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    Hi Joe, you know when you have socially challenged people in a group setting talking and interrupting like that its a lot like trying to understanding somebody speaking with mouth full of food.

    Somebody mentioned listening to something being said and more often it is Coonbo, and he never seemed to be able to finish his thought before being interrupted by Bear and I agree. So I just stopped trying to listen to them altogether.

    Thomas W

    Bigfoot outlaws is a self defeating show concept….the “characters” or Outlaws as they refer to themselves have a limited amount of stories/experiences to share and Bear was simply too obnoxious to do interviews of witnesses…so they ran out of content. Getting Brenda Harris on a couple of times was great and the horse braiding interview with the Florida stable/boarding facility owner was exceptional. Brian “Duke” Sullivan did a great job interviewing her also.

    Wes has personally changed how Sasquatch is handled…..his model is self-renewing (there are always new witnesses) and he makes the show about the witnesses experience not about Wes! 5+ years of Sasquatch Chronicles and it is just getting better all the time. We are on a journey with Wes….think about how that simple question “What do you think Sasquatch is?” has evolved…..from the “Damn Dirty Apes we haven’t caught up with” to…..who knows!

    Denise F

    I was going to mention that I miss hearing Wes say “where witnesses share their encounters”….the line he said in the old intro.

    There was something special about that line.

    Denise F

    Back to BF Outlaws…..I got SO way out in left field on that one, lol.

    Paul A

    @Joe D

    That is not true — you may not know anything for certain about the subject, but one man’s ignorance doesn’t automatically translate to others. It just tells me there is a very high probability that you have never had firsthand experience with the subject, doubt the veracity of others, and judge them using your own limited knowledge base.

    I can tell you some things for a fact. They are proportionally not human, though they are “human-like.” I can tell you that they have children. I can tell you that they eat meat, that they are mammalian (and thus share many mammalian traits) and that they are part of the Ape family, just as are humans (and thus share many ape family traits). As living creatures, specifically large mammals, I can provide a huge list of things that they need to have/do just to survive. I can tell you that they are intelligent in the same manner that we classify humans as intelligent. I can tell you that they are territorial and can show definite traits of aggression. This is all firsthand observation/conclusional information, not second-hand hearsay, anecdote, or allegory.

    You see, I DON’T WORSHIP PAPER… A degree doesn’t automatically make anyone either infallible or indisputable. Call it hubris if you wish.

    People are free to doubt whatever they wish, as it is no skin off of my back. Some people believe the Earth is flat and that we have never been to the moon, also despite the evidence. If they wish to believe those things till the day they die, it does not matter in the grand scheme of things and makes no difference to me unless they directly/indirectly open up the question for debate by posting it in my presence. At that point I may/may not feel like responding (usually a whim whether I do or don’t — based often upon their demonstrated attitude in the post).

    Paul A


    I’m done, lol. My piece is said on the above subject.

    The outlaws could be a great group, but they need to lose the cliquishness and over-bearing “we are the experts” attitude displayed by many. Basically, they are a dysfunctional family that needs to work out a few issues, get over the insecurity concerning what other groups think, and that is all doable.

    Joe D

    Gumshoe guy,

    Lol. That is a pretty spot on analogy. Coonbo seemed a bit too well mannered to try and constantly speak over Bear. As a result he was constantly shut out.

    Augustine L

    I miss Coonbo some but not Bear. Lacks the energy it used to have.

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