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    BF are predators.

    They survive on food, water and shelter.

    Deer among other animals provide high protein and caloric sustenance for such large animals.

    Deer flee from perceived dangers – man and beast and Sasquatch is a danger to them. Sasquatch will chase and eat them.

    There are many reports of vehicle deer accidents. Deer collisions with motor vehicles cause millions of dollars each year in damage and for personal medical care.

    Have you considered the possibility that which makes deer flee across busy roads and freeways isn’t because they are dumb animals but rather they are fleeing from something?


    Elevation: 620
    Data Source: TR 95 MAR 2000
    Credibility: 3
    Locality: Isabella
    Researcher: BFRO
    Witness: Robert James tribal police
    Sighting Type: 1
    Sighting Text:
    * March, 2000. In the 8000 block east of Broadway, Isabella, Michigan. This is south on Leaton Road, and near Airport Road. Bigfoot was said to have been reported to the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Police Dept., the caller having seen the hairy figure the night before (Tues.). The person’s car was struck about 12:30 AM by the creature, though there was no damage reported. The witness said that something was standing erect and dragging a deer carcass across Leaton Road, as reported by Robert James of the tribal police. This item was posted to the BFRO list.
    Climate / Ecology:
    Ecology: Missing

    Source: Track Record
    Source: IBS Report#3884
    Source: BFRO

    2003 or 2004 October Rothbury, Grant Township, Oceana County, Michigan
    A few miles away, we were travelling down Wilke Rd., in Rothbury, Mi., we saw a body lying on the road and stopped, looked like a full grown chimp lying on the road dead. It was black /brown covered body, long limbs and flat face, it wasn’t a bear, even if the bear was starving it would have been too thin. This was around Fall of 03 or 04, we were scared the parent or another was somewhere close so we drove away, when we got the guts to drive back about 20 minutes later it was gone. No reports in the dpaper, no clue where it went.

    Source: Report#37652 BFRO

    Debbie S

    Yes, I actually have wondered this many times. My husband hit a big buck driving home one night around 10. He had been seeing it graze in a field along this stretch of road for awhile….so he was looking for it. Suddenly he said it leaped into the road and he tried to miss but hit it. He never saw it until it was in front of him. He was okay, tore the front of his truck up, killed the deer. He went back the next morning and it was gone. He said he felt like it was running full tilt from something when he hit it because it literally leaped in front of him. When he got out to check it he said he didn’t see or hear anything. This is WV….could have been a cougar I guess.

    I hit one several years ago in my little Nissan Sentra. Dark night on a lonely stretch of country road. I saw this deer on my left in my headlights running at an angle full tilt toward the road. As I watched I realized this deer was going to finally cut right across the road in front of me. I speeded up thinking I had time to get by in front of her, but my back bumper caught her spun her around in a circle and she continued running full tilt and out of view of my mirror. My parents were riding with me and both thought I had speeded up enough to miss her and both had watched her running full tilt…and commented, “What in the world was she running from?” It was just strange.

    Makes you wonder doesn’t it?


    Hi Debbie S- It certainly does.

    Steve E

    It’s an interesting theory, and I would think there is probably some truth in it, but since there are millions of deer and only thousands of Sasquatches, I’m guessing the number is very low, maybe between 1% and 5%…

    Now, it would be even more interesting if Sasquatches “knowingly” chased deer in front of vehicles, so the vehicle could “do their dirty work for them” and once the vehicle leaves, it could simply pick up the lifeless carcass…


    How many sasquatches are there? What’s the official number?

    Steve E

    Your guess is as good as mine…

    how many do you think there are Chris?

    There has to be a lot to keep the population moving forward..


    Chris & Steve – Good question and response guys.

    I remember reading some older Bigfoot reports and newsletters that attempt to address that question Chris and Steve. Some of the people that attempted to estimate heir numbers over the years claimed there were maybe 2,000 throughout the Northwest meaning Washington, Oregon and northern California. There was no reason to believe they were anywhere else in the United States but he did concede there were another small population in Canada. I still think about that and feel embarrassed for him.

    Apparently, his small world centered around him and Oregon… How foolish and naïve of him and those who held him up in such high esteem as an expert authority on Sasquatch census.

    I believe there are lots of them and what we see is probably only one fifth of a closer figure in reality.

    I know how many of them are compiled in the database that I work on but I tend to see the futility in venturing to guess their numbers since it would much like guessing the number of leaves on trees.


    @Steve E crows will drop walnuts in the middle of traffic and let the cars run over them cracking the shell. Then the birds wait for the next red light and then swoop down to collect their food.

    There is a video about this on youtube somewhere it really fascinated me and I see no reason why Sasquatch wouldn’t make use of vehicles in a similar fashion for taking out their prey.

    Thomas W

    I doubt the Sasquatch needs to use a vehicle to help them hunt but makes a lot of sense that some fraction of the deer/elk vehicle collisions is from a Sasquatch hunt. Here in MT, we have lots of wildlife and sometimes the Deer do appear that they are fleeing…not just crossing the road.

    Denise F

    A large doe ran out from a rural highline near my home one afternoon, frantically.

    She was so upset she attempted to jump over a car that was stopped at a stop sign. I always found it odd that she ran into traffic on a sunny afternoon (in an area in which we have never seen them during the day) and almost broke her back trying to jump over a stopped car.

    I have often wondered if something big was chasing her. We don’t have bear *or cougars in East Texas.

    *We have sightings of cougars/mountain lions but far out in the thick woods



    More than one “Bigfoot” out there?
    11,524 views•Published on Jan 7, 2012

    Not only does Mark Moneymaker believe Bigfoot exists, he thinks there are multiple Bigfoots. John Miller speaks with him about his journeys looking for the elusive creature — or creatures!

    According to the video, there’s population between 2-10k.

    When asked if their human or animal, the response is that bigfoot is an ape. This is back from 2012; Is this info outdated or wrong?

    Debbie S

    @Thomas W exactly. I couldn’t even begin to say how many deer I have either watched from my yard(both in the city and the country) or encountered on the road. Many times if I see them on the side of the road grazing they will(1) look up but continue to graze(2)look up and bolt away from the road(3) look up and bolt into the road. So I pay attention. Sometimes they are walking across the road and speed up as I get to them. Once in awhile they are running but not at full tilt. It is the times that they are running full tilt and jump fences or ditches on both sides of the road with barely a pause and keep going that I wonder…what is chasing you?

    F that does sound strange. I have seen deer do some strange things in broad daylight but I have never seen one try to jump a car. I had a little spike deer(that I had fed him and his mother and sister the year before) come out of the underbrush with his sister to the edge of my yard. I was walking down my driveway to go across the street to my friend’s house, talking to them as I went. Silly me. That little spike thought I was a threat I guess…he charged me and I took off running for my neighbor’s house. Well it didn’t take long before I realized I wasn’t going to make it beyond her driveway. I hid behind her husband’s truck and that little stinker came around looking for me. So there we were …going around and around that truck with me screaming bloody murder. I’d stop and look around the corner and he would stop,stomp his feet, lower those two little antlers and here we’d go again. I finally made a break for her door and squeezed myself between the storm door and inside door, beating, banging and screaming. Little monster came all the way to the edge of the porch and lowered his head…again. She opened the door and I fell into the house but by that time I was laughing so hard I was crying. It wasn’t funny while it was going on…I had no desire to get speared by those antlers or pummeled with those feet. LOL

    I also watched a doe(I was working in a flower bed) chase a neighbor’s dog out of the woods. He was an annoying dog that they let run loose. About 90-100 pounds, looked like a hound/shepherd cross. If you can imagine this: she was keeping pace with him right over top of his body…he was literally running along between her legs. Every few feet or so she would stop and pummel his head with her front feet and then jump to be back over top of him…all..the…way…down…the hill. They were soon out of sight and I could hear that dog SCREAMING bloody murder like he was getting his throat cut all the way. I rolled on the ground laughing. One tough little doe. LOL

    These two things happened in the city…country deer are much calmer…unless they are running for their life.


    @ Chris – Mark Moneymaker?

    “According to the video, there’s population between 2-10k.”

    Dunno … maybe more of them live subterranean than we see on terra firma?

    I’d say between 15-20K and I’m just going by the compiled data from this spread sheet but in any event if you multiply by five times I think you’ll reach a better figure.

    When you see one, there is good reason to believe there are more. Remember reading or hearing that?

    I say this because besides running a tally on each reported animal sighting there is also a separate sub-grouping of figures for ‘Multiple Animals’ reported in a single report.

    Some of the animals spotted together as low as 2. There are over 1,500 multiple animal sightings some as few as 2 in a group and some as large as 8 or 10 or greater in a group. It has to be pretty imposing and intimidating to see a group of these lumbering giants.


    I know right?! That’s what it said on the vid description. That’s mainstream for you Gum. Anytime a reporter does a bigfoot piece, they deem it humorous at best. I was under the impression that the pop count was higher, myself.

    Many First Nations People believe the count is much higher, like around 30k in the States.


    @ Chris – Check this out … Hypothetically speaking. If there were (are) 20K and if there are 1,500 multiple animal reports with 2 and up how many would imagine there are?

    Of the 20K how many of them are of child bearing age?

    How many offspring will each of them produce?

    People keep “gifting” these things and we all have them pounding on the house for dinner.

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