be what a dying body produces to trigger the release of the soul. That’s just my own speculation though.



    I did it when I was a teenager. If you ever are able to get your hands on some, then do the synthetic version. It’s not quite as rough as the frog sweat.

    DMT = a human rocket-ship or you feel like the coyote that strapped himself to a catapult

    For me, it felt like I imploded and was shot out of canon. Near the end of the trip, you get to have a conversation with the smoke people. It’s some wild “shit”.


    Augustine L

    Smoke people? Tell.

    I didn’t pick you for an old hippie, Chris.


    Steven B



    “…people first go to the ghost-country before being judged. It’s place of reflection.”

    I like that concept very much.
    In 2005 my nephew died in a bad car accident. I asked someone close to me whom I trust implicitly to ‘see if he was okay’.
    I was told this person found him near the burnt out wreck of his ute, wandering confused and very angry with himself at dying just when his life was looking promising (his girlfriend was pregnant). She had to work hard to get his attention he was so angry. Finally she succeeded and managed to point out a door nearby that had been there all along but he was unable, in his anger, to see it.
    She helped him through. On the other side of the door colours were more vibrant and deceased relatives and pets were there waiting for him.



    I’m not a hippie, but in my youth I was rough kid and I tried stuff. I took care of myself and didn’t take crap off of anyone. I wasn’t a bully either, but I learned to master myself at an early age. Because of my father’s and mother’s divorce, I was at odds with my old man. My mother was the hippie and the one who pushed my native heritage on me. But, when my mother died, I came under my father’s control.

    He put me in military school and went to great strides to express himself and his attitude towards life. I came to understand and love my father. He gave discipline, but made sure I never lost my heritage. He’s Choctaw too. He was also Catholic and military. He was an Army ranger and scout.

    He is a warrior in every sense of the word and he taught my brothers and I his craft. I can’t tell you the amount of time I spent learning Judo and jiu-jitsu from him. By the time I started those arts formally, I was already advanced. He also taught his other love and craft, tracking. I also learned stealth as well. Stealth wasn’t easy for me either because I’m a big boy at 6’8″ and 250lbs. By the time I was 18 I could track anything just about.

    When I hit 18, I followed in his footsteps and joined the Army and eventually became a ranger. Unlike my father, I chose weapon specialty. I came to love it. I didn’t start college until I was 23 and in the service. That’s where the psychology came in. That’s that.

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