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    Yes Shannon, I don’t clowns and I don’t like anything peeking at me and that thing in Michigan was peeking at me and it creeped me out good.

    A hunter just walking along happens to glance down at his feet and sees a black Sasquatch laying prone in a defilade looking frozen and sheepishly … as though if he doesn’t acknowledge the hunter he somehow won’t see him. That is creepy.


    Deserah T

    I’m really late to this thread but I found this video of an artist who has recreated a witness encounter (I assume) of what one looked like while it was crawling. He animates it at the end of the short video.


    Debbie S

    I talked to a lady from W Pennsylvania at length on the phone back in 2013. She described the spider crawl which flipped me out as I had never heard it before. She also described watching them running up the hill to a ridge on all fours with their butt up in the air….much like a monkey/gorilla would run on all fours. She actually only saw them run away on two feet a few times and mostly saw them belly crawling or running on all fours. I just did not know what to make of that at the time because it was the first I had ever heard of it. Absolutely freaky. Now you hear it more often. That and being up in the trees freaks me out. She had a LOT of activity going on and was getting fed up with it. As you can imagine.

    @gumshoguy I have listened to your encounter at least twice. That pic freaks me out…I have tried to imagine being there in person and I just can’t. I would have probably passed out or something. What I saw was in no way scary, just strange and puzzling to me. But…I never saw the face.



    Hi and good morning Debbie S – Having been surprised is one thing that can either be fun and exciting or unnecessarily startling. We can all relate to one or another sometime. What I do not like is being spied upon like that. If one is sensitive to “things” you can feel the heavy overbearing presence of prying eyes as real and close as if somebody were standing right over your shoulder breathing stinking breath on you.

    For a fleeting moment I thought it was a poor joke and quickly shook those thoughts as I struggled to make sense of what I was looking at, looking at me. I was thinking was some kind of freak.

    I’m not one prone to profane or vulgar proclivities. I do not talk like that, and that is generally the way I always carry myself but, I do recall thinking something along that line when our eyes first met.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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