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    Wayne K

    Yeah! Keep it going!


    Haven’t listened to the 2nd episode yet. But yes, I’m all in! Any chance you step back in the ring with Sasquatch conspiracies again?

    Sue H

    I listened the the first episode and you and Duke have great chemistry. I’d love to hear more. Thanks, Wes!!

    Jane C

    Love the show….you and Duke are great together!


    I LOVE the show please keep it up!!!

    Mike N

    Most assuredly, Wes.


    im game

    Steven J

    I think its a very good move, and incidentally a perfect outlet for all of the “Insider” info and experiences.

    Don’t let the Feds stop you, Wes.

    Simon P

    Like them. keep ’em coming please Wes

    Elise B

    I cannot be the only person with flake radar going off around conspiracy theories.

    What’s wrong with them? Conspiracy theories are more innuendo than evidence and keep company with the Protocols of Zion, the Exsultet, banking conspiracies, and eugenics.

    I know, I am a big ol’ buzzkill, but I won’t shine you on. I trust you want an honest answer.

    A lot of these topics have also been very thoroughly and repetitively covered by Coast to Coast for decades.

    Morgan P

    The shows are a nice change of pace. I think you should continue them.

    Elise B

    I feel bad being the only grinch on Christmas, here, so I propose more on a positive note that people also contribute or Wes start thread about the topics they are interested in hearing about on a show Wes does. I will go for it.

    I don’t care for conspiracy stuff BUT

    I like the Third Man phenomenon, near death experiences, new UFO sightings, government coverup of bigfoot and UFOs, and the insider type military stuff like 173. I like angel stories and Native American myths and reality. I’d love to hear unusual or creepy camping stories, police experiences, military tales, and nurse’s and doctor’s unusual stories. For example.

    Andrew M

    ??? Keep it going, good stuff!

    Kay S

    Yes please! I am enjoying them so far.

    Rayelynn O

    Awesome and very interesting, keep it going!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 89 total)
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