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    Opening Statement:
    Anyone read the Missing 411 series books? I have and found them to be relevant and interesting even if they contain a lot of extraneous material unnecessary in making a case or telling a story. I find myself asking questions and locate things that leave me perplexed. Most of it may not be useful but sometimes you get lucky and see something that doesn’t fit or belong more than a casual glance like some strange familiar calling cards.

    Many cases found between the covers of the Missing 411 books go through special effort to declare items found or not found when and if these people are found. I said some of the personal items are never found so where do go? If personal items are not found what happened to them?

    Is it possible? If you notice more than half of the cases describe articles of clothing apparel missing from young or old alike, what happened to them when they go missing … So does Bigfoot / Sasquatch keep these items? Then a chilling thought came to mind as I found more and more outside of the Missing 411 books that surely points to something very probable.

    Incidentally, I should further state that I don’t necessarily believe everything I read but I am interested in thought provoking discussion beyond what we believe we think we know.

    Please weigh in and leave a comment.


    There are a few very old tales of them wearing clothing, but I don’t know of any modern tales, at least that I’m aware of, of them wearing clothing.

    The 411 books also mention many times clothing is found but not the individual, or stories of people, children in particular, are undressed or at least without shoes. It seems to me sasquatches remove clothing sometimes for whatever reason, to see what’s underneath, or they do it because they don’t wear clothing, who knows.

    I would not doubt that at some time some may have randomly worn some article of clothing or used a carry bag, but my inclination is to say “No.”


    “7 foot tall Bigfoot seen wearing monk type robe”

    2004 June High Uintas, Utah
    One man claims to have seen a Bigfoot in the High Uintas. Shortly after, he spots three tall, 7-foot or more men, in Monk type robes. Retrieved 9/15/15

    “Strange monkey-like creature seen wearing torn pants”

    February 26, 1971
    Lawton, Oklahoma 11:00P
    C. Edward Green and his wife were driving home along Lake Avenue when they saw a strange figure walking beside the road. “He was walking bent over like a gorilla,” Green recalled not long after in the interview with source, but “but not on all fours. He wore black pants that were cut or torn off at the knees and he had a big beard—it began higher up on his face than beards usually do—and long hair, very unkept.” When the Greens reached their apartment shortly after seeing the strange creature, they called the police. They assumed they had seen a mentally disturbed person. “When he saw me, he jumped to the gravel below, now that’s about a fifteen foot jump, but it didn’t seem to bother him. He must have been very strong. I don’t stay to watch him run away.” Just before his experience at the window, a group of passerby had seen a “monkey-like” figure running down a street not far away, dodging cars, hiding behind bushes, and then running on.
    Source: Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman, Creatures of the Goblin world, pp.59-60

    “6’6” to 7’ tall, long arms, very hairy with cave man face seen wearing dirty torn clothes”

    1971 Putnam, Florida 2:00A Brown, 7
    We were driving back from Creasant Beach that night. It was a foggy night around 2am. My frined was driving when he had to swerve to miss this thing standing in the lane we were in. It was standing about 3 feet in the about 6’6” to 7’ tall, long arms, very hairy, resembled a man more than an animal. It had on dirty torn clothes, and around 270 or more pounds. The thing looked like it could pick up the car. The face looked like a male, standing relaxed with shoulders dropped. It looked savage looking like a cave man face. My buddy was scared and would turn around, I was kind of scared but wanted to see it again but he was driving his car and wouldn’t stop. http://www.gcbro.com/FLputnam001.htm


    So while D. Paulides doesn’t draw a conclusion in his books, I wonder if anyone has taken the time to cross-index or match clothing seen worn by these creatures with those of people know to have disappeared?


    “Two tall beings wearing deer skin wraps”

    Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, British Columbia
    Driving along logging road, witnesses came upon two tall beings, with a deer skin wrapped around them. Mr. & Mrs. Werner report to Rene Dahinden.

    “Shrieking Wildman seen wearing tattered trousers and fragments of a shirt”

    August 2, 1915
    Hutchinson, Kansas –
    A wild man who sleeps in a nest of leaves and grass in a tree has been seen in the marsh district ten miles north of Hutchinson. He shrieks and runs whenever other persons approach him. He wears his hair long and goes without clothing except tattered trousers and fragments of a shirt. He is believed to live on berries and green corn. A searching party may be formed. He is believed to be demented. Elyria Evening Telegram, Tuesday August 3, 1915

    “9 foot tall creature covered in black hair seen wearing cloak”

    Vacherie, Louisiana
    Local resident Frederick Kliebert who was “well known in the community” reported encountering a giant in the nearby swamp forest. He was greatly surprised when he saw approaching and passing within 15 steps of him a huge man of around nine feet in height, covered by a long black beard. He wore a kind of cloak of fur of a brownish color which seemed to be attached only by a rope around the neck. The rest of the body was naked and covered with red hair. Mr Kliebert asked him who he was and where he was from three times but the giant gave him no response and then continued his fast walk with a sad serious look towards the west. Tracks 23 inches long were found.
    Source: Along the River Road, Past and Present on Louisiana’s Historic Byway, 1996. Mary Ann Sternburg


    Your opening statement didn’t mention anything about them seen wearing clothing, only focusing on articles of clothing missing from individuals and asking if its possible they could be wearing the clothes they might be removing from people.

    In regards to your question if sasquatches have been seen wearing clothing at a time someone disappeared? I doubt it. They would have to be awfully large missing people unless its a juvenile for them to fit into people’s clothes.

    Frankie P

    There are a lot of these reports of apes and monkeys stealing clothing, some trying to wear them. I would think they are using them for their next somewhere like most animals do when they find them. I know of reports in the old days of BF trying to wear skins, etc., like Indians did.


    Thanks Frankie P, there are more than thirty similar cases that I was able to locate thus far and who knows how many I just passed over until deciding to have another look.

    You’re correct Knobby, I wanted to hold the reports back until I found some interests on the topic and then release some incrementally. I don’t know of any reports that I recall reading that claim bigfoots removed them from missing people and attempted to wear them but its obvious the clothes are coming some place.

    My thought is that if the clothes can be crossed index and checked against those last seen on a missing person would go far in closing some of the mysteries of Missing 411 cases and all those since.


    I just another similar report of a motorist reporting she observed a Bigfoot type creature wearing a dirty ragged yellow t-shirt and if my memory served me correctly I thought there was a case in Missing 411 books of someone spotting an animal wearing a jacket or shirt … Really this is quite some phenomenon real or not people from as far back as the 19th century seen the same thing as are being reported recently.


    Here in the south some individuals will slather themselves in mud and haphazardly drape Spanish moss onto their upper torso to aid in keeping our condor-like mosquitoes at bay. Field expedient bug juice and netting. For a short time I toyed with the separate notion that such a practice could also be utilized as a natural camouflage to aid in avoiding detection by prey, humans and even rivals of their own kind or the dreaded dog-man; (The last two variables entered into my mental equation due to the fact that it is becoming very obvious that we have more than 2 types and several distinctly separate family/troops groups vying for territory here in the SHNF and Big Thicket.) After discussing this theory with more experienced field researchers in our group I was gently reminded that I was giving the Sasquatch far too much credit for such intelligence.

    Having said that, and with much thought on the subject I believe they are correct. If Sasquatch apply mud and moss for relief from insects that is an example of instant gratification, dogs, horses, elephants, rhino, hippo and even cows do the same thing, wallowing in mud holes for relief from insects, and heat. The fact that such behavior also has the added benefit of sunscreen and prevention of dehydration is a value added effect of which these animals are unaware, although the behavior is instinctual or learned by observing an elder. Therefore in my most humble opinion a Sasquatch may don or attempt to don found clothing in order to fulfill a basic need or instinctual drive at the moment; but I doubt highly that utilizing found clothing or removing clothing from a possible victim for later use is a factor in such cases or influences the decision on whom to single out as a target, although I would concede the fact some clothing or accessories may be found to be dangerously irritating or inflammatory to them as a species. Regarding witness reports I would lean toward misidentification OR they were lucky enough to catch the Sasquatch in a moment that it exhibited behavior to fulfill a pressing need or curiosity that may be extremely rare, even for them.


    @James – For me personally, when I first came upon these reports I admit to having laughed very openly, I mean the very thought was too clownish for me to consider without laughter. Then as I let it sink in more I felt a sense of remorse for them … sort of.

    Imagine an animal who holds untold intelligence is finally pushing itself albeit in baby steps closer to what we would consider as civilization similar to Neanderthal and later the Cro-Magnon.

    Though in some circles the Neanderthal & Cro-Magnon issue remains the point of heated discussions since some argue that neither group were modern but hybrid somethings.

    Back to the thread, what little remorse I felt toward this feeble attempt to fit in (no pun intended) the visual image disappears when I consider their primal predatory nature.

    Elise B

    I recall a report of one wearing a rain slicker.

    I once saw one in the distance through a telephoto lens. Big one, appeared to be wearing what looked to me like an old sheet draped around his body shoulder to opposite waist. I think….status symbol?

    Because they mostly cannot wear our little bitty clothes, if they are after the clothing it might be the colors…based on attraction or maybe some magical thinking of some kind. Bright colors would negate camouflage effort.

    I wonder, if someone put out big clothing they might be able to wear, would they take it and wear it? It’d have to be sturdy and practical to appeal, I imagine.


    Maybe they think wearing clothing may lure people in so they can nab them.


    Thanks for posts guys …

    “ 4foot gorilla walking on all fours with incredibly ugly face wearing clothes and hat”

    October 1992
    Beaverton, Oregon
    The main witness and a friend were driving on an isolated road called Cornelious Pass when as they rounded a corner one dark night his headlights caught something odd on the side of the roadway that had been walking on its knuckles, like a gorilla. It reared up and looked at them as the headlights hit it. It was about 4 ft tall, the size of a child. Its arms were long enough that when it stopped it touched the ground, even though it was standing up. It had an “incredibly ugly face” and was wearing clothes and pointed hat. It resembled a little pointed, cone hat, standing straight up. The moment it saw the witnesses, it turned and shot into the grass on the side of the road, standing about four and a half ft high. As it turned, the witnesses saw what appeared to have been a backpack on its back. They slammed on the brakes and then terrified drove away from the area.
    Source: Paranormal Story Archive, December 2001

    “ 8 foot tall Sasquatch leaving 24 inch tracks tears laundry off line outside”

    1978 April Iliamna and Newhalen, Alaska
    Woman reports laundry torn off line by 8 foot tall sasquatch. 100 tracks 24 inches long discovered.
    Source: IBS #389, 390

    “Huge dog-like face creature covered in brown or black hair, pointed ears, medium muzzle, wearing dirty white shirt or blouse standing up peeping in window terrifies children”

    Henderson County, Kentucky
    The main witness, a 10-year old girl was at home with some relatives that had come to visit her parents. The witness and her four cousins had congregated in the living room away from the grown-ups. As they socialized with one another a large animal stood up outside the window and looked into the room. The main witness, who was closer to the window, got a good look at it before her screams mingled with those of the other kids. It looked like a large dog in the face-hairy, pointed ears, muzzle-but it was hideously disfigured with what looked like numerous terribly deep scars. It fled when the children screamed; as did the kids in the other direction. The adults were incredulous of the account despite the obvious fear on the children’s faces. By the time anyone made it outside the creature was long gone. According to the main witness, it was a very horrific sight, one that gave them nightmares for some time to come. When prompted she was able to provide more details concerning the creature’s appearance. She said it was much bigger than a dog and its head was at least as big as man’s, if not bigger, and covered with dark brown to black hair. It was huge. Its muzzle was neither long nor short, but of medium length. The ears weren’t standing straight up, she said, but lying halfway flat on its head. It had large, dark eyes; dog eyes. The most bizarre aspect of her sighting, however, was that the thing looked like it was wearing a dirty white shirt or blouse. This would seem to be a strong indicator of at least some type of human involvement with these creatures.
    Source: The Inhumanoids, encounters with beings that can’t exist, B.M. Nunnelly


    Thanks Elise, I have one report of a motorist claiming a tall Sasquatch preparing to cross a road was wrapped in a plastic tarp or canvas as though trying to escape icy rain in the area …

    Hello Chris, I don’t know about wearing clothes to nab people simply because they can do that at will anyway if the opportunity exists. It’s got to be something else that we haven’t yet figured out.

    Oh and Elise, in the book titled, Reference Guide to the Nermanuh People, by Janice Carter and Mary Green, she speaks of her grandfather buying a brand new pair of XXXXXL size overall drawers for this creature he habituated long before it was vogue these days. Not sure how large they make coveralls down there in Tennessee but his granddaughter Janice says the big black creature wore the old tattered skin tight overalls for a lot of years before the creature finally died.

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