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    Mark T said the green man had leaves and twigs in its hair, maybe they have a habit of tangling the foliage in their hair as a form a camouflage. I’ve read speculations of some sasquatches doing that here to camouflage themselves. Even Bob Garrett said they use mud to attach leaves and twigs to their coats. I’ve read of them attaching spanish moss to their coats, and also of using something sharp like broken glass to cut hair to reach a seasonal hair color change.

    Jay Carlsen

    Dave T I Thought it was the ohio Grass Man also ! Great Account Mark T !!!
    Was it Covered w/ Hair ? A Wild Man ?
    Now the Story’s of the Trolls & Goblins & Such are making Sense. Isn’t That Fascinating ?!?

    Dave H

    Great story mark T. There are lots of buildings with these Green Man motifs around Britain, as well as pubs using the motif and the Green Man name, so whatever was behind the myth had to have been widespread and believed by the general populace. I wonder what they really are and if they’re the same as the bigfoots seen elsewhere, or a different species all together. What part of NZ are you in now?

    Brian M

    How could a creature like this exist largely undetected in modern England, one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

    1. They’re supernatural.


    2. They live underground

    Being from this neck of the woods it’s difficult to imagine how a natural creature like this could sustain a breeding population in secret.

    Elise B

    I explored the area a little on Google Earth Street View. Although it was a cloudy day, I was shocked at how deep and dark that forest is. I don’t think we have much over here that is quite so gloomy.

    Wes Germer

    Cool encounter, thanks for sharing!

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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