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    NBC News proclaims the sad demise of Eric Clapton.

    How the legendary Eric Clapton destroyed his own legacy
    By Jeff Slate

    What . . . can now be seen as a long, slow decline, culminating in a series of self-inflicted wounds regarding Covid-19. Since last year, Clapton has repeatedly used his vast platform to do his utmost to undermine expert medical advice. He has opposed lockdowns and made suspicious claims about the dangers of vaccines. This spring, he said in videos posted on a friend’s YouTube channel that scientific studies, expert opinions and public health recommendations extolling the importance of vaccines were “propaganda,” and most recently doubled down by vowing he wouldn’t perform to what he termed “discriminated audiences” in venues requiring proof of vaccination.


    ROCK ON!

    I attended an outdoor Eric Clapton concert just outside the Jaffa Gate to the old city of Jerusalem. Its the best concert I’ve ever been to.


    knobby ~ That’s a beautiful thing.

    Clapton is a gentle, honest soul that took a stand. I seriously doubt he’s concerned that NBC, or any other MSM thinks he destroyed his own reputation /legacy. That’s hilarious. Does the writer of that article actually know who he is? What he’s been through?

    In one most excellent interview he (Clapton) states he is not a strong person, but wishes he was. Adding, he Has to make a stand on behalf of his kids. He views what’s occurring worldwide, and that “the people”, his kids included, are being goaded into submission, being taught to NOT think for themselves, or understand how freedom is being compromised. And he was clear.

    Yeah. Love the man. He’s been through a lot. And at his age I’m sure he’s like, screw it, I’m telling it like I see it.


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    Its good that we can laugh at some things during the pandemic. Its both a comedy and a tragedy.

    Whoever this guy at NBC is that wrote this, its so ignorant its funny.

    Its too bad comics are afraid to cross the woke PC because Biden’s gaffs could be a real hoot for them. Maybe Biden secretly has horse paste ice cream on stock in case he gets COVID, (my lame attempt at a joke).

    We all have our favorites; I’m sure. I like clueless Joe, perhaps too distracted by the smells of children’s hair to notice it was a maskless MAGA photo op.

    And this episode is so Bizarre I think even conservative pundits were reluctant to address it, when Joe said, “My Butt’s been wiped.”

    Did he regress to something in his head at that moment. What is going on with Joe?

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    Interesting point, at the time of the election in November last year, I believe that the number of reported COVID deaths’ was 275,000 to 300,000 under Trumps presidency.
    Biden takes over, December 2020, vaccines are starting to be administered, its now October we have a lot of Americans vaccinated, yet we have had more dead from COVID under Biden’s watch even with vaccines..


    Clapton confirmed his legacy as an upright man not destroyed it.

    The pathetic efforts of the (alleged) media is pitiful… do these morons who parrot the narrative actually believe themselves important?

    Going by my experience with journalists most likely yes.


    “…. yet we have had more dead from COVID under Biden’s watch even with vaccines..”

    Because (as you know) the vaccine IS the disease


    Thx for that Wolf. True that. 🙂

    John B. 🤪

    They will use tiny drones to jab you as you sleep.


    So much for “my body, my choice”..


    Yes. Saw that. What a nice, healthy, smart, and unpolitical young man. Plus, as he’s said, he’s had covid. Immunity is the ticket. I have not had the flu in years, and don’t get the Flu shot. I have had the pneumonia shot because of asthma. However, that’s taken once, every five years. I will be getting another one soon, which will probably be the last one since the new option is for a lifetime. At any rate, the key to all that is choice. That’s what this athlete is also saying. This is a free country. Or, is it?


    I saw an 81-year-old lady today who was on her way to the doctor because both her hands suddenly started shaking uncontrollably. She showed me, her fingers were all moving.

    There are too many stories of people developing neurological twitches or tics after the vaccine, many within hours of being vaccinated, known as functional neurological disorders (FNDs). I’ve posted a number of those stories to this thread.

    She got the booster shot about 3 or so weeks ago. I’ve told her the vaccines are dangerous and she thinks I’m a nut for not getting the jab. I didn’t tell her it could be due to the booster. And of course the doctor will not relate it to the jab.

    This article notes a marked increase, especially among females aged 12-25 of developing tic-like disorders. There is no mention of vaccines. It just happens that in the United States, everyone age 12 and up is currently eligible to get the vaccines.

    Marked increase in sudden onset of severe tic-like attacks in adolescent girls

    Vaccine Effect or Functional Neurological Disorder?
    — COVID vaccination may trigger FND, much like other stressors
    by Judy George, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today August 20, 2021

    COVID-19 vaccination can be one of a number of events that may trigger functional neurological disorder (FND), experts said.

    Two cases of young women manifesting FND after COVID-19 vaccination were reported by Alfonso Fasano, MD, PhD, of the University of Toronto, and Antonio Daniele, MD, PhD, of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome, in a letter to the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry.

    Two other published reports showed probable FND precipitated by COVID-19 vaccine administration, highlighting that FND should be considered when assessing post-vaccine neurologic symptoms, wrote Matthew Butler, MD, of Kings College London in England, and co-authors in the Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience.

    FND involves a disruption in normal brain mechanisms for controlling the body. It can be triggered by physical or emotional events including head injury, medical or surgical procedures, or vaccinations. People with FND may present with a range of neurological symptoms such as seizures, sensory abnormalities, gait or balance disturbance, or weakness. FND is distinct from feigning because patients perceive their symptoms as involuntary. Once it is recognized and diagnosed, FND can be treated.

    “We strongly encourage clinicians to be aware of the possibility for FND in response to SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations,” Butler told MedPage Today. “FND can be a serious and debilitating condition; however, it does not implicate any vaccine constituents and should not hamper ongoing vaccination efforts.”

    “Making clinicians aware of this can benefit people with FND reactions to vaccines, as well as maintaining public confidence in the vaccine,” Butler added. “Rigorous causality assessments should occur when FND reactions are suspected.”



    And now “fully vaccinated” Colin Powell dies from Covid…


    When are people going to wake the hell up?


    Thx Wolf I didn’t know. R.I.P. Colin Powell.

    Esther L

    Mr. Powell was immunocompromised as he was fighting blood cancer.

    Debbie S

    @Wolf I don’t think they are going to. 🙁 At this point I think it has become too much for them to admit they might be wrong. Several conversations I had this weekend just showed me that rather than waking up…they are doubling down.

    A couple from our church now has Covid. He is vaccinated, she is not but both are sick. I took some soup and supplements to them yesterday. As I was leaving she asked me to pray for her husband that she was really concerned because she had never known him to shake so much when he was sick before. I didn’t see him as he was inside and I was on the back porch. She just looked very, very tired and was not shaking. Is shaking a Covid symptom because when she said it my first thought was: that d@#& jab. 🙁

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