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    @BM – Exactly my sentiments. Boy you’re a quick one. Can’t get anything over on you. I enjoy your humor and good sense of fair play BM. Its a real pleasure Lol. Yes, if Sasquatches are like humans perhaps they have been watching too much.


    Steven B

    This might go along with the topic title:

    Buckeye Bigfoot
    Published on Jul 19, 2019
    Bigfoot VS. ‘Victor’, a Retired Military Dog

    This week’s encounter comes from Jeannie, who lives in Ross County, Ohio. Jeannie shares with us what happened the day her son’s retired military working dog and Bigfoot tangled.

    Do you have an encounter you’d like to share?
    Email us at: contact@buckeyebigfoot.com

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    Buckeye Bigfoot
    5 days ago

    This was a difficult encounter for me to put together, and I’m already seeing from comments that it was equally difficult for many of you to hear. I am terribly sorry if this encounter has upset anyone; that wasn’t my goal. But there was no way to tell this story without it being a bit emotional, and I really wanted ‘Victor’s” story told – and his story is so much more than what happened to him late one October day.


    Kim C. L

    I don’t have words for that, Steve.
    The debt humans owe our dog friends, is unrepayable.
    Someone said-
    The more dogs I get to know, the less people I like.


    Kim C. L

    I’ve wondered about this,
    I spent a whole day poking around in their business, in the thick rain forest a ways north of Cape Blanco, Or.
    Not long after dark, back in the campground, right by my camp, the most awful scream, like metal tearing and ending in sort of an evil hiss. And it was a long scream, 5 or 6 seconds.
    After, people were driving around shining lights all over.
    I was less than 3 miles up the coast poking around, you know, obviously being interested in their abundant sign.
    I’d been there awhile, 10 days or so, observing sign and just kickin around on the beaches and up the rivers (Elk and Sixes)
    In my mind, I can see them keepin track of me being in their areas, and sayin, lets back ol baldy off a bit, let him know we can get in his business too!
    I don’t know, no other displays, scariest sound I ever heard, the whole campground heard it, from the commotion that ensued.
    Last year, the mondo latch on the camp trash dumpster was ripped off, tho they posted a bear warning, I’ve not observed bear sign in the whole area, and you know I look.


    Denise F

    Your ‘metal tearing’ comment got my attention-
    The scream I heard the afternoon I surprised one resting was the most shrill, metallic high and low pitched, God awful sound I’ve ever heard!

    I honestly still can not fatham an animal not human being capable of producing that.

    I said it reminded me of a giant aluminum coke can getting crushed.



    Here’s another similar story related to topic.



    Tons of reports of them following people home and tons more of them snooping around when all are asleep.


    Augustine L

    And some of them coming inside while folks are asleep.



    Are the front doors locked when this happens or not? I’ve heard a few cases where the doors were unlocked but they’re strong enough to bust the door open locked or not.

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