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    Larry W

    Hey all,

    I am just curious how you all feel about these guys and gals. We’ve all heard these “researchers” that get on the radio and talk about having encounters with SASSY damn near any time they want. Some of these guys and gals, if you added it up, would’ve seen or had contact with SASSY literally HUNDREDS of times over the years. Some of them so close that they can talk about the color of the IRIS in their eyes!

    All these encounters and experiences and yet they never, ever take a non-biased person or a professional with them to experience the same things and maybe bring some credibility to this mystery once and for all. I’m pretty sure that there are loads of reporters that have access to state of the art gear and night vision gear too, that would jump at the chance to get SASSY on film. That’s a guaranteed Pulitzer Prize if I’ve ever heard of one. It would change the world we know for goodness sake. And yet…..nothing.
    If they are indeed real they are the most elusive critter in the entire world by a mile. They make a Snow Leopard a veritable Kim Kardashian of the animal kingdom. Yet, they can head out in almost any state in the country and have multiple encounters in almost no time at all.

    Are any of you skeptical of these comments or are you buying it all?


    Christopher c

    I don’t know but I still can’t believe Iv’e had as many class b encounters as I have had over the years but that’s just me,I guess if a person was in a zone like Natahn in Ut. I would say I kind of expect to see more since he isn’t letting the trail go cold,it also helps that the area he is in is like an island so his research area is condensed making it easier to keep tabs.

    Brian M

    If you stick your hand in the haystack and pull out the needle every time that might be suspicious, but if you know where the pot of needles is then you should get lucky quite often.


    Larry you didn’t give examples or name any of these researchers on the radio that can have an encounter any time they want. I think you are exaggerating that some. Although believe it or not there are people doing field research that have found areas where they can have some type of interaction on multiple trips. They might not see them but they can get some indication that sasquatches are checking them out.

    Now, there are some questionable people like sasquatch Ontario, and out right frauds like Dr. Squatch or Ed Waterman, but I don’t believe the vast majority of researchers are committing fraud.

    You wrote, “All these encounters and experiences and yet they never, ever take a non-biased person or a professional with them to experience the same things and maybe bring some credibility to this mystery once and for all.”

    Your statement of non-credibility to this mystery flies in the face of many credible reports and witnesses. Who are these unnamed people? There are lots of credible researchers.


    BFRO has within their possession over 46,534 Bigfoot/ Sasquatch reports. I have read over 10,000 reports and hold them on a spreadsheet. Surely you’re not implying 46,000 hoaxers and mentally distressed people conspired to contact BFRO and report fantasies are you?

    I am not a Bigfoot Researcher although I accompany one very well-known and respected researcher into the field and have also been known to attend conference or two. So, I’m basically a data miner, of sorts. I read obsessively about any interest, and Bigfoot /Sasquatches are no different for me. You can’t unsee something just as you cannot unring a bell.

    Currently on my spreadsheet I have 394 specific and separate reports where eye color was reported.

    As for credibility though, reality works in cool yet obvious ways. There’s a difference between wanting and having. See, when people don’t see something, they don’t report it and few ever see something with their face covered watching through their splayed fingers.

    Credibility is about integrity and believability. We go all through our lives without needing reporters to prove or disprove a point, when you (me) stand before a judge to contest a speeding citation there was never a need for a news reporter to be present to prove or disprove my case. All I and (you) need is preponderance (greater weight of believability) of evidence and its up to the fact finder to determine whether there is truth or fables.

    Let me further illustrate my point Larry, do you have curtains or blinds on your windows? Do you lock the doors at night? If you answer Yes, why? Do you think somebody or something will see you or do you believe a thief will enter your home? Did you have a credible present with you to prove your fears (claims)?

    My guess is you lock your doors and draw your blinds shut. Some things in life are obvious and don’t need explanation and yet, we (you and others) feel necessary to place higher standards of proof of something more frightening than hapless thieves!

    Onto your next point, to be brutally honest with you, news reporters are some of the least trusted sources of credibility these days and many are to prone to indulging in great confabulations.

    Bigfoot debate is a wild, wild frontier replete with its own hazards rhetorically speaking of course and even though the journey is tense, and long, imagine going from blind men to Eagle Scout able to see everything as some so called researchers do? So it doesn’t really matter what you or I may think, there are thousands who do see and believe what they see.

    From my vantage point as an individual having seen and photographed, I will tell you people have had them scaring their families and fled their properties. They are seen by over-the-truck drivers, first responders, military personnel, and employees of various governmental agencies, and just everyday families of people doing more than traveling in their vehicles.

    Hunters routinely encounter them and many come away with new found fear and respect while others vow never to return to the woods. Hikers and campers report encounters and sightings by the hundreds. Fisherman, boaters, motorcyclists and bicyclist, horseback riders, ATV and snowmobilers see them and report them.

    Absence of evidence is not proof of evidence absence.


    You don’t think he’s talking about Bear and Coonbo?


    I don’t believe he is, my guess is the everyday run of the mill Cub scout turned Eagle Scout overnight, calling themselves researchers … I think. LOL


    NO Saints took a whippin …. LOL


    Yeah, I know. I’m not a Saint’s fan though. The team I favor is the Patriots. My father hates it, but it’s true. 🙂

    Bobby W

    WOW Gum. You have a sharp double edged key board. Great read.

    Elise B

    I am not sure what a researcher of this topic is– how do we define that?

    You have to be where they are. Some people live where they are.

    Once you have seen one, you know they are real. Afterward, you are on the lookout for them.

    They are around us a whole lot more than most people know. Once you DO know, you are not going to freak and block it out or convince yourself it was a bear.

    Once you know where you can definitely find a few of them, you greatly increase the probability you will see one.

    I use a telephoto lens to take pics and video. That gives me the advantage that I can see them but they don’t know I can see them. They don’t scatter into hiding. I have seen crazy stuff.

    Now, Bob Garrett has a lot of those kinds of advantages plus years of experience in the woods and out in the lonesome of the Southwest. He knows a lot of Native Americans and is married to a Native woman. So he has probably got a different slant on the deal. He could tell stories.

    The guy is like one of those mountain men. I lived in TX and Colorado and I know some guys of this ilk. We still have a few. The West is still a bit wild. They are a different breed, throwbacks to the days of trappers and explorers. I am often astonished at what they can and will do. Seriously, those fellows are still out there.

    He can track well. He knows the signs and patterns. He has had some amazing experiences.


    Chris, I knew there was a reason I liked you!! From the “Peoples Republik of Massachusetts” LOL!!

    Linda W

    Hi Larry, In answer to your question here is my opinion… There are habitual bigfoots that hang around peolpe’s homes during certain times of the year and have been there for many years. So, those folks see them more. Also certain area’s seem to be a favorate haunt of theirs and folks have figuared out where to look.
    That said, I would look at it like a haunting of evil spirits, the comparision is uncanny.


    Larry W, I would like to formally invite you out to my area in Utah. I’ll take you to exactly where these things are. I’ll show you how to track them, how to notice signs, how to follow tree structures, and then I can pretty much guarantee you’ll have some sort of encounter, but I cannot guarantee your safety, and am not responsible for any harm or accidents that may occur thereafter.

    I’m dead serious. My email is nathanreo@gmail.com. If you think that those of us who have spent more than a year of our lives learning how to track these things are making this stuff up, then please, by all means accept my challenge, and come with me. I’ll show you first hand how predictable and “findable” these things are.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:
    1. It’s physically challenging to hike into their locations, even if you’re in great shape.
    2. drones and thermals are too expansive, so good luck getting footage.
    3. They stay behind at least 50 ft of thick brush almost constantly.
    4. Even binoculars usually don’t help
    4. It’s dangerous. They are unpredictable. I can’t guarantee your safety.
    5. You won’t WANT to see them once your encounter starts, nor will you be thinking about “gathering evidence” or proving anything to anyone. When you turn to me with panic in your eyes, I’ll ask, “So are you having a bigfoot encounter right now? Are you telling me we found them? Do you still think it’s impossible to have these types of experiences on a regular basis?”
    6. It’s actually not that complicated to physically get near them if your in shape and have the time. They are predictable just like humans or any other biological creature, but it IS very EMOTIONALLY difficult. So yes, some of us can go out and find them whenever we want because we know where they are, but we don’t push our luck to get closer and closer each time to placate skeptics with “proof”.

    It’s not like finding a needle in a haystack. No; it’s much more like knowing where a grizzly bear wallow is.

    In fact, I’ll issue an invitation to ANYONE who thinks that there aren’t people who know how to find these creatures whenever they want. Come out to Utah, and come with me to a particular area. I’d love to see what your thoughts are when you’re less than 100 ft away from one.

    Frankie P

    First, over use of the H word. Second, a lot of the people who have multiple “encounters” are habituators, I think, and are asking for trouble. 3. Since I can’t walk far enough to go look for myself, I take everything on “spec” and apply the usual rules of behavior as now know them. I try really hard not let other things bother me, but this is the silly season.

    Due to the lack of in the bush researchers during winter, a lot the @#$#@ comes out and it sorely tries my patience. I almost did a rant once already today…. lol

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