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      An 1820 painting by Chester Harding
      is the only known portrait of
      Daniel Boone made during his lifetime

    In 1782, Daniel Boone was making his way though the Kentucky wilderness when he stopped at a cave to rest up for a few nights. On the morning of the second day Boone was squatting next to a near-by creek preforming his daily ablations when a deer came bounding out of the bush narrowly missing Boone as it flew through the air. Boone raised his long rifle and shot and killed a ten foot Yahoo that was apparently chasing the deer. This was Boone’s second sighting of the Yahoo. The night before Boone was awakened by a falling tree while sleeping in the cave. That same night he observed this huge creature looming over him, its large figure blotting out the moon and the stars of the sky. It smelled at his provisions and him.

    Of note sasquatches are known to push over trees at times and also chase down deer; so, the sighting Daniel Boone recorded in his memoirs certainly coincides with known sasquatch behavior.



    I just love it when people try to start shit with you just for the heck of it. Really shows you just how mature and stable they really are. NOT!
    I refuse to give people like that the time of day anymore, mainly because they crave attention even if its negative.



    What are yo talking about?


    Denise F

    I hope BMama comes back to fill us in.
    Maybe it was meant in general.



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Viewing 5 posts - 151 through 155 (of 155 total)

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