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    mark T

    My name is mark Thompson, I would like to start by saying that this website is awesome. I listen every week and I am totally transfixed by peoples experiences with bigfoot/sasquatch. I have listened to over 100 cases and I can relate to some of the fear these people have felt.

    I now live in New Zealand, but originally I lived in England near London, in a town called High Wycombe. My encounter involves the legendary Green Man. The Green Man is a legend of old, and dates back thousands of years just like the native American stories of sasquatch. In my case I grew up next to the Chiltern hills, which span across the southwest to the northwest of London. It is a very dense wooded area and has many legends of the Green Man, Herne the hunter, jack ‘o’ lantern. Willo the wisp, Jack ‘o’ the Green etc. Some parts of the UK were not inhabited until the late 1800’s so forestry was quite big in England.

    I was 6 years old when I had my encounter, it happened behind my house where there was a wooded area that led out of my town towards the country side. I was with some older boys who were carrying a ladder to erect a swing on a tree in the middle of this wooded area, there was a meadow full of long grass but in a clearing in the woods. Once we had erected the swing and had goofed around for a bit, the bigger boys had decided it was time to head home. I was the last one to leave.

    I can remember following the bigger boys at a distance maybe 20 yards ahead of me. I don’t know what made me stop and look to my left, but on the edge of the meadow beside a large tree there was a huge figure, I remember craning my neck to look up at the creatures face, now I estimate 7-8 feet tall. The creature had lots of long hair draping down from its body which was full of twigs and leaves (like a guilly suit). The face was huge, deep set eyes, the long thin lips were open and it was smiling at me, I thought it was smiling but the rest of it’s face wasn’t, know I think it was showing it’s teeth. I was literally 10 feet away from this thing and I ran, I ran as fast as I could and caught the bigger boys, by this time they were nearing the edge of the woods. I never told anyone about this sighting, for years afterwards I would have nightmares about this creature coming through the woods coming to get me. I would have nightmares that this thing was in our house downstairs. When I laid on the pillow My heart beat would sound like it’s foot steps coming to get me. It really did shake me up, I had no confidence growing up, and I couldn’t get this image out of my head.

    Some other people have seen this creature but it has been at night, they mistook it for a ghost.


    Where I lived is about 3 miles from great Kingshill where this sighting took place.

    Keep up the good work, love listening to the show.




    Welcome Mark, I enjoyed the post.

    mark s

    Thanks Mark very cool post and name!

    Dave T

    You didn’t see the Green Man, you saw a bear. Don’t you know how this works. Oh wait, England doesn’t have bears does it? Hmmm, that’s gonna be s problem. Do you have any big woodchucks in England? Yeah that’s what it was a really big woodchuck. I’m kidding of course mark T. Thanks for the encounter. We have people here in Ohio that refer to BF as the “Grassman.” Lots of names for these critters huh?

    Christine J S

    Welcome to SC Mark; great encounter but my heart aches for the terrified 6 year old who never told. I hope you get some relief from going public.

    Steven B

    I need to correct you, Dave. In England, if they had bears, Mark would have seen a “bloody bear” or a “bloomin’ bear” or a “blinkin’ bear”. 😉 I suppose that the “authorities” there would tell people they mistook a Guernsey cow that happened to be reaching up for some tender leaves on a low branch.

    Did you read about them digging up the “Black Shuck”? England has a rich history of scary stuff and now they’ve just proved one not to be all myth/legend.

    Welcome, Mark. Thanks for sharing your encounter. I do believe there are things in the forests of England that would have made Robin Hood and his Merry Men opt for a “city” life.

    Jan W

    What a terrifying encounter! Fascinating article about the green an sightings too. Thanks for sharing, Mark T.


    Mark, nice to have you on board!! Make sure to “Steer clear of the Moors at Night” LOL!!

    Elise B

    Ever draw a sketch of the fellow?

    Reid D

    Welcome from across the pond! Im sorry for the little guy it scared so much tho but Im glad your here now!!

    Christopher c

    Great share Mark! welcome to the in crowd!


    Anyone is blessed if they get time to spend on New Zealand.

    That’s an interesting encounter. I wonder if the creature’s aggression was merely defensive. I mean something that size could easily pounce with success. The fact that you and those other boys came out unscathed suggests that it’s actions were protective. Maybe it was guarding something. Hmm…


    Europe, including Great Britain, has it’s bigfoot sightings. One name is the woodwose. I take it what you saw was not green, but it’s the local name for this hairy wild man. I do believe Europe has these creatures, but with the encroachment of the spreading population they’ve migrated to less populated regions.

    I wonder if they ever swim the English channel? At least one was observed swimming the frigid waters between Canada and Vancouver Island, and I read one report of a bigfoot swimming in the Gulf of Mexico out of sight of land.

    Sasquatches are believed to be good swimmers who sometimes use rivers to travel in the evenings. It’s one characteristic that distinguishes them from most all primates which do not swim.

    mark T

    hello Knobby,

    I understand that there was a land bridge between Great Britain and the rest of Europe dating to 4000 years ago. Basically the people that built Stonehenge were the same people who built the standing stones in northern France. I believe that these tribes just walked across the English channel at some point.



    Danny T

    When you look at the motifs of Green Man you see a face made primarily of leaves and other flora. It’s easy to see how a Bigfoot peeking through the foliage could later be depicted as Green Man has.

    Green man

    Knobby and mark T, It could be far fetched, but I imagine a Bigfoot has the ability to take almost any size log and use it to help them swim long distances. As long as they can stay afloat using one log, or more, the use of those powerful arms could paddle them long distances.

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