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    I AM SO DISAPPOINTED in some of you! This was and is and always should be a place for people to come and share their experiences, however weird or NOT FITTING YOUR DESIRED PROFILE. Wasn’t this entire adventure by Wes all about being THAT PLACE? When did that change? I certainly would and never again , share any odd things that I encounter because of the nasty, unforgiving, totally biased and mean comments. Who else will?
    Just because you can comment does not mean you should!
    Do you think before you hit submit or just don’t care. You are possibly cutting off the kind of thing this website was created for. You can find that kind all over the place- go there and be nasty, narrow minded and unkind.

    Some of you have said awful things about this man’s encounters and basically his LIFE. DO YOU THINK HE CAN’T READ??? DO YOU WONDER WHY no one else will come and tell their story??? Do you profess to WANT to know ALL there is about this subject , then reject all the bits that just don’t fit your style? What kind of education on this subject will you get, then?

    Did Dr. Bindernagle caution against such? Did he not teach and, leave a LEGACY of, learning ALL there is about this from ALL encounters and then and only then, do you get a picture of TRUTH!

    No one forces you to sit and listen and no one will force you to learn. Ignoring any facts you can pick up to build a picture of these beings is in fact ignorance. Choose to ignore but don’t you even sift for truths?

    Please, be kinder! Be willing to just NOT COMMENT. Are we going to miss out on some incredible breakthrough information, now, because of your terrible attacks and comments, so no others come forward? THANKS, thanks a lot.

    Denise F

    Amen Sister.

    Orma B

    I’m with you, Pam!


    Huh? Something happen?

    Denise F

    Check out the comments under the 2 Strange Encounters episodes. The guest was Blake.

    acrylic sand artist

    This is my opinion: (keep your insults to your self).
    I too agree with you Pam!
    BUT it is not I or you or the administrators decisions to
    correct improper to insulting comments.
    That job lies in the hands of WES GERMER.
    He should of had a discussion with his administrators about this
    on going problem and took control of the situation.
    I fail to see this ever take place within Sasquatch Chronicles!

    Augustine L

    Some comments were the usual compliments but some were quite rude and insulting.

    The first show was public and the second was for members. There were negative comments on both shows. I would have thought members would be less vile.

    I thought both episodes were interesting. Maybe a little hard to follow plotwise, Not a big deal really.

    But it was different from most of Wes’s shows, so maybe that change is what irritated people. People really don’t like change and they act like a bunch of brats if you want to change what they are used to. Perhaps they are going through their bratty period of adjustment.

    For example: Once my former employer moved a large and dull office with five floors of a tall older building to the next-door new and shiny building that was fifty stories (and had no asbestos). If you live in Denver, I refer to the Cash Register Building. It was the usual snafus about the desks were the wrong height and so on, but the new offices were DE-LUXE. Views to kill for–you could see clear to Colorado Springs, italian marble all over the place, Karastan carpet, linenfold mahogany woodwork, leather upholstery, valuable original art and Native American rugs and vases (they represented the Utes), an impressive atrium and first floor, etc. It was a great office, IMO.

    People focused on complaints. They complained about having to walk through an underground tunnel to get to the parking garage, about their chair was hard to adjust, the halls were too dark, the windows let in too much heat, you had to use your key card too much, etc. OY. But it passed.

    I hope this is just change-adjustment and it will pass, too.


    Glad I was not the only one with opinion on this. Thanks!


    I’m with you Pam


    I see. Well, I rarely leave or read the comments on the shows, but I have to admit that some of those comments were over the top. It needs a moderator’s touch for sure. That would be my advice short of cutting out the comment section. It’s just a suggestion Wes.

    Regardless of a person’s viewpoint, we should always be respectful of each other. We’re all different and we all need to keep one important fact in perspective:

    The general public views all believers the same way. We believe in bigfoot, therefore, we are all flute players and we need to stick together.



    That’s the most beautiful flute I’ve ever seen! I fully agree with you, Pam and all others. It’s just plain meanness, intimidation and IMHO very disrespectful to Wes. Dang, he’s only charging $7.00 a month and less if you pay in advance. If I hadn’t been willing to open up a little I never would have learned the things I believe are very true. Why are people so scared of learning and compassion?

    I mean, open your hearts a little and try to look at it subjectively (for the rude commentators & people threatening to cancel their subscriptions – final note to the meanies: So, if you don’t know what “subjective means, look it up in the dictionary”. Just sayin’…

    Ben H

    It took me several days to get through both shows. I don’t condone most of the negativity but I do get it and I think it has a lot to do with Wes’ style. Let me explain that before you eat me! LoL

    I think we all agree that Wes is the best at interviews because he allows the guests talk without leading the conversation. I think Blake could have done with a bit of leading, or at least some prompting to keep him on track.

    Once I finally got to the end of his stories I found him fairly sincere and honest. It was just a bit painful with his roundabout style I guess. I think that’s probably why he lost most people in his telling of his encounters.

    I give him the benefit of doubt just on the basis of nervousness in talking about some FUBAR stuff with the nerve causing the excessive ramble.

    Heck, I can’t really doubt anybody’s tales with the craziness I’ve come across over the years!!


    Was it really that bad?

    Denise F

    I’m assuming you are asking if the episodes/guest was ‘that bad’?

    I didn’t think so, but I’m kind of into those out of the ordinary encounters these days.

    He was very descriptive, some people like that and some don’t.

    Denise F

    In fact I always enjoyed Brenton’s shows because he had a mixture of everything….

    If you have had something crazy happen to you then come and sit by me, lol….I’ll let ya tell me all about it 😉

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