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    Tony S

    I’m fascinated by how people describe a Sasquatch belly crawling, or how they move like spiders. Can anyone point me in the direction of some video, pics, or even drawings of this?


    Denise F

    Hi Tony,
    Others here maybe able to help more but as far as I know descriptions of creatures doing this is mainly coming from witness description. I’m not aware of any videos that contain this but stick around, someone else may add something helpful ?


    Kim C. L

    I often wonder, if reported sightings of giant spiders, are really BF ?
    PLEASE! say yes!
    Anything but REAL giant spiders!!!



    I’m with Kim! Yes please. Belly crawling and walking like spiders on their fingertips. That’s especially creepy! Wow!



    Never heard it called, Spider Crawl, just the same it bad enough to see such a massive animal in real living color but it would be an entirely different to happen upon one below your feet in the prone position.

    Here is a collection of various prone Sasquatch reports:


    BF laying down in front yard

    BF lie down looking to the side from ground level behind trees

    BF seen laying on its side by passing motorist

    BF seen laying on its side by passing motorist

    BF thing was crawling real low to the road, and had a lizard like motion, its front legs were pooched out to the side

    BF was almost black with grass and debris like it had been laying down

    BF was very dark in color and almost lying in a prone position much like a sniper lining up a shot

    BF went commando, got on its stomach and crawled closer to our vehicle before running up the hill

    Close Encounter- BF Hiding in Ditch

    Crawling BF crawling on the ground

    Crawling on Stomach

    Creature laid there on the side of the road, overnight, until early the next morning

    Hunter sees a large BF creature that seemed to be belly crawling to a position behind his tree stand

    Lying prone on stomach

    Prone BF Lying down

    Prone BF lying in a prone position much like a sniper lining up a shot

    Prone BF lying in wait jumps up

    Prone BF lying on the ditch, very still trying to blend with the grass and darkness

    Prone BF noted lying down and looking toward hunters

    Saw 7 foot BF laying in a ditch suddenly stand up

    Seen BF laying down behind a large fallen tree

    Something large jumped out of the roadside ditch and ran

    We could see a clear outline that it had been laying down right beside us in the tall grass

    Informant got gun, went out tent and threw gasoline on fire, as light flared four hairy, manlike shapes got up from lying on the ground

    Saw BF crawling on all fours as it came out of the water

    BF crawled away at a startling speed in an army-like crawl

    BF was on on its hands and knees about 16” off the ground

    Notices a downed Pine Log with black hairy critter lying under it

    BF can walk on their hands and feet in the lying down position on the ground

    BF something crawling up the left side of the highway bank

    Seen BF crawling out of lake on all fours

    Bigfoot possibly trying to sneak up on something by crawling on all fours

    Bigfoot got on top of their trailer roof and pushed down the end




    Here’s a video of a possible belly crawler.



    That’s really very interesting. Look how it just crouches lower & lower. No wonder we don’t see anything if it doesn’t want us to. Thanks knobby. Good video.


    Paul A

    @m99 Yeah, you could drive right past one and never see it. Even if it is in a clear spot filled with grass, just sitting still and it is a stump. Sitting hunched over it would be a pile of dirt, hay, or dead grass. Laying down it would be a hump in the dirt. Standing next to a tree, it be a dual trunk. Behind a tree it is just a shadow. In a tree top it is not seen at all. Slowly walking away from you across a field, without anything close for perspective, it is just a farmer wearing unicolor coveralls just checking his field. Pareidolia works both ways.


    Tony S

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer. Much appreciated. I wish there were artists renditions of people’s descriptions of them belly crawling. I have trouble picturing it.



    @paul A ~ Yes Paul, like that guy that drove his little truck into the pasture next to his house and the “stump” rose up and came toward him. Really makes me think.

    @tony ~ maybe Sybilla Irwin has those kinda depictions. I’ll check it out tomorrow.


    Denise F

    What still creeps me out to this day is that the little old lady that lived next door (same one that used to tell me a large dark man would stare in her windows at night) told me once that giant snakes were out in the field/woods behind us. I remember her saying they were 10 ft long but thick.

    She was so upset by this that she hired some men to fill in these large drainage pipes that went from her backyard to up behind the fence.

    Still wonder if they were low to the ground or what she saw. ?


    Steven B

    “…giant snakes were out in the field/woods behind us. I remember her saying they were 10 ft long but thick.”

    Sounds like a problem starting similar to Florida’s…pythons.



    This topic has to be the creepiest of them all. Nothing is worse than having somebody “peeking” at you, but having some giant hairy beast creature crawling up to peek at you is the worst.


    Augustine L

    I saw this when I first started “squatching.” I had never heard of it, and in fact I don’t think it was common knowledge like it is now.

    A rock was thrown at me from the bushes in the drugstore parking lot near my home. I was astonished. Yet, the store lies directly beside a medium sized canal that is connected to the King’s River. I put two and two together and wondered in they were coming down the canal.

    It was summer, which hereabouts is hot hot hot. Over 100 degrees for weeks is common. So one afternoon I goes down to the canal with my new DSLR and start looking through it using the little side screen.

    The air is rippling with heat waves. I look over both sides of the canal. Then I look IN the canal. Behind a discarded shopping cart in the water I think I see a sasquatch. Another in the shade under a bridge.

    On the broad canal sides near an orchard, I see squatted down three sasquatches. As I watch, one spider crawls toward the canal for a cool down in the mountain snowmelt coursing there. It sort of looked like Yogi Bear trying to sneak up on a picnic basket. Like it was walking on its fingers and toes alone.

    Yogi belly crawling at 1:20 ish

    Did I take pictures? No, because I thought I must be seeing things. Now I don’t think that, but trust me, the bigfoot community was not ready to hear such things anyway.


    Shannon S

    You should know Gum. I listened to your encounter again recently and that thing in the tree is about as creepy as it gets. There is a picture taken at night that’s floated around before of one on its belly facing the camera. It’s pretty dang creepy

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