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    After over 2000 years of supposed ‘progress’ and ‘civilization’ this is humanity’s ultimate achievement.
    Hiding, wearing what is basically underpants over our mouths, scared, running from invisible enemies..come back Howard Hughes all is forgiven haha..nice!
    I feel we can do better, don’t you?


    Is it really any wonder that we hear laughter coming from the woods? Hahaha..
    Love and Peace for all..now!


    m99, what you’re saying is technology is catching up to what was predicted to occur, to where we can get a glimpse of how it might come to fruition. The book of Daniel predicted in the end times many will travel to and fro, and today we can basically almost go to any city in the world on the same day.

    Revelation predicts two individuals (witnesses) bodies laying in the street in Jerusalem, and says the whole world will view their dead bodies. That’s only possible now in modern times with the help of satellites: TV, Internet, or hand held devices.

    And for those who doubt the predictive ability of scripture, the book of Daniel predicted the exact year of the first coming of the Messiah Jesus, telling how many years to count from a decree to restore Jerusalem until the coming of the Messiah, which historians can pinpoint the year of that decree. And it wasn’t written after the fact of His coming, as we have copies of the book of Daniel found among the Dead Sea scrolls that carbon date from 150 to 200 BC.

    As I mentioned, todays controversy over the covid vaccines is like a microcosm of a much greater persecution over those who refuse the mark of the beast. With the pressure being applied on anti-vaxxers, in some cases impeding ones livelihood, I think we can draw an analogy between today’s anti-vaxxers and those of the future who will refuse the mark, whatever that turns out to be. So, what’s happening now is almost a precursor (trial run) of an even greater persecution that will befall those refusing to receive the mark. As you say, we can see the technology unfolding that allows for these things.

    Darrel B

    I just tried to get some Ivermectin through Push Health (where you had some luck) but got denied. I read the NPs bio that I got matched with, and it said “Under no circumstances will I prescribe Ivermectin.”

    She sent me a message saying “I recommend that you get the vaccination if you haven’t already.”

    Nothing like political bias in medicine!

    Darrel B


    I got this alert on my phone on Friday. Houston, TX area (Harris County)

    They’re so desperate, they are paying the unvaccinated $100 to get the jab!



    Darrel B, I suppose it depends on the doctor. Try requesting Wisam Khader, DO as your doctor at PUSH.

    Log in with your PUSH account and send him a message here. I commented I was in a high covid case area and was around someone who was sick, which was true, and asked to have it on hand as a precaution.


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    Steven B

    The Saker (Russian blogger living in US) has proven an excellent source of information and perspective over the years.

    Apparently he is dismissive of ‘COVID deniers’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’ because:

    “Xi Jinping, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Maduro, Arce (and Morales!) and new leader of Cuba, Díaz-Canel – all agree with Putin. Fully.

    Six very different countries, six very different leaders, six very different political and social systems and six totally different economies. Yet they very much all agree with each other.

    (Truth be told, all of Latin America – except maybe Bolsanaro – agrees with these six countries!)

    So here is my question. There are four logical explanations of this for COVID-dissidents/anti-vaxxers:

    1, Putin, Xi, Khamenei, Maduro, Arce (and Morales!) and Diaz-Canel are all less well informed that we (COVID-dissidents/anti-vaxxers) are.
    2, Putin, Xi, Khamenei, Maduro, Arce (and Morales!) and Diaz-Canel all know the truth, but they are all lying.
    3, Putin, Xi, Khamenei, Maduro, Arce (and Morales!) and Diaz-Canel all working with the Great-Replacers and “chippers” from Davos, with the Bohemian grovers, with Bill Gates and CFR, etc. etc. etc. They all want to create a single world government, kill a few billion people and usher in the Times of the Antichrist.
    4, Don’t confuse me with facts, I got my opinion and, dammit, I am right!!!
    Which one do *you* pick?”

    Question for COVID-dissidents and anti-vaxxers

    I thought it obvious… answer 2… but what he calls lies I would label politics (often the same thing🙄)

    This ‘weapon of COVID’ has divided even once strong communities (like The Saker’s)… though I note 99%+ of comments lean against him

    Darrel B

    Thank you both, @Knobby and @Steven B

    Apparently Ivermectin is now in high demand and providers (including Dr Khader) are backed-up. I wonder if it will start to become like toilet paper?

    Headlines will read “Charmi-geddon is replaced by Iverme-geddon.”


    It took a few days before Dr. Khader faxed my prescription to the pharmacy I asked for.


    The CDC may have fixed that pesky glitch of people dying shortly after being vaccinated.

    Trust The Science? CDC Counts People Dying Within 14 Days Of Jab As “Unvaccinated”
    by Kelen McBreen
    August 24th 2021, 5:50 pm

    According to the chart, “unvaccinated <14 days receipt of the first dose of a 2-dose series or 1 dose of the single-dose vaccine or if no vaccination registry data were available.”

    This means if someone was hospitalized, admitted to ICU, required mechanical ventilation or died within two weeks of getting the jab they are being counted as “unvaccinated.”


    The point is the data is misleading. It shows a higher percentage of the unvaccinated dying than the true number who had received the vaccine prior to dying of covid. So, we don’t know how many truly unvaccinated people were hospitalized or died of Covid, or for that matter what role the vaccine attributed to the death.

    Jeffrey E

    Excellent post Knobby! The CDC/FDA/NIH are medical terrorist hubs. I’ve been fighting forced vaccinations in Wa state since 2009, after I found out the government tried to kill me with the experimental Amthrax vaccine during the Gulf War. I’ve been fighting the CDC/NIH since then and even conversed back and forth with Fauci (way before anyone knew his name) when they tried to pull the measles scam/HB1638. Along with Infowars….sites like http://www.Censosred.news and thehighwire.com and informedchoicewa.org are excellent sources of news as this depopulation agenda unfolds.


    @knobby ~ who said, “…in some cases impeding ones livelihood.” As you’re aware, my husband switched jobs, and we thought it providential. He decided now is Not the time to move to the Midwest, so he got a job here, again as a supervisor, and again near Seattle (the current job is near/in Seattle). The (current) company just sent home a letter stating, soon the “state” laws may require employees to take the jab. Should he be using Ivermectin before the mandate becomes official? He and I do not advocate anyone take the jab. Not at this time anyway.

    ~ Great post. I totally agree with you. Right on. Yes, I believe you are very right.

    E. ~ Thx for the heads up and affirmation. I like how you put it: as this depopulation agenda unfolds. Hear Hear.


    m99, unless your husband is an employee of the state of Washington I don’t see how the state could require mandatory vaccinations. Is he in some health field or other field that generates a need for a mandatory vaccination? Many private companies are going that route, but not because of state law. No states have mandatory vaccinations for non-government workers. So, what I’m asking is what is the rationale?

    Should he be using Ivermectin before the mandate becomes official?

    Are you implying he’s going to take the jab, and until then are you asking if he should take ivermectin as a precaution to not contract the virus until the jab is mandatory?

    Ivermectin does prevent you from contracting the virus. But I have mine on hand until the day comes that I contract the virus because it is so effective, especially if used early, in knocking the virus out.

    If he does take the jab I recommend he drink Chaga tea before and for a short while after getting the vaccine. The way Chaga works as an anti-viral herb is it is a protease inhibitor. Viruses require protease in order to replicate themselves inside of our cells and since protease inhibitors block the production of protease it removes that element of machinery viruses need to replicate.

    So, its my theory (I don’t know if this is correct), that since the mRNA vaccine instructs cells to produce the spike proteins inside of our cells, taking a protease inhibitor should counteract some of the vaccine’s ability to produce these damaging spike proteins.

    Its these spike proteins that causes a lot of the damage in people who contract the COVID-19 virus, and this vaccine itself produces these spike proteins that can cross the brain blood barrier, and lead to inflammation, and also as the spikes protrude through blood vessel walls the body responds by forming tiny blood clots as it would with any damaged blood vessel, but multiplied uncountable times.

    So, I wonder if taking a protease inhibitor prior to and continuing for a bit after being vaccinated will lessen the production of these spike proteins. You have to be careful with Chaga though, you can overdose, and you would need to research proper dosage. And I don’t recommend taking Chaga on a regular basis. We need protease for all our regular body repairs.

    They claim the cells destroy the mRNA soon after it makes the spike proteins. I don’t know if that means it lingers longer if it can’t make spike proteins, or if the cells soon destroy it after it enters the cells regardless of whether it makes spike proteins or not. But I assume a protease inhibitor would block some of this vaccine’s ability to produce spike proteins.

    Steven B was taking chaga and he claims he didn’t have any reaction after getting either jab; so, maybe chaga reduced the amount of spike proteins the mRNA vaccine was able to produce. I’m just speculating.

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    @knobby ~ The letter the he got states the “entities we are contracted with may require our employees to be vaccinated in order to enter their facilities”. He works @ Federal facilities, and was a Federal employee until recently. What I was wondering about is if you recommend we have Ivermectin on hand, in case of or when, he has to take the shot, or gets the dreaded virus.

    A couple years ago I was taking too much Chaga (I assume) and ended up with a bout of Pancreatitis. I quit taking it, and took the meds prescribed until I didn’t need to any longer. Thank you for the reminder that it is a way to shut down things in the system.

    So, I’ll get some Chaga Tea, and Ivermectin. Thanks.

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