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    Gabriel H

    Just thought I’d share

    It’s been a helluva fire season here in BC. In the city I’m in, I believe we’ve had one day of rain since the beginning of June. I posted a couple photos today, from the same vantage point of my upper back deck if anyone would like to witness the difference in air quality we’ve been living. It’s nuts




    Its bad man…our air quality is so bad right now

    Gabriel H

    I bet dude. Yeah we’re not far from each other. Except you have a swanky studio to retreat to…

    Wait I have a large pool… nevermind


    Ours is like fog….hate ot but it has kept the direct sun from making it even hotter….106 rt. now! Loving my air conditioner.

    Gabriel H


    Wow I didn’t realize the extent the smoke coverage. Crazy…

    Katie F

    Hazy here in the foothills of the cascades,too. The moon was a beautiful reddish orange last night, caused by the smoke from BC fires. Kind of eerie being surrounded by forest and seeing a smokey haze. We could barely see the mt tips looking up towards Steven’s Pass and Mt. Pilchuck.

    Robin B

    I’m in your smoke!
    It must be extremely miserable up there.
    I’m so sorry about that. We’ve been without rain for about the same time here north of Seattle.
    Has anyone seen the sunsets lately? WOW! Blood orange red!

    Stay safe ♥️

    Gary R

    Gabriel, you sure do live in a beautiful place. I might never leave the house if I lived there with that georgous view. The smoke looks extremely thick. Does it settle over you guys making it hard to breathe in the evenings?

    Gabriel H

    Gary: lately it’s been a consistent thick blanket. I left half a cup of milk out last night in a glass. The film at the bottom this morning is, disturbing… thanks for the accolades back in the other thread btw

    Speaking of red suns & moons. Sun’s coming up deep red as I type this. Schmokey… veddy veddy schmokey

    I’m heading to the Powell River area to camp for a few.

    Have a good day y’all

    Kim C. L

    We got way nasty smoke here in northern Ca also, from my home in Red Bluff, if you didn’t know Mt Shasta and Mt Lassen were there, you wouldn’t know they existed.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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